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Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley Make a Monstrous Team in WWE



Braun Strowman Bobby Lashley
Credit: WWE/YouTube

Braun Strowman has found an ally in Bobby Lashley. The two men have unofficially become a tag team in WWE and while it may or may not be a temporary alliance, it’s obvious that they do match up extremely well together.

Finally Strowman has a partner he can trust and more importantly, he has one that carries his share of the load. The Monster Among Men has been nothing short of a phenom in Vince McMahon’s company and he’s never really been the type of guy that’s ever had to reach out to anyone for any kind of help. Strowman is ordinarily a one-man war machine.

But that had everything to do with the roster of Raw Superstars around him. Big Show stepped out of the spotlight. Kane entered politics. Brock Lesnar works alone. In terms of size and strength, no one was really ever capable of standing toe-to-toe with Braun, much less teaming with him. Of course that is no longer the case now.

Lashley is the perfect compliment to Strowman. He’s big, he’s strong and he’s rock solid. More importantly, he’s a veteran. Strowman’s education in WWE came from Luke Harper, Big Show and Kane. Each one is also a vet and each one instructed Strowman on the ways of the big man. Now Lashley can be part of Strowman’s continuing education.

One of the key elements of this new partnership is Lashley himself. Though he cut his teeth in WWE, he is now a clean slate. He has no recent history to draw from, no soured alliances to exploit. He hasn’t let anyone down in the company recently because he hasn’t been around.

There’s nothing flashy about Bobby. He’s not loud, he’s not arrogant and he’s not overconfident. He has no agenda and there’s no reason for him to betray anyone. The only thing Lashley wants is to compete and every time he does, he makes an impact. He is the real deal.

That is exactly the kind of character that Strowman would want at his side. Braun has had nothing but contempt for everyone around him and that includes both heels and babyfaces. No one has really been on his level and Strowman knew it. He had no respect for anyone because they just could not measure up to him. Fans have seen this before.

The first real allies Stone Cold Steve Austin found in WWE were The APA. Bradshaw and Farooq were two tough guys that only wanted to fight and The Texas Rattlesnake appreciated that. He knew he could trust them when he ordinarily never trusted anyone. This is the dynamic that’s playing out between Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley.

Braun could not remain on his own forever. He’s still wildly popular with the fans and he’s still over but now he has a new layer to his character. Fans now see Strowman as a guy who can play well with others, as long as there is a mutual understanding involved. Braun shows up, wreaks havoc and destroys everything in his path. Lashley is more than happy to join in the fun.

If this team continues, they could become the most dominant duo in WWE. No team on Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live would be able to touch them. They could have great wars with The Authors of Pain, The Bludgeon Brothers, The Bar, or any other team that decided to try them. Strowman and Lashley would be Monster Inc and no one could hope to slow them down.

But while Braun has gained a new partner, he has also gained a new opponent. Much like The Undertaker before him, Strowman’s biggest challenge thus far has been finding opponents that can hang with him in the ring. WWE developed new adversaries for Taker with Mankind and Kane. Now Lashley can be the newest threat to topple The Monster Among Men.

The same elements that make them a good team would also make them good enemies. They do have much in common and they are both massively strong Superstars. But Lashley has already been down the road that Strowman is now traveling. Bobby has seen it all. Mentally he would have an advantage over Braun because of the experience factor.

It would be a natural rivalry, just as natural as their partnership. Lashley would be perhaps the most important test for Strowman because he is still in such phenomenal shape. Big Show and Kane are both past their primes but Lashley has perhaps not even reached his yet. It would definitely be a war for the ages. If that war included the Universal Championship, it could become the biggest feud in WWE.

WWE has invested a lot in Braun Strowman. He is a major star in the company and he’s in it for the long haul. If he is to continue to improve, then he must continue to grow. Part of that growth includes placing guys around him that can both help him and benefit from working with him as well. This is where Bobby Lashley comes in.

No one knows how long WWE will keep these two men together. But everyone knows that the potential for great moments and highly entertaining matches is definitely there. Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley are each finding their way in WWE and now they can find it together.

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Who You Got? The Chairshot Picks: WWE Extreme Rules 2018



WWE Extreme Rules
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Well now that things are dual branded, it’s kind of nice to not have to worry about a WWE PPV every 3 weeks.

Regardless, this really doesn’t feel like anything more than a speed bump until SummerSlam. Kurt Angle told us that the matches between The Revival and Lashley & Reigns were meaningless. Team Hell No feels like a nostalgia pop. Brock Lesnar wouldn’t even show up to this, but showed up to UFC.  Then there’s Nia Jax against Alexa Bliss that no one wants, and we’re just biding time til Ronda’s suspension is over.

I’m just happy we have a picks game to keep me invested. Speaking of which, here’s the standings:

DPP keeps his lead, but we did see some movement beyond the top 3. Steve Cook was a big mover, poised to crack the top 3 after Extreme Rules.

We also have a crew of new participants, who are likely to join the overall rankings after SummerSlam:

Can Francesca, Sarah, and Tiffany keep their momentum going?

After this rousing summation of some plot points; who else is excited?! Whatever, let’s just get this over with so I can go back to watching New Japan.

Tables Match: The New Day vs SAnitY

Not really a lot to discuss here. SAnitY has been injecting themselves into different situations since finally debuting on the main roster a few weeks ago. And it just happens to line up nicely that both teams have 3 members and a heel/face dynamic. Seriously, I don’t see any other reason beyond “Hey, let’s have the trios fight”. But at least the match should be entertaining, so there’s that.

