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Carmella WWE Money In The Bank


Has Carmella Made Too Many Cash-In Attempts?

As of this writing, Carmella has now held onto the Money in the Bank briefcase for 281 days, which is longer than anyone has in the history of the contract. The first owner of the briefcase was Edge back in 2005-2006, and he held it for 280 days and capped off the tenure with a shocking cash in on John Cena at the debunked New Year’s Revolution PPV. Carmella’s situation however, is vastly different.

The Brief Booking

The booking for Carmella has somewhat backed WWE into a corner. Winning the first ever women’s Money in the Bank ladder match (even though it was technically James Ellsworth) gave Carmella tons of momentum to work with and tons of unpredictability to when exactly she would cash in and on who.

The result we got though, is a cowardly heel that attempts to cash in every other week on SmackDown Live. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but I feel like she unsuccessfully attempted to cash in the briefcase at least five times in the past nine months. Although it’s a fresh angle with the MITB winner to continuously attempt to cash in, it seems the whole situation is not helping out anyone.

After the first or second attempt, I thought it was a bit funny and that it kind of worked. Now, I’m wondering where this will even end up. A cash in at WrestleMania seems all too predictable at this point and too detrimental to Asuka’s streak, and a cash in at any other time would now lead me to believe that either the match will not start or that Carmella will lose.

For me, the point of the MITB briefcase is to come at a point of complete surprise, hence why many of the winners were concentrated on another feud or were not featured as often on programming when the finally cashed in. Even the announcers tirelessly remind us that Carmella has this briefcase and that she can use it “anytime anywhere.” With that and Carmella’s failed attempts ringing through, I’m not sure she has any credibility to hold onto the Women’s Title past a first defense if she does successfully cash in.

A Solve

I certainly do not want Carmella’s time with the contract to end similarly to Baron Corbin’s. One of the only ways I can see this ending well is if Carmella cashes in at a later date near the 365 day mark, or if she lets the clock expire. That latter would be a first time scenario so that could prove to be interesting- maybe she could even win it again for another year of antics.

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Another way this could go is if Asuaks wins at WrestleMania and Carmella immediately cashes in and pins her for the title. Although I feel it would be a little to early in Asuka’s main roster run to end her streak, that cash in would certainly catapult Carmella to top heel status and would also be a real shocker; if it has to happen anywhere, why not WrestleMania?

Either way, something has to be done about Carmella’s booking. She looks weak, and even though that may be the point, there doesn’t seem to be any good way to make sure her character reaches its potential in this situation. We will just have to see what happens at WrestleMania.


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