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Ja’von’s Impact Wrestling Report! (4/19/18)



Impact On Pop Redemption

Impact Wrestling continues the road to Redemption tonight, the final show before the new PPV makes its debut!

All images and tweets courtesy of Impact Wrestling’s twitter page


Braxton Sutter and Su Yung vs Fallah Bahh and Kiera Hogan: Braxton and Su Yung via pinfall

KM Open Challenge: Brian Cage via pinfall

Johnny Impact vs Kongo Kong: No Contest

Austin Aries vs Pentagon Jr. vs Fenix: Pentagon Jr. via pinfall


Braxton Sutter and Su Yung vs Fallah Bahh and Kiera Hogan: 

This match kicks off Impact this week and Sutter comes out to introduce his partner Su Yung. The commentators hype up Yung as a HUGE threat to Allie and her Knockouts Championship. Kiera Hogan and Fallah Bahh make their way to the ring together doing the signature Fallah bahh head hit. Sutter and Yung get the jump on both Hogan and Bahh but Kiera and Fallah counter with Sutter thrown in the corner. Bahh goes for the splash but Braxton counters with an elbow. Fallah hits a belly to belly suplex on Sutter.

Hogan tags in and meets Su Yung. Hogan is the upper hand a bit and Yung tags out leaving Hogan to deal with Sutter. The action is fast paced and Bahh and Sutter are now the legal men and Braxton knocks Bahh out of the ring and Su Yung does a barrel roll onto Bahh taking him out. Sutter brings him back in the ring and stays in control but Bahh eventually counters and they both tag in their partners as Hogan takes it to Su Yung and gets a two count. Yung fights back and attempts her finisher but Kiera fights back and hits a butterfly suplex. Sutter gets involved but Hogan gets a big shot on him sending him into the corner. Bahh comes in for the save but Su grabs the kendo stick and hits Fallah but it doesn’t faze him.

While distracted with Su Braxton takes out Bahh and Su Yung hits the paincswitch on Kiera Hogan for the pinball victory. Post match Allie comes down the ramp and attacks Yung but Sutter breaks them apart and Yung takes advantage. It takes Sutter and a couple of refs to hold both these ladies back.

Winners: Braxton Sutter and Su Yung (Pinfall) This match allowed for everyone to shine and we got to see how the partnership Sutter and Yung would work together during a match. Yung looked strong here and loved the post match brawl between Allie and Su Yung.

LAX are in their clubhouse and worried about Scott Steiner being Eli’s partner for the title at Redemption. Conan reminds them that Stiener is a wildcard and hyped them up for the match.

Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong are interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell backstage and says that pretty people like her and Johnny are in a bubble and don’t have to work for anything cause it’s hand to them. Jacobs says after tonight he wants Impact to see a monster staring back at him when he looks in a mirror.

A video package plays showcasing a deeper look into the House of Hardcore Match:

In my opinion this should be a fun match for the Impact crowd on Sunday. Bodies will be put on the line and tables will be broken but when it’s all said and done Eddie, Moose, and Dreamer will be victorious.

KM’s Open Challenge:

KM makes his way to the ring and knocks a fan’s hat off his head. KM calls himself an innovator and will create a one of a kind match. He calls out the locker room and saying he will make history with them. Brian Cage answers the challenge and makes his way to the ring. KM tries to weseal his way out of the match and claim to be friends with Cage.

KM tries to leave the ring but eats a back body drop for his troubles as the match begins. Cage hits a basement dropkick and multiple clothesline on KM in the corner. Cage hits a deadlift duplex and an elbow drop from the top followed by the discus clothesline and an F5 type maneuver for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Brian Cage via pinfall This match was basically a squash match to keep Brain Cage looking strong heading into his six way match on Sunday.

Johnny Impact vs Kongo Kong:

A video package is played showcasing Kong Kongo becoming the new big monster of Impact and how we get to Johnny Impact vs Kongo Kong tonight. The video package is narrated by Jimmy Jacobs. This is a first time ever match between the two.

Kongo Kong and Jimmy Jacons make their way to the ring for the match. Johnny Impact makes his way to the ring for this first time ever match. Impact starts with a big shot to Kong’s chest and doubles him over but Kong fights back and knocks him out of the ring. Impact comes in the ring very cautiously and tries to use his speed against the monster but to no avail as Kongo Kong catches him and knocks him down. Kong stands on the back of Impact’s head then tosses him in the corner for a big splash and knocks Johnny to the ground for a two count. Impact fights back and hits Kong with a big knee to the face then a standing shooting star press for a two count. Kong regains control and chokes Impact on the middle rope. Impact begins to rally with jabs and punches on Kong but they have no effect on Kong. Johnny goes for a springboard maneuver but Kong catches him and tries toss him but Impact lands on his feet. Kong drives Johnny to the outside of the ring. Impact then goes for a running attack off the steel steps but is swatted midair. Kong then hits a rolling Denton to Impact up against the steps. The ref comes out to check on Impact but Kongo Kong tosses him into the steel barricade. Jacobs and Kong set up the steps on the ring apron and Kong launches him like a lawndart face first into the steps.

Winner: No Contest 

A video package showcasing a deeper look into Allie vs Su Yung for the Knockouts Championship this Sunday.

Video package showcasing a deeper look into the X-Division Championship match this Sunday.

A video package showcasing a deeper look into the Tag Team Championship match this Sunday.

Eli Drake is interviewed backstage by McKenzie Mitchell and Drake says he’s the only one to ever hold TWO briefcases and that he’s not down and out since losing the world title. Stiener shows up and says he will deliver the tag titles to Drake.