Weigell: SAnitY
Rey: SAnitY
Mathew: SAnitY
McLeod: SAnitY
Denise: SAnitY
Mitchell: SAnitY
Francesca: SAnitY
Eric: SAnitY
Levin: SAnitY
Tiffany: SAnitY
Korey: SAnitY
Jimi: SAnitY
Cook: SAnitY
Sarah: SAnitY
Josh: SAnitY
Rob: SAnitY
Patrick: SAnitY
Big Dave: SAnitY
Kristin: SAnitY
PC: New Day
Platt: SAnitY
Big Rick: SAnitY
Harry: SAnitY
Tony: SAnitY
Andrew: SAnitY
Greg: SAnitY

Official Chairshot Pick – SAnitY 26 – 1

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Is WWE Ruining Bayley And Sasha Banks’ Careers?



WWE has done it again.

After one of the more shocking moments on Monday Night Raw in some time, with Bayley seemingly turning heel on her BFF Sasha Banks, the current angle between the two female stars has become as stale as two-day-old bread. The current storyline of anger management for each woman has taken their roles in the women’s division and turned them upside down.

Shame on you, WWE. Bayley and Banks are two of the more marketable stars on the current company roster and have been relegated to a comedic angle that isn’t working. Neither performer is Daniel Bryan or Kane and the nonsense of watching them talk about their feelings has made me and millions of fans feeling a bit bitter, ourselves.

As the old campaign slogan goes, “Know when to say when.”

Corey Graves made a comment on Monday night that these wrestlers should settle their differences in the ring rather than some doctor’s office. Whether it was part of the angle or how the Raw commentator really feels, he is spot on in his assessment. When Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage had a falling out, they battled over the WWF Title. When the Four Horseman dissolved, they settled their differences in the ring. Even Tommy Rich and Buzz Sawyer chased each other all over the south while the feuded in the early 1980s.

Why is this any different?

WWE has gotten too cute with its delivery of sports entertainment. The Kane-Bryan angle worked because of their chemistry. They both were charismatic enough to get over with the fans. I’m not saying either of the women involved in this angle lack charisma. What I am saying is their history dictates a match to settle this once and for all.

Banks got over quickly once she moved to the main roster. Bayley is still not there, yet. If she were, her title run would have been longer and she would have gotten more of a push. Other wrestlers have passed her by. Banks has been to the mountaintop and still should be a top draw. WWE has failed to book her properly. What we have here is a failure to realize the potential in this feud that has finally reached its boiling point.

Unless WWE can create some type of Lita-Trish Stratus match resulting from this angle, then get rid of it now or make sure there is a program to settle this at SummerSlam next month. What started out as one of the better storylines of the year has now become an inside joke in the business. It has done nothing to help either wrestler and may have set them back a few years of progress.

If WWE kept the angle fresh with Bayley’s heel turn, I could see this storyline surviving through the course of the summer. Now, it’s as cold as old man winter and needs help finding its way back to where it once began. Either way, it’s a segment that should be swept away and started over.


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Has Daniel Bryan Lost His Magic?



Daniel Bryan on SDLive

When it was announced back in March that WWE was clearing Daniel Bryan for in-ring competition, the IWC rejoiced. FINALLY, their hero had overcome WWE’s unreasonable insistence that a man who, by his OWN admission, was having seizures because of concussions probably shouldn’t be wrestling, where shots to the head are unavoidable. Expectations have been high for the return of the Underdog, but after three months, why does it feel like what made Daniel Bryan so cheerable is missing?

Hear me out. He still gets a great pop and the crowds still do the ‘Yes!’ chants with gusto, but it feels like WWE is trying to reset the clock to where Bryan left off in 2014, just without the WWE Title and it’s just…not working.

Why is that? Well, for one thing, a lot has changed in WWE since the Miracle on Bourbon Street. A lot of the older stars have gone part time or left altogether. The young stars from NXT have pretty much taken over the roster, something that was just starting in 2014.

Another thing has been his role on Total Divas/Bellas. Whether you like the show or loathe it and/or the people on it, TD/TB has elevated the Bellas and the Women’s Division, giving people who want to believe that the Women of WWE don’t work as hard as the guys a real wake up call. It also showed that Bryan is something of a WWE insider. John Cena is his maybe brother-in-law and his stepfather-in-law is John Laurinaitis. It kind of kills the ‘he’s an outsider fighting against the system’ storyline.

To their immense credit, WWE has really tried to recapture what made Bryan such a success in 2014, while not throwing a wrench into their plans for the WWE title. They immediately put him in a tag match at WrestleMania with Shane McMahon against Owens and Zayn, who seemed torn between being legit thrilled at the honor and terrified of killing their careers by accidentally putting Bryan back into retirement. They put him in a feud with Big Cass, who seemed to be Miz’s hired gun, though we’ll never find out due to Cass being fired a few weeks ago. Two weeks ago, they did a Team Hell No reunion and have put Kane and Bryan in a Tag Title Match against the Bludgeon Brothers at Extreme Rules despite having several good tag teams, including The Bar, on the roster.

While this is great for Bryan fans, if you’re not a Bryan fan, or not a rabid one, it feels like WWE and Bryan are trying too hard to reset the clocks to 2014. Part of the reason might be the rumor that Bryan hasn’t re-signed with WWE and officials are trying to wrap up his storylines in case he does leave.

I’m not saying that Bryan’s run has been a total flop, but it does feel like what made him so easy to cheer for isn’t there this time and it feels like he and WWE are trying too hard to recapture it rather than adapting Bryan’s gimmick to what’s going on in 2018 and accepting that what made him such a favorite in 2014 isn’t translating as well in 2018 instead of trying to shoehorn it in.

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