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Mitchell’s Ring of Honor Report! (4/21/18)




ROH brings us the final two rounds of the WOH Championship Tournament! First, the semifinals feature Tenille Dashwood VS Sumie Sakai and Kelly Klein VS Mayu Iwatani. Then the finals will pit the winners against each other to decide THE inaugural Women of Honor Champion!


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  • Kelly Klein VS Mayu Iwatani, WOH Championship Tournament Semifinal match; Kelly wins and advances to the finals.
  • Tenille Dashwood VS Sumie Sakai, WOH Championship Tournament Semifinal match; Sumie wins and advances to the finals.
  • WOH Championship Tournament Finals: Kelly Klein VS Sumie Sakai; Sumie wins and becomes the inaugural WOH Champion.


It’s a WOH Championship Tournament encore special!

The ROH Women’s Division is making history with this internationally flavored championship tournament. The Gatekeeper, Kelly Klein, cheated the Exotic Goddess out of her dream while the Icon of Stardom, Mayu Iwatani, shocked the Virtuosa. Super Sumie swept Oedo Tai’s Hana Kimura and Kagetsu while Tenille made it all about her, knocking Mrs. American Nightmare, Brandi Rhodes, out of the spotlight. Now with the semifinals set, who will take the next step into the WOH Championship match?



Kelly Klein VS Mayu Iwatani, WOH Championship Tournament Semifinal match!

The Pretty Badass knows the Icon of Stardom is “a tremendous addition” to this tournament and division. But no one is going to come into her ring, the ring she’s dominated for two years, and take that title before she does. Mayu vows to take the title around the world and build its prestige. Both women have been atop their respective promotions, but who will prove themselves the bigger star in this first-ever encounter?

The fans duel between the two already as Mayu holds out a hand for the Code of Honor. Kelly declines, and the match begins. The fans rally as two of the best circle. They tie up, and Kelly shoves Mayu right down. But Mayu springs right back up and circles with Kelly again. They tie up again and now Mayu shoves Kelly. Mayu dares Kelly to get some, Kelly runs out and Mayu gets around her for the waistlock. Kelly reverses with a headlock takeover but Mayu headscissors. Kelly rolls around and gets the mount but Mayu rolls and the two end up by the ropes. The referee calls for the break, and Kelly gives it. Fans applaud while Kelly backs off to adjust her ponytail. Mayu gets up and they circle again.

Kelly lunges but Mayu dodges, and Mayu gets the waistlock back. Kelly reverses to a wristlock and whip, but Mayu blocks. It’s a tug-o-war but also a stalemate, so Mayu breaks free to back kick Kelly. Mayu runs and slides under Kelly’s clothesline, then sweeps the legs. Kelly sits up, and Mayu hits her with a swift kick! Mayu sits Kelly up for the running dropkick. Fans fire up with Mayu while Kelly rolls to the ropes. Mayu is upon her, but Kelly throws a forearm. Kelly teeters on the apron as Mayu hits her back. Mayu ducks Kelly’s forearm, but Kelly grabs her between the ropes for a knee strike. Mayu falls back while Kelly returns. Kelly walks over to Mayu in the corner for more forearms, and a discus clothesline. Kelly runs and boots Mayu run down! Cover, TWO.

Fans duel again while Kelly toys with Mayu. She keeps pushing and kicking Mayu, but Mayu hits back! Mayu chops Kelly overhand then backhand, then overhand again! Mayu gives another double chop, but Kelly knees back. Kelly has Mayu in the cravat hold and drives in knees. Kelly snapmares Mayu but Mayu ducks under the buzzsaw to roll Kelly up! TWO, and Kelly clobbers Mayu with a clothesline! Kelly covers, TWO! The Gatekeeper is annoyed but in control while we go to break.

ROH returns to Kelly dragging Mayu up in a chinlock. Fans rally and Mayu powers Kelly back into a corner. Kelly keeps going, climbing up to hold Mayu in a hanging sleeper!

The referee counts but Kelly lets go at 3. She drops Mayu to the mat, but Mayu revives to slap Kelly across the face! Mayu then climbs up, but Kelly resists. Kelly clubs and forearms away on Mayu’s back then knocks her down. Mayu staggers but comes back to roundhouse Kelly. Mayu slaps Kelly again then fires up before climbing again. She stands on the very top and hits a SUPER STEINER!