Impact Wrestling World Champion Austin Aries vs Pentagon Jr. vs Fenix (Non-Title):

Pentagon Jr. makes his way to the ring first followed by Fenix then the world champion Austin Aries. The match begins with a staredown and a game of one-upsmanship between the three men. Aries gets caught with a superkick from Fenix followed up by Pentagon Jr. hitting Fenix with a superkick of his own. Pentagon Jr. grabs Fenix with a wristlock and goes for a springboard maneuver but Fenix counters and sends Pentagon Jr. outside the ring. Austin comes back into the ring and takes it to Fenix hitting a diving elbow to the back of the neck from the corner to get a two count. Pentagon Jr. eventually finds his way back into the ring and takes it to both men. This match is fast pace as both Aries and Pentagon Jr. spill yo the outside and Fenix comes off the ropes with a springboard corkscrew.  Fenix bring Pentagon back in for a near fall. Fenix goes for a package piledriver on Pentagon back Aries breaks it up by boxing Fenix’s ears and tries to lock in the last chancery but Pentagon breaks it up with a kick to the chest. As we go to break Aries attempts a suplex from the top rope.

Back from break and Fenix hits a running elbow to Aries in the corner. Aries then attempts to lock inthe last chancery but Pentagon breaks it up. Pentagon and Fenix are known in some worlds as the Lucha Brothers and they hit a few double team maneuvers on Aries. Fenix and Pentagon Jr.  exchange chips to each other as they argue who should pin Aries. Aries comes back to break them up but eats a double superkicks and sends him out of the ring for the rest of the match.

Pentagon then hits a pop powerbomb for a two count then follows with the Pentagon Driver for the win.

Winner: Pentagon Jr. via pinfall



Mitchell’s NJPW AXS TV Results: King of Pro Wrestling 2018 Part 3!



NJPW King of Pro Wrestling

NJPW King of Pro-Wrestling continues with an epic Triple Threat for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship! Can Kenny Omega defeat both Kota Ibushi AND Cody?


This coverage of King of Pro Wrestling will be as broadcast by AXS TV.

Gifs can be found at



  • IWGP Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat: Kenny Omega VS Kota Ibushi VS Cody; Omega wins and retains the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.


NJPW and AXS TV set the scene!

The Golden Lovers reunited and it feels so good. But Kenny Omega felt even better after finally becoming the IWGP Heavyweight Champion! Omega promised his best friend a shot at the title. Omega and Kota Ibushi battled in the G1 Climax 28, and it would be the Golden Star who shined bright. However, The American Nightmare suggested something even more epic than just Golden Lover VS Golden Lover. Cody interjects himself into this match for a Triple Threat for the top title in NJPW. Will this match make the Golden Elite stronger? Or only serve to tear them apart all over again?


IWGP Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat: Kenny Omega VS Kota Ibushi VS Cody!

The Best Bout Machine, the Golden Star and the American Nightmare have all had their differences, but now they’re all on the same side. Or are they? Cody already has the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship, on top of the NWA Worlds Championship and even a part in the ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships. Perhaps Cody is just adding to his collection. Of course, he’ll have to get through both Golden Lovers to do it. Who will come out of this epic match as the best heavyweight in all of NJPW?

The three men make their entrances, the introductions are made and the belt is presented. Red Shoes does his check, and the match begins after the break.

NJPW on AXS returns as the three friends shake hands and hug to prove this is respectful. The bell rings and the three circle. They keep their eyes on each other, and Omega ties up with Cody first. Cody ties up with Ibushi at the same time, but he fights both Golden Lovers. Cody throws Ibushi out hard and focuses on Omega. He gets a headlock and Omega powers out. Cody runs Omega over, then things speed up. Cody slides under, kicks and drops for the uppercut. Omega bails out as Ibushi comes in. Ibushi and Cody tie up, and Cody gets a headlock. Ibushi powers out, Cody runs him over but Ibushi kips right up. Things speed up again and Ibushi dropkicks Cody down. Cody bails out and Ibushi builds up with the fans. Ibushi runs but Omega stands in his way.

The Golden Lovers talk but Cody goes after them both! Cody throws hands on Ibushi, then whips. Ibushi reverses and the Golden Lovers work together, roundhouse to Kotaro Krusher. Ibushi covers but Omega yanks him off. Omega covers but Ibushi yanks him off. Omega apologizes and says “Dozo (go ahead)”. Ibushi covers, TWO! Omega knew that would happen. He and Ibushi stand up but Cody knocks them into each other! Cody suplexes Omega and tosses him! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up while Cody fetches Ibushi on the outside. Cody suplexes Ibushi for the gordbuster! Cody goes back to Omega in the ring but Omega throws body shots. Omega runs but into the kitchen sink knee! Cody covers, ONE! Cody goes back to Ibushi, and suplexes Ibushi. Ibushi slips out and fires forearms. Ibushi whips Cody into railing, then runs in, only to be tossed up and over!

Cody leaves Ibushi behind, but Omega is ready with a kick and haymakers. Omega backs Cody to a corner, then chops. Omega whips corner to corner but Cody reverses and back drops Omega. Cover, TWO! Cody keeps his cool while fans rally up. Ibushi stirs in among the chairs while Cody springboards at Omega. Omega ducks under then huricanranas Cody on the return! Cody bails out and Omega fires up. The Terminator Drums begin, and Omega builds speed, to FLY! Omega gets just enough of Cody, and then puts him back in the ring. Fans rally for everyone as Ibushi returns. The Golden Lovers work together again. Omega says Cody, “You Can’t Escape!” Rolling senton, Ibushi shooting star, Omega moonsault, but then Omega grabs Ibushi for an electric chair! Ibushi slips out, and is just disappointed in his friend.

