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Outside Interference with Greg DeMarco & Patrick O’Dowd: WWE Shakes Things Up!



Greg DeMarco & Patrick O’Dowd are joined by The Chairshot’s Sarah Hirsch to discuss the results of the 2018 WWE Superstar Shake Up!

  • Is the Shake Up what you expected?
  • What move did you want to see, but didn’t?
  • Which move surprised you the most?
  • Should we change how the Shake Up is done by WWE?
  • What will be the biggest result of the Shake Up?

Plus Patrick O’Dowd is ready to crown an new WWE Universal Champion!

Outside Interference WWE

It’s the Best 55 Minutes In Wrestling as Greg & Patrick continue their mission: helping you enjoy wrestling more!

Outside Interference is presented live every Tuesday and is available anytime, all the time, on-demand at

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