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WWE Backlash 2018 – Official Trailer (Regency Wrestling Universe Ep 54)



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WWE Backlash 2018 – May 5, 2018 on
– Ryan Blade vs. CM Punk for the Regency World Championship
– Aleister Black vs. Jay Lethal for the Regency Television Championship
– Brock Lesnar vs. Cedric Alexander for the Regency Intercontinental Championship
– The Shield (Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins) vs. The Undisputed Era (Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish) for the Regency Tag Team Championships

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Regency Wrestling Universe is a cinematic professional wrestling show that follows the Regency Wrestling promotion and its rise to becoming the biggest promotion in the world. Follow your favorite Regency Wrestling stars as they face off against each other as well as members from opposing promotions. This is your new favorite wrestling show. This is the Regency Wrestling Universe.

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Fire Pro Wrestling World PS4 Movie | The King Returns



While considering retirement, Kenny Omega is forced to defend his IWGP Heavyweight Championship against an opponent hand-chosen by NJPW President, The Miz. AJ Styles and Finn Balor defend their IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships against Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa of the Firing Squad.

Directed by Ryan Blade
Featuring Robert Martyr as Aaron Robbson
Produced by Ryan Blade
Roster: Kenny Omega, Shinsuke Nakamura, AJ Styles, Finn Balor, Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa and Roman Reigns
Story by Ryan Blade
Blade Studios presents The King Returns

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What is the Blade Universe?
– Blade Universe is a cinematic professional wrestling media franchise that is produced by Blade Studios. Using Fire Pro Wrestling World PS4, watch the Blade Universe expand as the world of pro wrestling attempts to rebuild after the rise of New Japan Pro Wrestling as well as the demise of WWE and Regency Wrestling.

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RING RIFFS: THAT Jackie Gayda Match



Welcome to Ring Riffs! Where we take the absolute worst of professional wrestling and wrap it up in a neat little episodic package for your entertainment…and my own sense of masochism.

Ring Riffs is my video love letter to everything absolutely horrid about professional wrestling. We are all aware that, like any form of entertainment, there is the best of wrestling and the worst of it. We nerd-rage over matches and moments that are beneath our expectations of what wrestling should be – but over time, those terrible moments become inside jokes and memes for us to point and laugh at, wondering exactly what life-altering drugs were ingested by those who believed their ideas would get over with the wrestling fanbase.

So here we are, and here I am, ready to exploit the bottom of the barrel when it comes to wrestling matches. There is an entire galaxy of terrible matches for your entertainment…and for my punishment for the evil things I have done in my life.

Episode #10 reviews one of my favorite matches of all time…prepare yourself for the awe-inspiring classic of, yes – THAT Jackie Gayda Match from Monday Night Raw in 2002. Oh, sweet, sweet joy!

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***WARNING***If you are easily offended by words, or if you are generally a good parent who doesn’t want their children exposed to potty-mouthed anger, viewer discretion is advised.

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Love Wrestling. Love Life. Love Each Other.

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