Cody watches as Omega apologizes, but this time Ibushi is ready. Ibushi elbows Cody away, but then Omega kicks Ibushi low. Omega whips Ibushi but Ibushi reverses. Ibushi runs in, but Omega goes up and over. Omega runs at Cody but Cody goes up and over, to then get Omega in the spinning powerslam! Cody runs at Ibushi but Ibushi goes up and over to hit Cody with a powerslam! Then the moonsault! Cover, TWO! Fans rally, focusing on Ibushi. All three men slowly sit up, and Ibushi brings Cody up. Cody pokes Ibushi’s eyes, then kicks Omega. Cody wants to work together with Omega, “We’re friends, too!” Omega admits that’s true, and they double suplex Ibushi. But then Cody rolls Omega up, TWO! Omega gets mad and the two start shoving. Then they start brawling! Cody SUPERKICKS, but runs into a chop!

Omega wants a snap dragon but Cody breaks free. Cody trips Omega and puts on a Figure Four! Omega slaps Cody, so Cody punches back. It’s a brawl inside the Figure Four, but Cody gets an edge. Omega gives it back, but here comes Ibushi! He kicks Omega, but Omega makes it an ankle lock! The submissions are linked, but Ibushi gets free. Ibushi then kicks Cody. He kicks at Omega, Omega ducks but Ibushi moonsaults! Cover, Cody breaks it while breaking his lock. The three men are still very even while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns, and Ibushi is the first to stand. Cody is next so Ibushi goes after him. Ibushi whips Cody corner to corner but Cody goes up and over to roll up. Ibushi rolls through, misses the kick but moonsaults, onto knees! But then Cody walks into a Snap Dragon Suplex! OMega brings Ibushi up, Aoi Shoudou! Cody comes back but misses the Beautiful Disaster. Omega gives Cody another Snap Dragon, then he takes aim. BANG, Omega runs, but Ibushi intercepts with a missile dropkick! Cody hits Ibushi with one of his own, then he drags Ibushi up. Cody gives Ibushi an arm wrench and DDT, covers, TWO! Fans rally up again but Cody keeps his cool. Cody shows off his stamina by doing push-ups and flexing. He then drags Ibushi up again and clubs away on the arm.

Cody whips but Ibushi counters. Cody dodges to DIVE onto Omega! But then Ibushi runs, Golden Triangle stopped by Cody’s clubbing forearm. Cody drags Ibushi out, but Omega stops the Cross Rhodes. Cody shoves Omega away, then goes back to Ibushi. Ibushi kicks Cody away, Omega grabs Cody to powerbomb through the announce desk! Cody writhes amid the wreckage, but Ibushi jumps on Omega with a corkscrew moonsault! All three men are down on the outside! Ibushi is up first and he brings Omega up with him. Cody crawls out of the wreckage but Ibushi puts Omega in the ring. Ibushi takes aim, but he sees his friend can barely stand. He ditches the springboard, to look Omega in the eyes. Ibushi dares Omega to bring it on, and Omega fires himself up. The Golden Lovers tie up!

They break, they tie up again, then it’s a brawl of forearms! Omega hits, Ibushi hits, repeat. Omega staggers a bit but he still hits back. Ibushi staggers a bit but he hits back. Omega boots back, and Ibushi takes a moment to wipe his mouth. Ibushi boots, and Omega boots back. Ibushi boots again, and Omega checks his ear. Omega runs in but gets a boot, then a strike fest! Ibushi kicks but Omega blocks to CHOP. Omega then hits a Snap Dragon! Ibushi sits up but Omega is on him. BANG, but Ibushi is ready, only for Omega to kick away his clothesline. Omega wants another Kotaro Krusher but Ibushi slips out the back. Ibushi wants a German Suplex but Omega lands on his feet! V-Trigger blocked, but it comes back!

Ibushi still swings on Omega but Omega dodges. Ibushi dodges back, only to run into another V-Trigger! POISON-RANA! But Ibushi pops right up! To CLOBBER Omega! Both Golden Lovers are down, sore and dazed. Cody has returned to the apron while The Young Bucks can only watch on with intense focus. Ibushi stirs, and fans rally up. He says he’ll end it, and he climbs up top. Cody comes over to shove Ibushi down! Cody climbs up now but has to kick Omega away. Omega staggers, Cody hops, and hits a Destroyer! Cover, TWO!! Omega survives, and now Cody grows frustrated. Cody stands again, and waits for Omega to stand. Omega does, and Cody wants Dinn’s Fire. Omega slips out of it, heel kick tot he back of Cody’s head! Cody slumps in a corner, and Omega runs in, V-Trigger to the back!

Cody is hurting but Omega doesn’t stop. Omega hauls Cody up to the top rope, then climbs up to join him. Omega wants a full nelson, but Ibushi can be seen crawling in. Cody resists and fights back, but Omega clubs him back. Ibushi gets in and creeps over. Cody sends Omega down, but Ibushi’s right up! Omega pulls Ibushi down, climbs up, but Ibushi kicks Omega in the back! Ibushi drags Omega up, scoops, and goes to lawn dart, but Omega slips out. Omega kicks, powerbomb lift, and buckle bumps him into Cody’s back! Cody ends up in a Tree of Woe now, as Omega gives Ibushi a Death Valley Driver! Cover, TWO! Ibushi survives, but Cody’s still stuck. Omega says BANG, and gives Ibushi a V-Trigger. Then electric chair, but Ibushi slips out to inverted suplex, Lawn Dart into Cody! Everyone’s down while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns again as the three men finally stir. Cody gets to the apron while Ibushi stands. Ibushi goes after Cody, wanting to German Suplex him back in. Omega sees this, hops up the other side, to then springboard to add a powerbomb to Ibushi’s German Suplex! Omega gets up while the other two are down, and he has two targets now. Fans rally up as he double guns, double BANG! He goes for Ibushi first, V-Trigger hits! Then to Cody, V-Trigger hits! Omega keeps on Cody with the electric chair, but Cody spins around and out, and he powerbomb lifts Omega. Cody throws Omega, and Ibushi uses that for his German Suplex! That’s usually a Golden Lovers move! Ibushi covers, but Cody breaks. Omega rolls away while Cody keeps on Ibushi with right hands. Cody then hits Omega with the Beautiful Disaster!

