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Mitchell’s WWE Mixed Match Challenge Report! (4/3/18)

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  • The Miz & Asuka VS Bobby Roode & Charlotte Flair; Miz & Asuka win, granting $100,000 to Rescue Dogs Rock.


The Mixed Match Challenge finishes tonight!

the last Mixed Match Challenge brackets!

Team #AWESKA made it through the positively FABULOUS Big E & Carmella, the #DemonBossClub of Finn Balor & Sasha Banks, and even The Monster & The Goddess, Braun Strowman & Alexa Bliss. Meanwhile, the #RobeWarriors overcame the irresistible brand of Apollo & Nia Jax, Mr. & Mrs. MACHKA, Rusev & Lana, and even #DemonBossClub, too. These last two teams now square off for the grand prize of $100,000 for their charities! Who will be the winners of the inaugural Mixed Match Challenge?


The Miz & Asuka VS Bobby Roode & Charlotte Flair!

The Intercontinental Champion and Empress of Tomorrow fight for Rescue Dogs Rock, while the GLORIOUS One and the SmackDown Women’s Champion fight for #GirlUp! Plus, everyone has a Wrestlemania match coming this Sunday, in which the Empress and the Queen will meet for said Women’s Championship. Will the Streak live or die with money on the line?

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Miz talks it over with Asuka, and he begs to start. She allows it, so Miz and Roode start off in a first-time-ever encounter. Roode says what’s really awesome is his… GLORIOUS Pose! But Miz puts his hand up, and expects mouths to go shut. Fans like both equally. Roode gives another GLORIOUS, so Miz gives an AWESOME, and Charlotte adds a “WOO~!” Roode gives his own “WOO”, but Asuka says to get serious because in the end, there’s “MY STREAK!” Miz calms Asuka down, but turns around to take a chop! Roode chops again, and then Charlotte gets a chop!

Roode kicks, but Miz denies the DDT and gets away to his corner. Asuka reaches out her hand, it’s her turn. The fans want to see it. Miz stands up and points to Asuka and the fans fire up. He tags her in! The Empress and the Queen, an appetizer for their Wrestlemania match. They circle, “WOO~!”, but fans also chant for Asuka. They tie up, Charlotte brings Asuka down but Asuka’s back up. Asuka throws Charlotte in return but Charlotte gets back up. They bring each other down and out of the ring, then break. The referee counts but they stare. They both reenter the ring, and Miz tags back in. Asuka is a bit surprised and upset, but she still exits. Roode rushes in and rolls Miz up! TWO, but Roode backslides, TWO.

Roode gets the headlock but Miz powers out, only for Roode to run him over. Roode keeps moving, blocks the hip toss to give a hip toss. Cover, TWO. Roode keeps on Miz with an arm wrench and whip but MIz reverses. Miz throws Roode out to the apron but Roode stays on to grab Miz’s head. Miz slips down, and sweeps the legs! Roode crashes to apron and then the floor, and Asuka feels better about this. Charlotte grows worried for Roode, but Miz is upon him. They both reenter the ring, Miz goes after Roode’s leg with knees and a leg DDT! He keeps going with a knee wrench, and Roode endures. Roode fights back with right hands, but Miz boots him back down.

Miz taunts Charlotte as he grabs Roode’s leg, because the Nature Boy did pass a certain move down to him in the past. Roode gets to ropes to deny that move, but Miz stomps away on him. Miz backs off to further taunt Charlotte with the Flair strut! Miz runs at Roode, but into Roode’s lariat! Both men are down, and both women are ready as the fans rally. ROode and Miz crawl, hot tags to Charlotte and Asuka! Asuka rallies with kicks to the leg, then kicks to the chest! Asuka runs, for the hip attack!

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Cover, TWO! But Asuka is still fired up as she runs again. Charlotte catches that hip attack, but Asuka rolls through, TWO! Charlotte chops! And chops! And Asuka blocks, but Charlotte gets her in a high-angle back suplex! Charlotte positions Asuka, then climbs up top, MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! But Charlotte wont’ stop there! She goes for the Figure Four but Asuka kicks her way out. Miz “WOO~” at Charlotte, so Charlotte swings at him. Asuka rolls Charlotte up, TWO! Charlotte blocks the buzzsaw but not that heel kick, yet she still hits her own boot! Both women go down, and now they crawl for their corners. Hot tags to Roode and Miz!

Roode rallies, whips, but Miz reverses, only for Roode to run him over. Miz gets to a corner, Roode hits a corner clothesline and then neckbreaker. Roode gets to a corner and climbs up, Miz stands up, flying clothesline! Roode winds it up, GLORIOUS Pose! But Miz denies the DDT to go for the Finale, only for Roode to slip out and roll him up! TWO! A boot from Miz knocks Roode down! Miz catches his breath, then starts up the “It Kicks”! He kicks and kicks and kicks, then prepares the buzzsaw, but Roode ducks and yurinagi slams! TWO!! Miz keeps Asuka’s streak alive but she’s not there for a tag. Roode suplexes but Miz slips out. Miz tries but Roode denies the Finale, so Miz kicks low for the low DDT. Cover, TWO!

Charlotte is at her corner, calling for Roode, but Miz sneers at her as he stands up. Miz grabs Roode’s leg, and just as he planned earlier, he goes for the Figure Four! Roode shoves him off, then jumps over Miz for the sunset flip, but Miz rolls through. Miz gets the legs again, and spins for a Figure Four, but Roode small package counters! TWO, but into a shinbreaker, and then another leg hold. Charlotte comes in and SPEARS Miz! She puts Miz in HER Figure Four! But this submission won’t count! Asuka slides in for the kick on Charlotte! Asuka and Charlotte slide out of the ring, Roode SPINEBUSTERS Miz! Cover, TWO!! The Streak almost died right there! Roode fires himself up, winds it up, and GLORIOUS, but Asuka roundhouses Roode! She even takes Charlotte out again, while Miz hits the Skull-Crushing Finale!! Cover, Miz & Asuka win!!

Winners: Miz & Asuka, Miz pinning.

The Intercontinental Champion and Empress are victorious! The Streak lives as they earn $100,000 for Rescue Dogs Rock in this inaugural Mixed Match Challenge!

In-ring interview with Team #AWESKA!

Congratulations are in order for this, “it’s for the puppies”! Miz gets real, this entire week has been the best week of his life. From the birth of his daughter to tonight’s major money donation, it’s no surprise the “Most Must-See Tag Team” went undefeated here. But don’t forget this was all about the charities. Every team fought for charities that are worthwhile causes. From Connor’s Cure to Girl Up to the Boys & Girls Club of America, they’re all great, but Miz & Asuka were just that determined to win for Rescue Dogs Rock. Miz says the real winners are Rescue Dogs Rock and those they will help. This momentum will help The MIz defend his title at Wrestlemania, and help Asuka become the NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion! Just like Rescue Dogs Rock, they are… AWESKA!

The inaugural Mixed Match Challenge is in the books! $100,000 goes to Rescue Dogs Rock, the other charities all get a consolation of $1000, the real winners are those each and every one of these charities will help with that money. Will the MMC return next year? Who will participate? And who will those star-studded teams represent?

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