The fans fire up with Mayu as she climbs up again. Kelly stands up and Mayu hits her with a missile dropkick. Mayu positions Kelly into a drop zone then climbs up a third time. She takes aim and jumps, but Kelly avoids the double stomps. Kelly rushes Mayu, but runs into Mayu’s SUPERKICK! Mayu walks on Kelly to get back to the corner, and she climbs up once again. Mayu takes aim, and hits the double stomps!

But Mayu isn’t done there, she repositions Kelly before climbing up again. For the Frog Splash! Cover, TWO! Mayu can’t believe Kelly survived two big moves like that. Fans duel again while Kelly stirs. Mayu gets around and wants the full nelson, but Kelly breaks free. Kelly whips Mayu but Mayu goes for huricanrana, only for Kelly to block! Kelly hoists Mayu up onto her shoulders, preparing a powerbomb, but Mayu spins around to Reverse-Rana Kelly down! Mayu O’Conner rolls back for a cover, TWO!! But that won’t slow Mayu down, she calls to end it. She drags Kelly up, elevated waistlock, but as she goes for the full nelson, Kelly breaks free again. Kelly spins Mayu around, jumping DDT! But Kelly isn’t done there, she lifts Mayu in fireman’s carry for the Samoan Driver!

Cover, TWO!? Kelly is shocked, but the fans are loving this. Kelly drags Mayu up for another go, but Mayu slips out. Mayu hits the Northern Lights! TWO! Not even using one of Kelly’s favorites is enough. But Mayu drags Kelly up again. She brings Kelly around but Kelly still resists the full nelson. Kelly snap suplexes then rolls through into the guillotine!

Mayu is trapped as Kelly rolls and pulls. Fans rally while Mayu endures, but she fades! The referee calls it, Kelly wins!

Winner: Kelly, by referee’s stoppage

The Gatekeeper holds on a bit longer to make her message clear. She eliminates one of the best in the world, because she herself is one of the best. Who will meet her in the finals to determine THE best in the WOH Division?


Tenille Dashwood VS Sumie Sakai, WOH Championship Tournament Semifinal match!

Oedo Tai’s Hana Kimura and Kagetsu tried to keep Sumie down, but not even a cheap shot and beat down could stop ROH’s Wonder Woman of Honor. Meanwhile, the newest addition to the ROH Women’s Division wants the spotlight all to herself. Who will meet The Gatekeeper in the final round for all the glory?

Unlike Kelly Klein, Tenille and Sumie both uphold the Code of Honor. These two respect each other and the fans respect that. The bell rings and the two rush at each other, Tenille spinning Sumie around to clobber her with a clothesline! Cover, TWO! Sumie is ready this time, she counters Tenille’s clothesline with the swinging fisherman neckbreaker!

Cover, TWO! Sumie keeps on Tenille with a forearm, but Tenille hits back with her own. They go back and forth, and Tenille gets an edge. She backs Sumie up against the ropes then runs, but Sumi follows and catches her with a forearm of her own! Sumie runs, but Tenille follows and catches Sumie with an elbow. Tenille puts Sumie in a corner and bounces her off the buckles again and again. She then goes to the outside to put Sumie in the tarantula! Tenille lets go at 3, and Sumie gets to the apron. Sumie shoulders in but Tenille counters that with a kick, then the neckbreaker hotshot. Sumie tumbles to the floor and Tenille decides to go up. Tenille keeps an eye on Sumie while the fans fire up, she JUMPS!

Down goes Sumie! Tenille fires up then puts Sumie in the ring. Cover, TWO, and Tenille grows frustrated. Fans rally while Sumie stirs. Tenille grabs a leg and sits down to put on a Deathlock. Sumie endures and fights back, but Tenille keeps the hold. So Sumie reaches over and slaps Tenille in the face! Tenille comes back with a forearm, but can’t maintain the leglock. Both women crawl, but Tenille is up first. She brings Sumie up but Sumie fires off Mongolian double chop after chop. Sumie is all fired up but Tenille grabs her in a waistlock. Sumie reverses that to a wristlock takedown, and cross arm breaker!