Cody fires up, and he goes outside to search under the ring. He doesn’t find what he wants on that end, though. He goes around the other side, and he finds a table! Cody brings it out and sets it up, but Omega has come after him. Omega clubs Cody but Cody bounces him off the wood. Cody goes back to Ibushi in the ring, and brings Ibushi up. He clubs away on Ibushi, and prepares a powerbomb. Ibushi resists, so Cody clubs him more. Cody gets Ibushi up for a Canadian rack, but Ibushi slips out. Omega returns to springboard, but Cody shoves him down! Omega falls through the table! At least it broke…

As for Cody, he just grins. He goes to a corner and climbs up. Cody aims at Ibushi, but Ibushi stops him with a forearm. Ibushi climbs up and has fans on his side. Ibushi hits the SUPERPLEX! But small cradle from Cody! TWO, and Cody springboards, only to get Ibushi’s kick! Ibushi brings Cody up, powerbomb lift, Golden Star sit-out! Cover, TWO! Ibushi keeps his focus, but now Omega emerges from the wreckage. Cody resists as Ibushi brings up his wrists, then he dodges Kamigoye! Cody reels Ibushi in, but ends up in a straitjacket suplex! Bridging cover, but Cody keeps one shoulder off. Ibushi rolls around and brings Cody up, Kamigoye!! Cover, but Omega blocks Red Shoes’ hand! Omega keeps this match going, to Ibushi’s frustration. Omega tries to reason with him, but Ibushi just tunes him out. And then chops him!

Ibushi fires off palm strikes from all sides, so Omega has no choice but to hit back. Cody returns, but his chop doesn’t bother Ibushi at all. Ibushi CHOPS Cody and he’s down and out again! Omega fires off on Ibushi, but Ibushi just needs one strike to get back. They go back and forth with those palm strikes, but Ibushi kicks. Omega grabs the other leg, but Ibushi brings Omega around for a mount. Ibushi makes it a cover but Omega keeps his shoulders up. So Ibushi just starts the ground ‘n’ pound! Omega does his best to cover up but Ibushi finds openings. Omega hits back but Ibushi keeps hitting harder. Now Ibushi uses closed fists, Red Shoes reprimands that. Ibushi keeps going but Red Shoes brings Ibushi away. Red Shoes tries to talk sense into Ibushi, but Ibushi just gives Omega a knee! Ibushi covers, TWO!!

Omega survives, and Ibushi grows frustrated. Ibushi drags Omega up, but Cody drags Ibushi out! Cody goes after Omega now, Cross Rhodes! Cover, TWO as Cody gets out the way of those flying double stomps! Ibushi crushes Omega, and Cody throws Ibushi out. Cody goes back to Omega, waiting for him to stand. Omega does, Cody hits another Cross Rhodes!! Cover, TWO?! Omega survives by some sheer force of will! Ibushi slowly return, but Cody stands first. Cody kicks Ibushi down, then drags him up and in. Cody lifts Ibushi, and hits Dinn’s Fire!! Cover, but Omega breaks it just in time! Cody’s infuriated now, and he decides to “borrow” a chair! He realizes what he’s doing, and drops the chair. Fans applaud that, but then Omega decides to use his IWGP US title belt! But then he reconsiders it again.

Cody tosses the belt to Nick Jackson, and picks up the chair again! He brings the chair in and aims at Ibushi, but Omega shields his friend. Cody stomps Omega instead, and prepares the chair! Ibushi grabs it and takes it away. Then he roundhouses Cody down! Omega gives Ibushi a POISON-RANA! And the Butterfly Wings!! Cover, TWO!? Ibushi survives and flounders about, but Omega reloads. BANG, V-Trigger! Electric chair lift, ONE-WINGED ANGEL!! Cover, Cody is too late, Omega wins!!

Winner: Kenny Omega, by pinfall; still IWGP Heavyweight Champion

Omega apologizes profusely to his friend he did the most damage to. The Best Bout Machine still has his belt, but what of his best friends? We’ll see after the break.


NJPW on AXS returns…

Matt & Nick Jackson help check on Ibushi. Omega signals for water while ice packs are brought in. Matt fetches the water and helps refresh Ibushi. Omega holds Ibushi’s hand, in hopes Ibushi is okay. Ibushi finally stirs, which is a huge relief to Omega. Cody helps Omega bring Ibushi up slowly and carefully. Omega also signals for the mic. He receives the mic and his belt, and Red Shoes raises his hand to make the victory official. Cody leaves the ring for the moment while Omega speaks. “Just a moment. I’ll wait until Ibushi can stand up.” Fans applaud such honor, respect and compassion from the champion. Omega tells Cody that he should be in here, too. They’re all a team, so stand with them.

Cody, though reluctant, knows Omega won’t “talk on the mic until all the Elite members can stand together,” so he joins them again. “Okay, Ibushi, whenever you’re ready, we’ll stand up and close it out.” Ibushi sits up, and Omega takes that to mean he’s good. “Everyone, let’s all stand, not as the Bullet Club, but as The Elite.” Was this the first time the fans here have seen a triple threat? Perhaps for some. Well he won’t ask individually, but did they like it? Were they entertained? Yes, they were. It is thanks to the fans that this match became a reality. And thanks to NJPW, for that matter.

