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Shinsuke Nakamura Is The Next Great WWE Heel



Shinsuke Nakamura Character

Shinsuke Nakamura shocked the world when he turned on WWE champion AJ Styles at WrestleMania 34. The King of Strong Style bowed out of respect to AJ after their match, only to deliver a low-blow to The Phenomenal One as the crowd gasped in disbelief.

Nakamura struck again on the following episode of SmackDown live, leaving Styles flat on his back. As fans try to understand Nakamura’s motives, it’s obvious that there are more questions than answers. It’s also obvious that Nakamura can become the hottest heel in Vince McMahon’s company.

Who saw this coming? From the moment that Shinsuke debuted on the main roster, he’s been a wildly popular Superstar. Fans all over the world accepted him and loved him unconditionally. He didn’t need to win every match and he didn’t need to be perfect. All he had to do was show up and it was more than enough.

Just his presence alone did wonders for WWE. He was different, he was unique and he was eccentric. No one looked like Nakamura, no one sounded like him and no one worked like him. He was a one-of-a-kind talent and the WWE faithful knew it.

Nakamura was regarded as one of the best in the world long before he stepped into a WWE ring. New Japan fans witnessed his rise to prominence and they recognized his ability to master his environment. Nakamura chewed the scenery every time he was on camera and it was indeed impossible to ignore him. His supporters knew that if he ever went to WWE, he would flourish. There was just no way around it.

Nakamura is just so good. He understands what the business is, just as he understands his place in it. He never held anything back and that was why he had success in Japan. But when he arrived in WWE, his work was stifled from the start.

He still looked the part but something was missing. In WWE’s efforts to rebuild him as a Superstar, Nakamura seemed to lose a step. He was a bit too animated at times and perhaps even a bit too theatrical. The same traits that facilitated his explosion in New Japan were the very ones that sent him over the edge of believability in WWE.

Fans loved watching him but they didn’t understand who he was. There was no real connection and it seemed as though Nakamura would just continue to shimmy his way through a company that insisted on cramping his style. Nakamura was no longer The King of Strong Style and that was the real problem. But now the king is back on the throne.

This is the Nakamura that WWE needed. He could not come in as a heel because he would not be taken seriously. He was just too entertaining and fans would ultimately turn him babyface eventually. But now that he’s wearing the black hat, Nakamura can be as nasty as he wants to be and fans will hate him for it.

His odd behavior was fun before. But now it’s disturbing. His swagger was alluring but now it’s revolting. Nakamura managed to take the same character and twist it ever so slightly, to the point that now he’s hated. All he had to do was lay hands on AJ Styles.

Fans respected Nakamura for his accomplishments outside of WWE, but they loved Styles for his. AJ was the standard bearer for a company that didn’t deserve his level of talent. He could have left TNA any time he wanted and surely made more money elsewhere. But he continued to be the big fish in a small pond. He stayed and was determined to make it work.

When he jumped to New Japan, he proved to the world just how good he was. It’s not as though he suddenly became phenomenal in Japan; he was phenomenal in the states as well. But he used New Japan as a showcase for everything he had learned about the wrestling business. New Japan was a WWE audition for Styles whether anyone knew it or not.

Fans instantly gravitated to Styles when he came to WWE and they’re still with him now. That’s why the massive WrestleMania crowd booed Shinsuke after the attack. That’s why the SmackDown Live crowd did the same thing after the second attack. A Nakamura heel turn would likely not have worked against anyone else but AJ Styles. Now Nakamura has the whole world at his feet.

Shinsuke has the opportunity to shine like he never has before. His heel persona is extremely vicious in the ring and that’s what WWE needs him to do right now. Fans must believe that he has the potential to get in the ring with any Superstar and end that man’s career. He was cold-blooded in New Japan. He must be ice in WWE.

Nakamura cannot possess any redeeming qualities if he is to get over as a heel. Fans must hate him from the moment the opening bell rings and they must hate him even more by the time the last bell rings. He can be exactly the kind of antagonist that WWE needs right now but he must do it his way.

So the next time Shinsuke Nakamura’s music hits, fans need to boo. He must saunter down to the ring with the bizarre machismo that once made him popular and fans must curse him for it. Nakamura will stare daggers every time he looks at the crowd and they will believe he’s capable of anything in the ring. This is the villain that can take WWE by storm and he’s just getting warm.



The Good, Bad and Ugly: WWE NXT Takeover War Games 2018 Post-Show

Do you agree with Bobby on the show?



Aleister Black WWE NXT Takeover War Games
Bobby Fernandes checks in with his Good, Bad, and Ugly review of WWE NXT Takeover War Games!

NXT Takeover WarGames II in Los Angeles California has a lot Good, in fact was a clean sweep in my Pre-show article.  However did it deliver?