Tenille reaches and rolls, clasping the hands. Sumie smacks away at Tenille’s free arm, but Tenille won’t let go. Tenille keeps pushing and rolls Sumie, but Sumie rolls them right back. Tenille tries again and gets a cover, TWO, and now Sumie shifts into a crossface!

Sumie even smothers Tenille’s nose and mouth with her forearm, cutting off the air supply. Tenille endures being wrenched back and starts prying herself free, so Sumie stands up to stomp her out. Sumie drags Tenille and whips her to a corner, but Tenille slips out to the apron as Sumie runs in. Tenille punches Sumie then slides under for the prawn hold, TWO. Sumie runs back in, but into a drop toehold that sends her face first into buckles! Tenille then goes corner to corner to give Sumie a #TasteOfTenille!

Cover, TWO! The fans rally while Tenille keeps focus. She drags Sumie up and onto the top rope. Tenille climbs up but Sumie fights back. Sumie kicks Tenille away, to hit a big missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Sumie keeps going, bringing Tenille up for a half-straitjacket suplex, and the bridge! TWO! But Sumie keeps herself fired up, and runs, but into Tenille’s sit-out powerbomb! Cover, TWO!! Tenille is frustrated, she was so close but so far away. The fans rally as both women slowly stand. Tenille runs but Sumie rolls her then spins her around for the rolling cuter, Smash Mouse!

Cover, TWO!? Sumie’s standing finisher isn’t enough? But Sumie refocuses as she climbs up top. Tenille springs up to stop her, then climbs up to join her, SUPER German Suplex! Cover, TWO?! Tenille grows frustrated. She demands Sumie stand up, then runs, but Sumie dodges the Spotlight kick! Crucifix roll up, Sumie wins!!

Winner: Sumie, by pinfall

ROH’s Ray of Sunshine shocks Tenille and many of the ROH fans in attendance. Whether or not it was an upset, we now know who will face Kelly Klein in the finals. Kelly herself returns while Ian Riccaboni congratulates them both on their wins, while holding the WOH Championship belt.

As is customary in Stardom and many wrestling promotions around the world, it is now time for a photo opportunity involving both contenders. Kelly hops into the ring and they both stand with Ian and the belt.

One of these two women will be the inaugural champion in front of the sold-out Supercard of Honor crowd. At this time, the contenders are to shake hands to uphold the Code of Honor before their match. Sumie offers, and Kelly actually accepts. But then she gives Sumie a cheap shot! Fans are a mix of boos and cheers as Kelly backs off to let the referees check on Sumie. The Gatekeeper doesn’t seem to care for honor, only for winning. Will she pay for showing no respect? Or is it inevitable that she becomes THE WOH Champion?


An original woman of ROH is ringside to witness history!

It’s the Scream Queen herself, Daffney!


WOH Championship Tournament Finals: Kelly Klein VS Sumie Sakai!

It is time! The first ever ROH Women’s Champion will be either The Gatekeeper, who has yet to be pinned or submitted, or the Ray of Sunshine whose optimism never falters. Who makes history with a single victory?

Sumie makes the first move, going right at Kelly with forearms! These are all payback for the cheap shot from earlier on! Referee Todd Sinclair pulls Sumie away long enough to signal. The bell rings, and Sumie again goes all out on Kelly! Kelly shoves Sumie but Sumie’s right back on her with more furious forearms in a corner. Sumie even stomps away on Kelly’s shoulders, firing up the fans. The referee counts and Sumie backs off at 4. Kelly slowly stands while Sumie runs, Kelly gets Sumie with the German Suplex! The referee checks on the dazed Sumie while Kelly finally has time to put in her mouth guard.

Kelly watches Sumie reach for ropes. She drags Sumie up and whips her into a corner, then whips her in and out. Kelly tries again but Sumie reverses to bounce Kelly off buckles. Sumie runs again, wheelbarrow cover, TWO. Sumie runs again, but into a stungun hotshot! She stumbles down and falls out of the ring while Kelly catches her breath. Kelly then goes out to fetch Sumie, throwing her into barriers. Fans are mixed as Kelly brings Sumie up and throws her into more barriers. Kelly lifts Sumie again for the snap suplex to the mat, then rolls through for the guillotine!

Submissions don’t matter outside the ring, but Kelly is doing it for the damage. She does let go as the referee counts, while we go to break.