Of course, any other organization could try, but they can’t do it like them, in Elite Style. So he again expresses his appreciation. And finally, the Tokyo Dome main event is set, huh? There’ll be a press conference soon enough, so there isn’t much else to say. Therefore, “I must bid you adieu.” Omega hugs Ibushi, who now stands on his feet. Omega hugs Cody, because he also loves Cody and his dog. And of course, Omega hugs the Bucks, he loves them, too. And not to forget the Elite who aren’t here, he loves them, too. So good bye, and good night- Wait, Hiroshi Tanahashi is here?! The Ace and his Wrestle Kingdom 13 contract now stand ringside. Tanahashi joins Omega in the ring.

Omega tells Tanahashi, “we’re both pretty tired. So if you have something to say, this is your chance.” Omega hands Tanahashi the mic as fans chant “Go Ace!” Tanahashi tells Omega, “Kenny-kun, I’m angry.” About what? “Everyone was clapping, but don’t forget this is NJPW.” Guess he’ll be the one to tell Kenny, “your time is up.” This will be settled at the Tokyo Dome. Tanahashi drops the mic but Omega picks it up. Omega is sure that the Tokyo Dome would chant “Go Ace”, but this is still Ryogoku. And here, it’s good bye and good night, BANG! Omega shrugs off Tanahashi’s cryptic ultimatum, but will he be able to shrug off Tanahashi’s wrestling? Or is Tanahashi predicting an end to start the New Year?


Backstage interviews.

Cody notes that last year, Cody surprised Ibushi with a challenge for the Dome. No one likes to lose, but Cody swallowed his pride for friendship. It still leaves a bad taste, but Cody is excited for the future. You’re not supposed to make friends in wrestling, but here they are. Is Ibushi okay? Yeah, just sore. They’ll get him ice. Ibushi shakes Cody’s hand then the Bucks’. The Elite will support their leader. “Then after that, buckle up.” No one in the Elite knows what the future holds, but they know they’ll face it together. Omega has his match for Wrestle Kingdom, but where will the rest of The Elite end up?



My Thoughts:

An incredible hour for NJPW and AXS, and it’s great that it was just the Triple Threat. There is so much of wrestling today where The Bullet Club’s Elite are the center of it, from what stories they all have in NJPW and ROH to who WWE eagerly wants to have for themselves. It was very fitting for Cody after all the action to say that 2019 could be a wild ride that still isn’t 100% certain, and we’re seeing that now in real-time with talks of all the contracts for The Elite. Whatever this insanely over collection of wrestlers chooses, I know their fans will follow, regardless of reaction.

As for the match in question tonight, it truly was epic. This probably gives whatever was the best triple threat ever a run for its money. It went the distance of 43 minutes, and it made everything count. The Golden Lovers working together, Cody using them against each other physically, and then eventually Omega and Ibushi having no choice but to fight each other, just brilliant stuff. And what makes it all even better is that at the end of the match, they’re all still friends. They remember the point of the match, they understand each other’s positions, and they know to stick together because they’re stronger together. Omega wins and now Omega VS Tanahashi is pretty much finalized. If Tanahashi ends up winning, then his line tonight will be true because it likely means Omega is going elsewhere. Only time will tell.

My Score: 8.8/10

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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (11/10/18)



ROH cover image

Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Episode 373

The REAL ROH World Champion looks to shut up the would-be king, Matt Taven, in Six-Man action! Jay Lethal has The Octopus on his side, but who’s his third?


  • Shane Taylor VS Jeff Cobb; Cobb wins.
  • The Bouncers VS Eli Isom & Cheeseburger w/ Ryan Nova; The Bouncers wins.
  • Six-Man Tag: The Kingdom VS Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham & ???; Lethal, Gresham & Dalton Castle win.


Shane Taylor VS Jeff Cobb!

The Notorious Hitman has been on a path of dominance and destruction, but so has the newly arrived and newly minted ROH World Television Champion! Jeff Cobb became Mr. Top Prospect 2018 by busting up every match in the bracket, and then he dominated Punishment Martinez like no man has! Can Taylor get a win over the champ with his One Hitter Quitter? Or will he take a quick Tour of the Islands instead?

Fans are fired up already for Cobb, but Taylor isn’t impressed. Taylor spits on Cobb’s hand, there’s no Code of Honor here. The bell rings and Cobb ducks Taylor’s punch to collide shoulders. Taylor comes back to ram shoulders, but then so does Cobb. They’re like rams butting heads as they keep ramming shoulders. Neither man backsk down, and fans fire up! Taylor throws a big punch, but Cobb stays standing. Taylor whips but Cobb reverses and reels Taylor in for the swinging saido suplex! Fans applaud the impressive strength, but Taylor’s up talking trash. Cobb swings but ends up in Taylor’s Exploder! But Cobb is up even faster! Cobb lets his hair down, and says “I’m the Suplexer!”

Now they brawl with forearms back and forth, with fans on Cobb’s side. The two men pick up speed but Cobb gets an edge. Cobb ducks one but gets hit by the other hand! Taylor talks trash on Cobb while we go to break.

ROH returns as Taylor looms over Cobb. Taylor wants to see why “The Chosen” was chosen. He whips Cobb at a corner but Cobb comes right back with a running European Uppercut! Taylor is rocked to a corner, Cobb leaps in with another EuroUpper! Cobb walks into Taylor’s boot, Taylor hops up, but Cobb dropkicks Taylor! Cobb then brings Taylor off the top rope, for a standing suplex! And holds him for 5 before dropping him down! Cover, ONE! Moonsault from Cobb!! TWO! Fans fire up for Cobb more as Cobb waits for Taylor. Taylor stands, Cobb ducks his punch to throw palm strikes. Cobb’s next punch is blocked, as is his kick, and Taylor gives back a knee. Cobb is dazed, and Taylor gives him another knee!

