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Ja’Von’s IMPACT Wrestling Live Report! (4/26/18)



Quick Results:

Allie vs Taya Valykire (Knockouts Championship): Allie retains via pinfall 

Trevor Lee vs Brian Cage: Brian Cage via pinfall

Moose vs Braxton Sutter: Moose via pinfall 

Eli Drake and Scott Steiner vs LAX (Impact Tag Team Championships): Eli Drake and Scott Steiner retains via pinfall

Play by Play:

Impact opens with a recap video of Redemption from this past Sunday.

Austin Aries kicks off Impact with a town hall meeting with the roster. Aries says he’s trying to breathe new life in the company. Austin says he still holds the Impact Grand Title and have some pull. Moose says Aries is making excuses and Aries tells him to do what he does best and that grunt work on the field. They both come nose to nose and Moose tells him to screw himself and leaves. The rest of the roster begins to leave as well.

Brian Cage vs Trevor Lee:

Trevor Lee makes his way to the ring with Caleb Konley. “The Machine” Brain Cage makes his way to the ring. Collar and elbow tie up and Cage sends Lee to the outside. Caleb gives Trevor a bit of a pep talk. Lee gets back in the ring and Cage sends him back outside. Lee gets back in the ring and tries to kick Brian Cage in the gut but Cage counters and drops Lee. Cage sends Lee into the corner. Trevor counters and gains control of the match. Trevor drops the ropes and Cage goes over the top rope but hangs on. Lee jumps over and double stomps Cage in the chest.

Back in the ring Lee pushes Cage in the corner and stays on the attack. Woth the ref’s back turned Konley gets a cheap shot on Cage. Lee lays in on Cage with multiple kicks. Cage regains control and hits Lee with a pumphandle slam.

Down the stretch Cage hits the drillclaw for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Brian Cage via pinfall

Eddie is walking into the Impact Zone and runs into Dreamer. Tommy tells him to go back to the hospital and be with his wife. Eddie bypasses Dreamer and enters the Impact Zone. Eddie them makes his way to the ring and grabs a mic. Eddie says at Redemption he put Sami Callihan in the hospital where he belongs but says the job isn’t done yet cause oVe isn’t in the hospital either. Eddie then threats to put both of the Christ Brothers wives in the ICU. oVe come out and attack Eddie. Eddie gets control of the Christ Brothers with a suicide dive then brings Jake Christ in the ring and begins to beat him down.

The Christ Brothers regain control and begin the beat down on him. With Eddie in the corner Dave charges him but Eddie side steps and goes shoulder first in the corner then clotheslines Jake Christ. Eddie goes to the outside to and gets a kendo stick. As Eddie is getting back in the ring a video of Sami Callihan going into Alisha Edwards hospital room plays and he says he just wants to talk.

Eddie then leaves to head back to the hospital.

A recap video of the main event of Redemption plays.

A video plays and it’s a heart felt story of the incredible comeback of DJZ.

Moose vs Braxton Sutter:

Braxton Sutter makes his way to the ring for the match. Sutter gets on the mic and says he has something but doesn’t get the chance to speak thanks to Moose. Moose makes his way to the ring after interrupting Braxton. Braxton gets in Moose’s face and trash talks him then slaps him in the face. Moose gets upset and throws Sutter in the corner and begins to lay in chops on Sutter. Moose comes in to keep up the attack but Sutter gets the boot up in time to counter. Sutter gets on the top rope for a big move but Moose catches him with a big dropkick.

Moose follows him to the outside to follow up but Braxton side steps and pushes Moose into the steps. Sutter rolls back in looking for a countout victory. Moose gets back in the ring but Sutter gets a suplex on Moose into the ropes for a two count.

Down the stretch Sutter ends up in the corner and Moose hits a running dropkick then a massive spear for the win.

Winner: Moose via pinfall

Post match the crowd chants happy birthday for Moose. Moose congratulates Pentagon for winning the title. Moose says that he’s Mr. Impact Wrestling and will be the guy to take the title from him.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Matt Sydal backstage. Sydal says he has open his third eye and no one not even Taiji Ishimori will take the belt from him. Apparently someone has been attack backstage.

LAX is in the clubhouse talking about how things are falling apart since Redemption. Homicide is in Mexico City doing business for them. Ortiz tells Santana that they need to focus on the Tag Team Titles then fix their issues.

Allie vs Taya Valykire(Knockouts Championship):

Taya Valykire makes her way to the ring for the title match. Allie makes her way to the ring to defend her championship.