ROH returns once more, to Kelly putting Sumie back in the ring. She covers, TWO, to Kelly’s annoyance. Kelly drags Sumie up while fans rally. Kelly hoists Sumie up to the top rope sideways, then climbs up to join her. She lifts Sumie but Sumie fights back! Sumie slips under and around, for a type of Schoolgirl Powerbomb!

Sumie fires herself up and the fans follow. She runs, but into Kelly’s Fall Away!

Sumie rolls to ropes but Kelly walks over. Sumie kicks and hits the swinging fisherman! Fans rally for Sumie as she runs again, and she wheelbarrows, but Kelly blocks! Kelly bounces Sumie’s face off the mat, then throws her with a wheelbarrow German suplex! Both women are down, and the fans are rallying again. They each crawl to ropes, and out comes the rest of the WOH locker room! Every woman from Mandy Leon to Deonna Purrazzo to Karen Q are now ringside to rally along with the fans! Kelly and Sumie crawl towards each other and start brawling with forearms. They go back and forth, Sumie hitting harder.

They stand and keep going, no backing down in either woman. Sumie fires off so many forearms, then runs, but into a boot! Kelly covers, TWO! Fans and women wrestlers alike rally while Kelly drags Sumie up. Kelly hits the Northern Lights, TWO! The frustration grows in Kelly, but there’s still fight in Sumie. Another rally builds as the two stand again. Kelly clubs but Sumie spins around for a Fisherman BUSTER!

Sumie puts Kelly in position, then walks all over her before climbing up. Sumie MOONSAULT, but Kelly dodges just enough. Kelly pushes Sumie away, so Sumie kicks her down. Sumie goes after Kelly, trying for some kind of hammerlock driver, but Kelly resists. In that case, Sumie just drives Kelly down with a DDT! Cover, SUMIE WINS!

Winner: Sumie, by pinfall; NEW WOH Champion

Sumie makes history! An ROH original, a 16-year veteran in the business, and she is the first-ever ROH Women of Honor Champion!

On top of that, this is the first time anyone has pinned or submitted Kelly Klein since she joined ROH. That detail alone has Kelly stunned. She exits the ring while the others enter to celebrate with the new champion. The ROH fans also cheer for Sumie as she holds the belt up high. Sumie is the first champion of WOH, long may she reign!



My Thoughts:

A great show for ROH, even if it was all encored footage. Kelly VS Mayu was a great match, even with the sloppier parts. Reverse-Ranas are tricky. But Kelly goes over because she’s the only Heel of the four, and because it’s probably too soon for a Stardom wrestler to be stronger than a WOH staple. Tenille VS Sumie was also a good match, the false finishes were well done. I’m a little disappointed the fans booed that Sumie beat Tenille, but maybe she wasn’t the expected or wanted winner between the two. But most of those fans did like her over Kelly, especially after Kelly adds Heel heat with that cheap shot during the photo op.

Kelly VS Sumie itself was fun, and it was a great detail to have the WOH Division appear as the match was ramping up. It seems like the finish was a half-botch, as Sumie couldn’t quite get the exact move she wanted. Kelly still sold like a champ, and Sumie is a great choice for the first WOH Champion. Honestly, if there was ever a moment for “You Deserve It!”, it was Sumie winning. She’s been Women’s Champion of other promotions, but this is definitely the biggest championship she’s held.

My Score: 8/10

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Andrew’s Stardom 5 Star Grand Prix Red Stars Ratings & Review: Day 7 & 8



We get another combined article because of the way Stardom likes to stagger matches in this tournament.

Day 7 actually didn’t have any Blue Star matches at all, so now the articles will be titled a little differently. I need that Rick and Morty clip about getting your shit together and direct it at Stardom booking. Oh wait, I can!



So with that established, I guess we should look at the matches to come. Tam is eliminated but still has 3 matches to go. So she can go from a measly 2 to a respectable 8 if she can put a few wins together. Utami and Rachael however are still very much in the thick of things, and even face one another on Day 8.

Let’s find if anyone else gets eliminated, or if we continue to have the top half stay alive.