Taylor looms over Cobb, but Cobb grits his teeth to get up. Taylor runs, and hits a DESTROYER!? Both men are defying the laws of nature! Taylor runs and clobbers Cobb with a clothesline! Cover, TWO!? Cobb survives and shocks Taylor! Fans know “This is Awesome!” as Cobb and Taylor stand again. Taylor brings Cobb up and says it’s time, but Cobb slips out of the 216. Cobb gets Taylor up for a German Suplex! Both men stand again, and Cobb clobbers Taylor this time! Cobb whips, and brings Taylor in for the Tour of the Islands! Cover, Cobb wins!

Winner: Jeff Cobb, by pinfall

Taylor tested the TV Champion, but Cobb conquers the Hitman! Cobb continues to find ways to impress, but here comes another impressive star: Hangman Page! Bullet Club’s Problem Solver is taller, but Cobb is bigger. Security comes in to keep a fight from breaking out, but they just end up part of that fight! SUPERKICK from Hangman, and the stare down is back on. Cobb pushes Page aside to hold up his ROH WTV title. Is Hangman gunning for his first gold at Cobb’s expense? Also one security guard managed to stay in the ring, and fans want a “SUPERKICK! SUPERKICK!” Hangman leaves the security guard and Cobb alone, but Cobb SUPERKICKS the guard! And brings him on a Tour of the Island! Will #Cobbzilla be the one problem Hangman can’t solve?


Jay Lethal speaks.

“Kenny King, when you attacked me, you proved one thing: The ROH World Championship has put a target on my back.” But he’s not upset, he doesn’t blame King, he’ll just get even at Global Wars! Lethal will prove to King and the world that he’s the greatest.

As for tonight, Lethal has as score to settle with “Matt Taven and his cronies.” Lethal has Jonathan Gresham, “and a man you’ll be shocked to see.” These three vow to end The Kingdom, but who is that third man?


The Bouncers speak.

Brian Milonas says that big or small, they’ll fight anybody “who wants to belly up to the bar.” But Cheeseburger & Eli Isom, they’re gonna get punched right in the mouth. Tell ’em, Bruiser. Beer City Bruiser corrects Milonas, Eli’s last name should be “Is-om”, not “I-som”. Milonas corrects Bruiser and says he needs to get his head in the game. They need to win, and they will, to get back on track. Will the literally biggest team in ROH move closer to a World Tag Team Championship match?


But wait, where did Beer City Bruiser go?

Milonas can’t find him anywhere! Their match is coming up, what’s BCB doing? Will the One-Man Kegger turn up in time?


Marty Scurll speaks.

“For the past few months now, I’ve been stuck in this story of superhero versus supervillain.” Scurll and Shane Hurricane Helms have gone back and forth, and somehow Hurricane got that “fluke” of a win and now they’re all tied up. The tiebreaker is coming, Hero VS Villain #3. There will be no glory for Hurricane. This tiebreaker ended up no contest at Glory By Honor, so now, in their fourth go, there MUST be a winner, in a No Disqualifications match! Will this fourth time be the finale of this epic saga?


Milonas finds The Bruiser!

Of course it’s at the arena bar! Bruiser, it’s go-time! Because Bruiser is depressed over Silas Young ditching them. Silas keeps changing flights, he won’t return messages! Get over Silas, it’s time for The Bouncers to shine. And right now! Bruiser agrees, time to punch someone in the mouth! Bruiser grabs his keg, and they head out!


The Bouncers VS Eli Isom & Cheeseburger w/ Ryan Nova!

This match is like David VS Goliath in tag team form! Mastadon Milonas and BCB come in from the crowd, having just been at the bar, and they’re looking to take their frustrations out on their much smaller opponents. Can the Future of Honor and the Flame Grilled Cowboy take advantage of the Bruiser’s troubled mind? Or does size still matter more than heart?

It’s of note that Burger, Isom and Nova have now joined forces under the name “Shinobi Shadow Squad”, aka 3S, in tribute to the classic Three Ninjas. Right now it’s just two ninjas, with Nova supporting from ringside. Bruiser thinks it’s a joke as he starts against “Is-om”. Fans rally up as Bruiser and Isom circle. They tie up, and Bruiser shoves Isom back, but Isom rebounds to collide shoulders. And Isom doesn’t fall! That alone is impressive to Bruiser, so he dares Isom to try again. Isom runs and they collide, and Isom still stays up. Bruiser has Isom go again, and fans want to see it. Isom stomps Bruiser’s foot then rams shoulders. Bruiser only wobbles, so Isom kicks low and goes for a suplex. But Bruiser’s just too big.

Bruiser hits him back, and whips Isom to a corner. Isom dodges and dropkicks Bruiser! Forearm smash, tag to Burger! Burger runs in, for a big CHOP! Burger leaps on for a headlock, but Bruiser powers out. Bruiser runs Burger over! Bruiser drags Burger over and tags in Milonas. The Kingpin drags Burger up and tosses him to a corner. Milonas runs in but into boots! Burger hops up, and hits ax handles. Milonas stays up, so Burger runs and tilt-o-whirls, but Milonas blocks it! Burger slips to a sleeper hold! Milonas tags to Bruiser, and then brings Burger around, dropkick sidewalk slam! Cover, TWO! Bruiser brings Burger into the chinlock, then bites Burger with his few teeth! Bruiser then runs in to uppercut Burger. Tag to Milonas, and Milonas gives Burger a taste of his buns! Tag to Bruiser, and the Bouncers drag Burger up.

Burger fights back with palm strikes and chops, but gets a double gut punch! Bruiser whips Milonas in, but Burger dodges! Milonas hits post, and Burger crawls under Bruiser, then rolls, hot tag to Isom! Isom fires foraerms, ducks a punch to give a leaping knee! He runs in at Bruiser, but Bruiser tosses him to the apron. Isom hits Bruiser away, then climbs up as fans fire up. Isom leaps for a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Milonas returns and grabs Isom, but Isom throws more forearms and punches. Isom rolls and leaps, but into Milonas’ arms, for an overhead suplex! Isom rolls out but Burger comes to chop and chop and chop! Burger bobs ‘n’ weaves as he chops, but Bruiser has him. Burger fights out and chops away! Mule kick, but Burger runs into a boot and an uppercut.

