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SmarkSpot: Superstar Shakeup Review



What do we talk about here on the SmarkSpot Podcast? Beer, beards, getting weird, pro wrestling, and, of course, POSITIVITY! There’s not enough of it in the world of professional wrestling. We are here as the Kings of Periscope / Podcast of Positivity bring you to the light! Josh and Leo go over WWE’s most recent #SuperStarShakeup, go over #RAW, #SDLive, #205Live, and #NXT to see what has changed in the landscape of the rosters. Join in the discussion on #Periscope Live every Thursday night around 10PM EST as they break down the walls of the internet trolls and basement bros. Grab some beers, grow some beards, and let’s get weird! Cheers!

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Smarkspot Podcast WWE Raw Smackdown

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