Day 7

Rachael Ellering vs Tam Nakano

Rachael’s promo is fake and over enthusiastic, whereas Tam’s was realistic and a little bubbleheaded. So it’s really hard for me to ever connect to Ellering’s promos, cause she’s not convincing and her matches thus far have been…umm…shall we say, sub par. So sadly Tam seems to be in the plucky underdog role this year and always getting close with not much of a pay off. So let’s she if she picks up a win to play spoiler, or continues to come up short.

I have no clue what it is about most of Rachael’s matches, but they are hard to watch. Rachael’s Pump Kick that she over uses never looks impactful, she doesn’t take or sell offense well, and it’s just a schlog. This match was no different.

Tam’s kicks are usually crisp, but they hit awkwardly and slowly. Tam even went for a bottom rope assisted Back Body Drop, but Rachael’s foot cause the middle rope and it just looked sloppy. Tam still sold her back, while Rachael focused it, so that was good.

We also see a decent barrage at the end of the match with some false finish rollups, Rachael’s Bossman Slam and then Ellering finally finishes this with the Fallaway Powerbomb.

Winner: Ellering via Fallaway Powerbomb

Rating: * 1/2


Kagetsu vs Kimber Lee

Kimber always has this oddly endearing way of cutting a promo. She talks fairly slowly (the way people do when you’re speaking a language people might not understand), which I find ridiculous, but she says all the correct babyface things. Kagetsu however has a skull mask on her head, pops up into frame and just starts talking casually about things. She just wants to end the match, eat some good food and head to Osaka. It’s casually dismissive of Kimber, but not cruel, perfect tweener kind of temperature.

Kagetsu takes the early advantage and does the cocky heel thing by throwing Kimber to the outside. Hazuki and Sumire get in a few cheap shots before rolling her back in. Kagetsu takes a drink of water and then we get her water spit/mist spot. Which I’m still not sure why that isn’t a disqualification, but I like it, so I’m not questioning it.

After the initial cockiness, Kimber takes advantage of Kagetsu taking her foot of the gas and puts together some offense. A few well placed kicks and suplexes lead to the Swanton Bomb attempt, but Kimber misses. After a little more struggle, Kagetsu eventually hits a Chokeslam and then enough of the Oedo Coaster to get the pinfall.

Not Kagetsu’s best work, but it was a fairly short match and Kimber isn’t positioned as a threat in this tournament.

Winner: Kagetsu via Oedo Coaster

Rating: *** 1/4


Day 8

Kimber Lee vs Tam Nakano

The opening promos are pretty low energy for both women. Kimber talks about being eliminated but fighting for herself and Tam tries her best to psych herself up. The lack of points is effecting both of these women. Who will get the ball moving to end on a high note?

Not a bad match, just fairly short. Given that all of the Grand Prix matches have a 15 minute time limit, even the longer ones are a little short. Both women utilize a fair amount of kicks and flexibility in their offense, so the mirror aspect was on full display.

Kimber does her split spot, Tam goes for a Buzzsaw Kick, but Kimber blocks it and tries to sweep the leg, but Tam does a split and they both start throwing forearms from the split position. Kimber hits a kick combination first, which drops Tam but only for two. In her opening promo Tam put some emphasis on not wanting to lose to kicks, since those are kinda her thing.

Maintaining advantage, Kimber goes to the top rope but Tam shows some fight. Eventually hitting the Avalanche Snapmare and going up for her Diving Idol Knee, for only a near fall. After a few more close calls, Kimber catches Tam coming off the ropes for a Brain Buster, pulls her to a corner and lands the Swanton Bomb for the pinfall.

Valiant efforts in all her matches, but Tam really can’t catch a break.

Winner: Kimber via Swanton Bomb

Rating: ** 1/4


Rachael Ellering vs Utami Hayayshishita

Well, ya know I’m usually overly disinterested in whatever Rachael’s been doing, but this match was a little different. She basically got to play the heel since she was being very tough on Utami and showing some personality while arguing with the referee. So when it comes down to Rachael’s involvement, it wasn’t the thing that brought the match down, for a change.

However, after the initial burst from Rachael and the playing up a few strikes on the outside, the match never kick it into another gear. It basically was treading water for the last half. Signature moves were hit, Utami landed her Sleeper Hold takeover into the Coquina Clutch, but Rachael got out of it. I’m guess the high point was supposed to be Rachael hitting a Superplex, but nothing felt important, desperate or impressive.