Bruiser brings Burger up, but Isom stops Milonas on the top rope with a dropkick! Burger DDT’s Bruiser! Isom gets Bruiser up!? Suplex and double cover, TWO!! The ninjas coordinate, and Isom goes after Bruiser while Burger slingshots out. But Milonas catches Burger, to throw him into a post! Milonas helps Bruiser but gets an enziguri. Isom hops up, kicks Milonas away, but Bruiser uses Milonas as a weapon to trip Isom up. The Bouncers coordinate, Milonas climbing up to join Isom while Bruiser climbs another corner. Milonas gives Isom a SUPERPLEX! And Last Call frog splash from Bruiser! Cover, The Bouncers win!

Winners: The Bouncers, Beer City Bruiser pinning

BCB clears his head, and he crushes the shinobi shrimp! The ROH World Tag Team Championships are defended next week in a triple threat, will the winners of that match have to #BellyUptotheBar in the near future?

ROH returns to SoCal Uncensored in the ring.

Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky are in Philly, “the worst town I’ve ever been in!” But that aside, this is THE 2300 Arena, the ECW Arena, and this is “sacred ground.” Kaz sees banners for Terry Funk, Jerry Lynn, The Pitbulls, to name a few. It is Kaz’s honor to be here, so Philly, say these three letters with him. Not ECW, but “S C U!” Daniels says that was fun, but to borrow a page from Lance’s book, let’s be serious.

January 2018, Joe Coff told SCU their time was up. Final Battle is the end of SCU in ROH. Fans may dislike it now but that was the right move back then, because SCU gave ROH hell. However, things change, and now The Addiction realizes they were wrong. Now they are working to give ROH every reason to keep them around! And to Daniels, the best way to do that was to end “the reign of terror of The Briscoes.” The Addiction tried at Death Before Dishonor, but Mark Briscoe busted Kaz open and Jay tried to break Daniels’ neck. The reign of terror continues, and time is running out.

But good news, there’s a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. Next week, episode 374, The Briscoes defend the titles against The Addiction, and the Young Bucks! Now, does Philly know what that means? That two of the greatest tag teams in ROH are between SCU and their future. But God as Daniels’ witness, he promises The Addiction will win! They will change Coff’s mind, and 2019, “The Best Damn Thing about ROH will be SCU!” The Fallen Angel and Heavy Metal Rebel call their shots, can they cash in on this golden opportunity?

But as SCU makes their way out, The Briscoes attack! Mark SMACKS Kaz with a chair, then both he and Jay go after Daniels and Scorpio! Jay keeps Daniels at the stage as Mark throws Scorpio at a post. Then the Briscoes mug Daniels, before Jay brings Daniels up, for a Jay Driller on the stage!! “That’s it! You’re done!” Kaz gets that chair Mark used and runs #DemBoyz off, but the damage is done. Is there any chance now for SoCal Uncensored to come away with the titles? Or will the tag team reign of terror end SCU’s time in ROH?


Six-Man Tag: The Kingdom VS Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham & ???

Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan & Vinnie Marseglia have fought against a supposed conspiracy for the last year or so over the ROH World Six Man titles. There was some legitimacy to their claim when the Bullet Club’s American Nightmare & Young Bucks won those titles off them after barely getting them back, but now Taven has moved onto something bigger: claiming he is the one true World Heavyweight Champion! Jay Lethal, the real champion, obviously takes offense, but he needs help shutting Taven and his team up. The Franchise and the Octopus were dared to find a third man, and before the match, Lethal notes that he tried to get the mystery man to appear, and that man said now. But then when Gresham asked, that go this man to agree. Please welcome back… DALTON CASTLE!!

The Peacock is back in action! And yes, he’s brought The Boys with him! Castle has had his own history with the Kingdom, will he be the key to victory?

ROH returns as the teams sort out. Taven starts against Gresham and they slowly circle. Fans are fired up for Gresham, but some fans do like Taven. Gresham and Taven tie up, and Taven powers Gresham to the corner. He then backs off and shouts “IIIII’M MATT TAVEN! The REAL ROH World Champion.” That gets on Lethal’s nerves, but the ref holds him back from getting after Taven. Taven goes to The Kingdom’s corner for safety, and Gresham calms Lethal down. Taven tags to TK, and now the Sassy Wild Horse talks trash to the Octopus. TK bumps Gresham, Gresham shoves him back, and TK SPITS on Gresham! TK haymakers and whips, but Gresham comes back to get a takedown. Gresham works up some saliva, but TK narrowly avoids the phlegm bomb!

Gresham just shrugs and runs, but then fakes TK out. TK ends up falling on the spit! Gresham fakes TK out again with a dropkick feint, then kicks his shin, and gets him with a real dropkick! TK crawls to his corner, and tags to the Horror King. And Vinnie calls out the Peacock. Gresham points to his corner and fans want it, too. Castle climbs and tags in. Fans chant “Peacock! Peacock!” as Castle circles with Vinnie. Vinnie swings but misses, and Castle chops away. Castle whips Vinnie corner to corner for a big clothesline, but Vinnie powers out of the bulldog. Vinnie swings but misses again, and Castle strikes the pose! Fans missed that and love to see it again.