Matt Riddle vs. Kassius Ohno

The “King of Bros” knocked out a tough, reputable guy.  Kassius Ohno just put him over more than he already which was a feat in itself.  I am greatly hoping we see some Lars Sullivan vs Riddle in the future.  We won’t be seeing a KO there.  All in all Good way to get the crowd going to start the show and not interfere with the pace and plans already made.

NXT Women’s Championship 2-Out-Of-3 Falls Match
Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Kairi Sane

The match at Evolution was fantastic.  Although I don’t see much bad in any of their respective work.  I love that they are going out early.  I knew this was going to be good, and it meant that the rest of the card would have to deliver after these two were done.  Fireworks from the beginning, The Pirate Princess went ape shit!  Strikes, flying around, and pulling out all the stops, the crowd showed their appreciation.

It was a bit ruined by the outside interference and a cheap first fall for Baszler.  However I do love when the wrestlers play their roles well and Shayna Baszler and her crew are pure heels.  I loved the single leg Boston Crab and the sick stomp from Baszler.  She is brutal.  So many submissions, and torture.  She is just such a bad guy (girl).  This was just so physical the whole time.  So many high risk!  I loved watching this.  Even the action on the outside was fun to watch!  They with a blink of an eye, looking like it was over Shayna Baszler escapes with the victory and retains the NXT Women’s Championship!  Wow!  One hell of a match!

Aleister Black vs. Johnny Gargano

Johnny Wrestling is a hell of an athlete, and puts it all out there.  Aleister Black’s future is sky’s the limit, so unquestionably this match had the makings of gold.  Black’s kicks are insane and overall they beat the living hell out of each other.  I loved the technical wrestling effort from Gargano it brought some heavy contrast to an otherwise strike heavy fight.  Bump after bump, move after move they just kept outdoing themselves and the crowd eating it up!  Two Black Masses, Aleister Black Wins!  I really think once Aleister Black goes to the WWE Roster we will see some huge things for him, he is in a position to be like a new Undertaker type character and the talent around him can definitely benefit from him being there! Great match!

NXT Championship Match
Tommaso Ciampa (c) vs. Velveteen Dream

You are not dreaming, the Velveteen Dream is OVA!  This match has the It Factor, with both competitors bringing top notch talent.  A real and true championship match was had.  The disrespect, and taunting from both sides, and the constant reactions were good.  They told the right story.  The pace was perfect, letting things click and sink in.  As always we heard legit gasp from the crowd, and we were pulled in.

I enjoyed the Hollywood Hulk Hogan markouts by Dream as well.  We saw a lot, and this most certainly delivered as a Championship Match, which requires a certain level.  All of the close falls, and false hopes were spot on and not a dull moment in the match. Sick DDT Between the double ring, Tommaso Ciampa retains!

War Games Match
Ricochet, Pete Dunne & The War Raiders vs. Undisputed Era

Holy Damn!  This was a crazy match!  Undisputed Era knows this battleground already and somehow survived the First time.  Now they will have to beat even better talent, even more brutal opponents.  A guy that defies gravity, a true brut and a couple of Vikings.  The odds are against them big time.  This didn’t mean a thing however as The Undisputed Era are just about as good as it gets.  The highest of levels on NXT.  Part of me really hopes they stay in NXT so that WWE cannot even try to ruin them.

Ricochet and Adam Cole started off proper.  Again highest calibers of talent.  The pace was steady, and we saw some big moves.  Adam Cole wore his opponent out, and kept him grounded.  Hansen brought the house down and went ballistic defying what a big guy can do.  This was far from boring.  Roderick Strong is just incredible.  Undisputed seemed to be in full control.  The Rowe Powerbomb Powerslam was unbelievable, I could have watched that all day.  This changed everything for a bit resulting in a complete beatdown on Adam Cole.

Things change again, Bobby Fish with a true heel move locks Pete Dunne in the cage and brings chairs into the match, destroying everyone in the ring.  Once Pete Dunne got free, the match blew up.  Complete Chaos, Wargames set off!  Back and forth no one really was ahead, then out of nowhere, a giant suplex-powerbomb was like a reset button knocking everyone out, except Ricochet.  He decides to  freakshow out and double backflip onto the pile leading to an epic standoff with straight fighting, more highspots and finish worthy exchanges.  WarRaiders, Ricochet and Pete Dunne Win!

THE BAD and THE UGLY – N/A (Get outta here!)

Pretty awesome event overall!  Great surprises, big spots, and clean action!  What a night!  Survivor Series and WWE’s Main Roster has their work cut out for them, however it’s hard to tell if the big guys even care.  I don’t think so or else the quality would be higher.  NXT is just special and it doesn’t look like that is changing anytime soon!  Thank you for watching, reading and supporting this awesome community!  Please comment and share!

Do you agree with Bobby’s assessment of WWE NXT Takeover War Games?