The match ends just as Utami cinches in an Inside Cradle, but the time expires. All of the draws in this tournament are a little off putting.

Winner: Time Limit Draw

Rating: ***


Red Stars Standings:

Kagetsu 4-1-1 (9 Points)
Rachael Ellering 4-1-1 (9 Points)
Jungle Kyona 3-1-2 (8 Points)
Utami Hayashishita 3-1-2 (8 Points)
Konami 3-3 (6 Points) – Eliminated
Kimber Lee 2-4 (4 Points) – Eliminated
Tam Nakano 1-5 (2 Points) – Eliminated
Natsuko Tora 1-5 (2 Points) – Eliminated



You know Stardom, you know what happens when you make Tam look good but don’t give her wins? Nothing happens, it’s actually decent story telling and could set up for a big upset of Kagetsu on the Finals day. So as much as the fan in me hates watching Tam come up short (Naito fans around the world know that feel), her determination and the storyline wrinkles could pay off later.

As for the two days…meh? Nothing stood out and these really just felt like matches to set up for the final swerve. These kind of days happen in all tournaments, it just hit really hard in these four matches. I just really really hope Rachael doesn’t win Red Stars.

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Mathew’s Stardom 5 Star Grand Prix Blue Stars Results & Review: Day 8



So tomorrow is the last day of the Five Star Grand Prix where we will have our final four matches and the final match on the same day but we got two matches left to cover before we go to the final day.

This show is for people that didn’t have their six matches before the final day and we’re using this to make sure they’re all caught up to speed and we can see who has a chance to make it and who doesn’t. I know it says day 8 in my headline but I had no matches on the seventh day, so I decided to just skip it and go where I have my actual matches. So who wins these two matches?

Let’s find out and…dive right in.


Grand Prix Blue Stars Match
Kelly Klein vs. Natsu Sumire

Review: It’s pretty clear that Sumire is pretty much eliminated and even if she does win this match and her last one, the fact that Mayu would hold the tiebreaker over her if she lost today and won tomorrow, but would still be out if Momo won on the final day since she’d have nine points while Sumire would still have eight if she won both and wouldn’t matter, but she has been one of the highlights of this tournament due to her personality flourishing a lot more here and the fans loving her more and more. Sumire in her pre-match interview seems to be more focused on her bust size and even talked about the supplements she’s been taking for a couple weeks now and is disappointed that there’s been no change in her results just yet and hopes to provide progress updates. Kelly is her opponent tonight and if Kelly does win here, she’ll be in the top spot of the standings and would have a strong chance of winning. Can Kelly win again or will Sumire ruin it for her?

Once again, Sumire made the match fun when it was needed due to it not being the best bout in the tournament here but they did work with what they got, even if it was as pretty standard as they come. Kelly did an okay job in the match as well and probably my least favorite outing of her in the Grand Prix and she just wanted to dominate Sumire. Sumire was mostly doing her antics that you would see in her matches with the false handshakes, cradling them up when they least expect it, and just whipping them. It looked like Kelly was going to go for the win here and when she ran the ropes, Kagetsu kicked her in the back to stun her long enough for Sumire to grab the Oedo Tai sign so she could hit Kelly with it, but Kelly moved out of the way causing the sign to bounce off the ropes and hit Sumire instead in which it gets turned around for Kelly to hit the Fireman’s Carry Slam for the victory and she’s now in first place.

Rating: Tony Schiavone


Grand Prix Blue Stars Match
Hazuki vs. Mayu Iwatani

Review: A win here is very crucial for Mayu Iwatani if she wants to tie it up with Kelly, otherwise she would be eliminated from the tournament and her opponent, Hazuki would take the top spot with nine points and potentially win the whole thing if things work out in her favor. The last time the both of them fought one on one was around February during the ROH Women of Honor tournament and Mayu would come out the winner of that match and Mayu wants to beat her again to show she’s on a whole different level now. Who will take the top spot of the standings, Mayu or Hazuki?