Vinnie swings but misses yet again, and gets more chops and haymakers. Vinnie staggers and Castle puts him in a corner for more. Castle keeps on Vinnie at the ropse for a CHOP, but Vinnie hits back. Vinnie whips but Castle reverses. Castle wants to hip toss, Vinnie reverses, but Castle reverses back to a takedown and armlock! Vinnie moves around and gets up but Castle has a waistlock. The Kingdom coach and Vinnie elbows out, but then misses yet another clotheseline, and Castle clotheslines him out! Castle builds speed, but to STRUT! The Kingdom is frustrated and annoyed, but Castle enjoys that. Taven tells Vinnie to pull back, and he tags in.

Taven and Castle renew their history, bringing up memories of the #KingdomConspiracy. They seem to recount these in their trash talk, but this is all a distraction for Vinnie and TK to go after Lethal and Gresham! And when Castle notices, Taven attacks! Things are chaotic on the outside, and Taven sends Castle into barriers! TK sends Gresham into the timekeeper’s table while Taven rains down right hands on Castle. Then Taven takes Castle all the way over and throws him into the front row! Taven says “Welcome back” as fans catch Castle. But then Lethal dispatches of Vinnie and goes after Taven himself! Gresham drop toeholds TK into a chair!

Lethal grabs a chair and sits it down, and then chops Taven to take a seat. Lethal gets some space and runs back in, but the referee says that’s not allowed! But then something drags the ref under the ring?! Taven waves the ref good-bye, and he brawls with Lethal! Lethal gets the edge and throws Taven into barriers, then goes into the ring. Fans fire up, Lethal DIVES and hits TK! Lethal keeps going, but Taven jabs him with the chair! And then SMACKS him on the back! Taven tells TK to get someone to count. The red balloons float up, the ref returns to count Taven’s cover, TWO!! Lethal survives and Taven seethes while we go to break.

ROH returns again, and Vinnie brings Lethal over. Taven tags in but fans rally up for Lethal as Taven clubs away. Lethal fights back and now they brawl back and forth. Lethal gets an edge, runs and sunset flips over Taven’s back drop. Taven rolls through, for Just the Tip of his knee! Why? “Because IIIII’M MATT TAVEN!” Taven covers, but Gresham breaks it. TK tags in as Taven holds Lethal down. TK drops an elbow, then taunts Lethal. “I thought you were the champ, Jay!” He stomps Lethal over and over, and Taven pours on his own trash talk. Lethal gives TK a cutter! Both men are down as fans rally up. TK goes after Castle while Taven hits Gresham. TK brings Lethal back over but Lethal fights out! Lethal hits each man of The Kingdom, hot tag to Gresham!

Gresham fires off on The Kingdom, but runs into TK’s tackle into the corner. Vinnie tags in but Gresham slips out and bumps TK into Vinnie. Roll up on TK, TWO but Gresham uses that to clothesline Vinnie. Gresham then gets Vinnie and TK in a double bulldog! Fans fire up but Taven tags in. Taven drags Gresham up but Gresham drops down, victory roll, ONE, tag to Castle! Castle rallies on Taven, the bad leg and back not bothering him at all! Castle scoops but Taven slips out. Taven ducks one clothesline but gets the other! Castle runs in corner to corner, big knee to sling-dog! Cover, but Vinnie breaks it! The Boys get the fans rallying and Castle rocks Vinnie with a right. Castle goes to Taven, but Taven puts him in a corner.

TK joins Taven over there but Castle fights back. Castle elbows Taven away, kicks TK down then punches Vinnie away. Castle hops out to the apron to send TK down with a knee strike! Then Castle turns around to leap at Vinnie with another knee! Castle puts Vinnie in for Gresham, missile dropkick! Gresham runs, dodges, and springboards, quebrada! Then DIVE on TK! Gresham keeps moving, climbing back up. He aims, Shooting Star, on knees! Lethal gives Vinnie the Lethal Combination, then gives TK a Lethal Injection! Castle returns, Taven drags Lethal out, Vinnie’s chairshot misses, BANGARANG! Cover, Castle and team win!

Winners: Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham & Dalton Castle, Castle pinning

The former world champion makes a successful return alongside The Octopus and the real champion! Taven is beside himself, he can’t believe his team lost. Castle dares him to do something about it, but Taven decides not to. Taven grabs his would-be championship and Lethal takes his. Castle celebrates with Gresham and Lethal, but at the same time, he gives Lethal a knowing grin. The Peacock wants that title back one day, and seems to put his name on the list here and now. Castle offers a handshake, and Lethal takes it. Should Lethal hold onto that title past Global Wars and Final Battle, will he be giving The Peacock that epic title match?

My Thoughts:

A pretty great episode of ROH, as the go-home to Global Wars Weekend. We opened with an amazing match of big men moving like smaller men. It wasn’t just kayfabe to say these guys defied some natural expectations, especially Taylor’s “Cleveland Destroyer”. Naturally Cobb wins, he’s just gotten here and is incredibly strong, both kayfabe and reality. Cobb VS Hangman for the TV title is going to be incredible. I can’t be sure who wins, but I suppose it still makes more sense for Cobb to retain at this point. I like that Burger has teamed up with two other underdog favorites, but obviously their debut as a team didn’t go so well. Perhaps Bruiser is building towards a story with Silas Young as his enemy to settle things between them.

I’m glad to see SoCal Uncensored make it official that their story as Faces is chasing the titles. The triple threat title match next week will be great, and it’s even better that SCU come in as underdogs. Briscoes are such strong Heels, it makes sense they’d attack the one team ROH is willing to give up. I would be very shocked if SCU won, maybe with Scorpio subbing in for Daniels. That could also add something to the story, such as Kaz having to choose between himself and Daniels. But I still strongly think Final Battle is the night SCU wins titles to avoid being fired. The Six-Man Tag main event was great, what a great way for Dalton Castle to return, and of course Castle helps his team win. Castle VS Lethal sounds like a great idea, can’t wait to see it.

My Score: 8.3/10

What do you think of this edition of Ring Of Honor? Let us know on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

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