Let us know on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

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Who Wins The Daniel Bryan vs. Brock Lesnar Match At WWE Survivor Series?

Can Daniel Bryan actually get the win over Brock Lesnar?



Image Credit:
Daniel Bryan is on his way to the biggest war of his WWE career when he faces Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series on November 18. Bryan recently turned heel on SmackDown Live, where he defeated AJ Styles for the WWE Championship and now fans are speculating as to what will happen next.

But what does happen next? No one expected Daniel to turn, at least not in that fashion. He and Styles had chemistry and that chemistry could have led to a rivalry between the two. Daniel and AJ had plenty of stories left to tell and perhaps they will do just that. However, to make such a sudden departure from Bryan’s character and then thrust him into the ring with Lesnar seems like somewhat of a desperate move.

Is that really the case? Maybe it’s true that WWE didn’t want to book Styles to lose yet again to Lesnar. But couldn’t the match have ended with a Lesnar disqualification or perhaps even a double count-out? That finish would have protected AJ while keeping Brock looking strong as well.

But changing direction just one week after Styles celebrated one year as WWE champion is a curious move indeed. AJ was showing no real fatigue as WWE champion. He still looks sharp in the ring and he’s always on his game. Perhaps the company felt that AJ had beaten everyone he was supposed to beat and now the time was right to do something different. If that’s the case, then what better man to wear the title than Daniel Bryan?

From a pro wrestling standpoint, it was a great move. Daniel can work with anyone and can get anyone over. He’s so versatile that he can step into the ring against cruiserweights, heavyweights and super heavyweights. To Daniel Bryan, each match is another opportunity to tell a story and as a professional, he surely feels he can tell a story with anyone. That has to include Brock Lesnar.

This is the dream match that WWE fans wanted when Bryan was red-hot in 2014. He was so energetic, so full of life and so intense in the ring that he seemed like a great fit for Lesnar. Of all the men that had faced Brock to that point, Bryan would perhaps give him his greatest test because he was so different. 

Daniel’s top speed is faster than the fastest of his peers. Bryan is able to flip the switch and go flying around the ring whenever he needs to and when he does, controlled chaos ensues. It may appear as though he could fall apart at any moment. But the fact is, all of his movements are organized and none of them are wasted.

But Daniel is not just charismatic and frenzied between the ropes, he also happens to be highly skilled as well. Bryan can match anyone one the roster move for move and that is a major plus for him as a trusted in-ring talent. The company knows what it has with Daniel Bryan and that’s precisely why he’s the WWE champion right now. He’s trusted to deliver and he does that every night.

So no, Brock Lesnar has never faced anyone quite like Daniel Bryan before. Yes, most fans likely believe Daniel doesn’t stand a chance against The Beast Incarnate. That opinion does pose a very interesting question however and one that many fans are currently debating online. Who goes over in this match?

Assuming Brock continues on his seek and destroy mission, then fans can expect to see Daniel flat on his back at the end of their match at Survivor Series. Lesnar just doesn’t lose all that often. He wins so much in fact that he’s usually the favorite going into every match he works. Why would that change because he’s facing Daniel Bryan?

But the fact is Daniel just turned heel, which means he has a sudden burst of momentum. The new WWE Championship around his waist is an extra boost as well of course, which means he has a chance against Lesnar. This cannot be and shouldn’t be, a squash match. This is a tale of WWE’s two top champions going to war in the middle of the ring. If it ends in five minutes or less due to “Brock smash,” then what was the point?

However it’s actually Bryan’s heel turn that is part of the issue here. If Daniel had won the title cleanly from AJ and headed into November 18 as a babyface, then there would be no problem. Brock could win or even lose and the outcome would likely not affect Bryan either way. He would go back to the blue brand with bragging rights because he either outlasted Brock to get the win, or he went the distance and was still on his feet.

But now that Bryan is a heel, everything is different. What good comes from Brock Lesnar, who is also a heel, destroying the new heel champion that is now directly in the spotlight? Daniel does indeed have momentum and he can become the most hated Superstar on SmackDown Live. But if he takes a beating from the beginning, then how could anyone take him seriously?

By the same token, if Daniel were to defeat Lesnar, then WWE’s primary main event draw goes down to a man much smaller than him. Is it possible that Vince McMahon, or anyone around him, would actually consider allowing that to happen? It’s not a question of whether or not Daniel should go over. It’s a matter of WWE’s past history of booking Brock Lesnar as the most unstoppable force on the roster. 

No matter what happens, the truth is that Daniel Bryan is back on top and so is Brock Lesnar. Perhaps this is just a throwaway match, with no lasting implications for either man. Or maybe there’s more going on than fans know about. WWE seems intent on keeping the audience guessing. For the majority of pro wrestling fans, that is definitely a good thing.

Will Sunday’s champion vs champion clash mean anything? Let us know on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

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