Hazuki is in my top 5 wrestlers of Stardom right now and this match here with Mayu just solidified my statement for this claim. This whole tournament, she has been one of the most consistent wrestlers in her matches with her sequences being on point, her moves are crisp, and how to handle a match lately has been outstanding that she should be under peoples radar. Hazuki right away was being aggressive with Mayu before the bell even rang when she attacked her from behind and kept rolling her up which failed, but she kept on the attack by throwing her around into chairs on the outside and even destroyed Mayu’s arm during the whole match and not holding back on her, I love this side of Hazuki.

This match is one of my favorites in my block next to Hazuki/Momo still being my favorite one, but this one was still pretty damn close with their chemistry in the ring together gave us a special match and it’s not even their last one for their block. They told a great story in the ring, executed everything almost flawlessly, seeing a more aggressive side of Hazuki in her previous two matches, and Mayu selling it all to make it look more dangerous than it probably is, but they were just on point with everything together. Hazuki was pulling out all the stops with having her in the Crossface, working on her arm, stiff Dropkicks and a Codebreaker, but it still wasn’t enough to take Mayu out as she hits the Dragon Suplex Hold and gets the victory to tie first place with Kelly Klein. After the match, she told the crowd that she was now in first place and hopes the crowd will still support her as she looks to win it all at the final.

Rating: Bruce Prichard


Overall: Can’t really give it a fair assessment due to only having two matches with one being average and the other one being great, but the average of it was solid enough. I’m glad to see that all three of my picks are in the top 4 of potential winners and excited for the last day since it’s stacked.

Favorite Match: Hazuki vs. Mayu Iwatani

Score: 6/10

Blue Stars Standings:
Mayu Iwatani: 4-2 (8 Points)
Kelly Klein: 4-2 (8 Points)
Momo Watanabe: 3-2-1 (7 Points)
Hazuki: 3-2-1 (7 Points)
Nicole Savoy: 3-3 (6 Points)
Jamie Hayter: 2-4 (4 Points)
Saki Kashima: 2-4 (2 Points)
Natsu Sumire: 2-4 (4 Points)

Now that we have our final standings before the final show tomorrow, we see that our top 4 people that could still win this are Mayu Iwatani, Kelly Klein, Momo Watanabe, and Hazuki. We’re gonna break down the final card for tomorrow and see who has a real chance and how can it be done.

  • Mayu Iwatani vs. Momo Watanabe
  • Hazuki vs. Natsu Sumire
  • Kelly Klein vs. Nicole Savoy
  • Saki Kashima vs. Jamie Hayter

Here is how these four can win.

Mayu Iwatani: Defeat Momo Watanabe and Nicole Savoy defeats Kelly Klein.

Momo Watanabe: Defeat Mayu Iwatani and Nicole Savoy defeats Kelly Klein.

Kelly Klein: Defeat Nicole Savoy

Hazuki: Defeat Nicole Savoy, Momo Watanabe defeats Mayu Iwatani, and Nicole Savoy defeats Kelly Klein

If Momo and Hazuki do win their matches and Kelly loses, these two will be in a tie and it’ll be interesting to see who gets the final spot since they did tie it up in their outing, interesting direction if that’s the case.

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Joe’s CMLL Results & Review (9/17/2018)



CMLL Coverage
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CMLL Arena Puebla Show Monday

El Asturiano and Black Tiger vs Espiritu Maligno and Fuerza Chicana

Maligno and Asturiano start out the match exchanging arm drags. Maligno is bare foot so Asturiano while having him in a hold bites his feet. Not very hygienical. Tiger and Chicana make their way in trading holds. Tags are made briefly and they pick up the pace but Chicana and Tiger come back in soon after to continue the faster pace. Maligno misses a splash and Tiger gets him in a surfboard stretch for the submission, then Asturiano pins Chicana with a hurricanrana pin combo. First Fall: El Asturiano pins Fuerza Chicana with a hurricanrana.

Black Tiger hits a monkey flip on Maligno to start the round and then hits a pose. Asturiano and Chicana are in to follow. He ends up feigning a dive to the outside. Maligno and Chicana start to get heat on the other team by double teaming both guys when they get the chance. Malingo hits a baseball slide to Asturiano in the corner and then they get both of them in submissions. Some elaborate stretches. Second Fall: Espiritu Maligno submits El Asturiano with a submission hold.