Taya gets the jump on Allie with a HUGE clothesline. Taya sends her into the corner and stomps down Allie. Taya then tosses Allie to the other side of the ring and puts the boots to her head. Taya then drives Allie head first into the turnbuckles. Allie then fights back but Taya regains control very quickly. Taya has Allie by the hair and puts Allie in the corner. Taya goes running at Allie for an attack but Allie catches her and sends her into the turnbuckles. Allie now has control of the match and goes on the attack on Taya. Allie then hits a Russian Legsweep for a two count. Taya comes back and hits a back suplex on Allie for a two count.

Taya looks for her finisher but Allie breaks free and eventually connects with the BSE then a codebreaker for the win and retains her championship.

Winner: STILL Knockouts Champion Allie via pinfall 

After the match many undead brides come down to the ring carrying a coffin.

They place the coffin on the outside of the ring and leave. The lights go out and when they come back on Su Yung is I. The ring and gets the jump on Allie and hits a hangman’s DDT on Allie from the bottom rope. Su then drags Allie out of the ring as the lights go back out. When the lights come back on Su Yung and Rosemary are standing face to face in the ring.

The lights go back out and when they come back on Rosemary is alone in the ring and checks on Allie.

Video plays hyping Slammiversary this summer from Canada.

KM finds Fallah Bahh backstage and says he regrets fat shaming him and say they have a tag match together next week.

Eddie makes it back the hospital and runs to his wife’s room looking for Sami. Eddie ask Alisha where is Callihan and she says he just wanted to talk and asks why he left her there alone. Eddie runs out looking for Sami’s rokm and finds it and beats on Sami who is laying in his hospital bed. Nurses and security come in to break things up and say the police is here.

A recap video play of what happend last week between Johnny Impct, Jimmy Jacobs, and Kongo Kong.

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions Eli Drake and Scott Steiner vs LAX( Tag Team Championships):

The champions make their way to the ring to defend their titles. Steiner gets a mic and says that no one believed him when he said that he was going to win the tag titles. He also says that he was trending #6 on Sunday.

He then proceeded to make a racist joke when he talked about Konan being missing. LAX make their way to the ring to try to reclaim the Tag Team Titles. Eli and Scott play mindgames with LAX. Eli and Ortiz start the match and Ortiz pushes Eli into the corner and begins to throw hands. Ortiz then tags in Santana and they begin the double moves on Eli. Santana then hits a big chop on Eli in the corner. Back and forth Irish whip reversal and Santana goes over the top rope and hits a superkick on Steiner on the apron. While the ref is dealing with Drake and Ortiz Steiner puts Santana head first into the steel steps. Back from break Eli is standing on top of Santana then puts him in his corner and tags in Stenier. Scott then hits a belly to belly for a two count. Mindgames come into play allowing Drake to get a cheap shot in then Scott tags in Eli and stomps Santana. Eli then tags back in Stenier who hits a belly to belly overhead suplex from the top rope.

Steiner then tags in Eli and they hit double moves on Santana for a two count.

Santana begins to fight back and both men are down. Santana tags in Ortiz and takes out both men and goes for a pin but only gets a two as Steiner breaks it up. Double team moves from LAX and Ortiz hits a death valley driver for a two count. LAX looks to hit the street sweeper but counters and gets the pinfall victory.

Winners: STILL Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions Eli Drake and Scott Steiner via pinfall

Post match Eli grabs his world title briefcase and says the team of him and Scott Steiner are not a fluke and the titles are not going anywhere. He says he stands with the tag titles but also stands with his briefcase and says it’s just about time for him to cash in. Aries comes out with all his belts.

Aries says he doesn’t want any trouble since he is still nursing his dislocated elbow. Aries says that he still has a world title talking about the Impact Grand Championship. He also says it doesn’t matter if it’s Drake or Pentagon his other world title is coming back to him. Drake saysthat he gain his belt while Aries lost his. Drake says it doesn’t matter who it is he will deliver a keister kicking to the winner and it just might be Aries. Pentagon Jr. comes out and makes his way to the ring. The tag champions attack Pentagon and Aries but Pentagon clears the ring of the tag champs. Aries looks to hand the world title back to Pentagon but doesn’t let go. Both guys then hold their belts up as they stare each other down. Pentagon celebrates to close the show.

My Thoughts: This was a pretty solid sho this weekwith all the fallout from Redemption. Great matches tonight and it lookslike the feuds that led to Redemption are not over quite yet as we got more storyline progression. I like the fsct that Aries is putting more emphasis on the Impact Grand Championship and wanting it to be on the level of the world title.

My Score: 7/10


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