Third round starts with Asturiano being double teamed. Maligno hits a drop kick on him sending him out bringing in Black Tiger to get doubled. All four are in the ring now exchanging chops. Maligno gets Asturiano in a Gory Guerrero special into a pinning combination for the pin. The Chicana gets Black Tiger in a single leg boston crab for the win. Third Fall: Fuerza Chicana submits Black Tiger with a single leg boston crab.

Winners: Espiritu Maligno and Fuerza Chicana

Oro Jr, Super Astro Jr, and Tigre Rojo Jr vs King Rocker Jr, El Malayo, and King Jaguar

King Jaguar and Oro Jr start off with some chain wrestling, exchanging holds. They meet a stale mate and King Rocker come in and continue to exchange holds and chain wrestle. Tigre Rojo and Malayo come in and pick up the pace. Malayo gets Rojo in the corner to get an advantage on him, but it doesn’t work out. Oro Jr and Rojo hit a combo neck breaker on Malayo. Super Astro hits him with a dive for a pin. Tigre Rojo gets King Jaguar in an arm bar for the first fall. First Fall: Tigre Rojo Jr submits King Jaguar with an arm bar.

King Rocker starts the second fall with Oro jr and Oro gets him to the outside and then hits a pose. Astro comes in there next with Malayo. Astro gets him to the outside and then feigns a dive and hits an elaborate pose. After that Rojo and Jaguar come in and he too gets Jaguar to the outside and feigns a dive. Finally Rocker and Malayo are working over Tigre Rojo. Once they dispose of him they start to triple team Astro Jr. Jaguar hits a big baseball slide dive on Astro. Oro Jr gets hit with a basement drop kick to the hit by King Rocker for the second fall. Second Fall: King Rocker pins Oro Jr with a basement drop kick.

Oro and Rocker start out in the third round. This becomes a triple team attack soon. It doesn’t last for long and Oro Jr, Astro, and Rojo go for dives but they get dodged and then it becomes a brawl. They exchange spots and go for pins that get broken up. Astro hits a top rope headbutt on Malayo and pins him. Oro hits a power slam on Rocker and then Tigre and him do a double team move where Rojo flips Oro onto Rocker for the pin. Third Fall: Oro pins Rocker while being flipped by Tigre Rojo.

Winners: Oro Jr, Super Astro Jr, and Tigre Rojo Jr

Guerrero Maya, Fuego, and Stigma vs El Sagrado, Misterioso, and Tiger

Interesting note, the Arena Puebla is called Temple of Pain in translation. They should do Lucha Underground out of here. Maya and Misterioso start out in the match, and as they exchange holds and perform some mat wrestling, I’d like to point out how hype Fuego’s entrance is. After they go to a stale mate Sagrado and Stigma come in. They don’t last long and Fuego and Tiger get in there and pick up the pace.

Tiger irish whips Fuego into his corner and this causes his teammates to come in and triple team Fuego for a moment. Fuego’s teammates come in to confront. Fuego makes a come back and gets Tiger to the outside and then a brawl breaks out on the outside. After that Maya starts to get triple teamed. Misterioso hits a weak drop kick bringing Maya to the outside then hits a pose, but Fuego rolls him up. First Fall: Fuego rolls up Misterioso.

The second round is started with Stigma getting triple teamed. After they dispose of Stigma to the outside, Maya comes in to try his hand but the numbers are too much. El Sagrado hits an elbow drop for the second fall. Second Fall: El Sagrado hits an elbow drop on Guerrero Maya for the pin.

Maya starts the fall getting triple teamed but made a come back by hitting everyone with a tilt-a-Whirl back breaker. After that Stigma and Fuego came and hit middle rope dives. They all start to exchange spots now, one at a time. Fuego hits his matrix bridge spot and then hits a dive. Stigma hits a big hurricanrana on Misterioso. Tiger and Stigma start to exchange chops.

Eventually Tiger hits a big power bomb. Fuego hits a big victory roll on Misterioso and the ref takes forever to go for the count and Sagrado breaks it up. Misterioso hits a reverse power slam and Fuego breaks up the pin and then he hits a big dive. Stigma hits a pinning combination on on Sagrado and Maya hits a spring board, shoulder block on Tiger for the win. Third Fall: Guerrero Maya hits a shoulder block on Tiger for the win.

Winners: Guerrero Maya, Fuego, and Stigma

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