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Chairshot Classics: WWF SummerSlam ’91



Match #1: Power & Glory (Hercules & Paul Roma) & The Warlord w/Slick vs. Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat, ‘The Texas Tornado’ Kerry Von Erich & The British Bulldog
The Dragon will kickoff the action with Roma, they lock-up to a stalemate, Roma strikes first with a kick, then a slam, following with a dropkick. He climbs to the 2nd rope, Steamboat pulls him off with an armdrag, hangs on with a wristlock, Roma backs him into the corner and lands rights to break it. Irish whip across, Roma charges in, Dragon side-steps it and hits another arm drag, then a dropkick of his own. He snapmares Roma over, Roma slides to his corner and tags out, Hercules rushing in and getting flung with multiple arm drags.

Steamboat brings The Tornado in, he exchanges wristlocks with Herc, The Mighty One goes to the eyes and attempts to ram Tornado head-first into the top turnbuckle, but it’s blocked. Hercules meets the turnbuckle numerous times instead, Tornado climbing to the 2nd rope and delivering a flurry of right hands. He gains control with another wristlock, Herc back to the eyes and Warlord gets the tag as Bulldog comes in on the other side. Davey Boy hits the ropes and collides shoulders with Warlord, hits the ropes again, ducks a shot and staggers the big man with a clothesline, back to the ropes for another to drop him.

The Bulldog plants Warlord with a delayed vertical suplex, covers for a count of 2 and tags out, The Dragon coming in from the top with an overhand chop. He serves more chops in the corner, The Warlord reverses a whip across, Steamboat jumps to the 2nd rope, then over a charging Warlord. The Dragon with a monkey flip attempt, Warlord hangs onto the ropes to avoid it, makes a tag and Roma jumps off the top with a fist to the ribcage. He levels Steamboat with a clothesline and has some words with Tornado on the apron, Hercules with a cheap shot and Roma looks to follow with a slam.

Steamboat slips out, pushes into the ropes and gains a roll-up, Herc hits the ring to stop the count and distract the official, Warlord stepping in and flattening Dragon with a clothesline. Roma rakes the eyes, hits a snap suplex for a count of 2, then cracks Steamboat with multiple backbreakers before tagging out. Hercules re-enters and hammers away at the lower back, presses The Dragon over his head and slams him to the canvas. Warlord gets a tag and delivers a slam, tags out, Roma hitting the ropes and scores with a seated senton to the back. Herc comes in and sends Steamboat to the ropes, The Dragon slides between his legs and fires away with chops, attempts to send The Mighty One to the ropes and it’s reversed.

Herc drops The Dragon across the ropes with a hot shot, brings Warlord back in, clubbing blow to the back followed by another slam, Warlord to the 2nd rope and he jumps down to double boots to the face. Von Erich gets a hot tag and unloads with stiff rights, Hercules comes in and eats one of his own, then another for Roma on the apron. The Tornado shoots Warlord in for a back body drop, Warlord tries a sunset flip, Von Erich reaching out and making a tag.

Bulldog comes off the 2nd rope and gets caught in the air, Tornado assists in toppling Warlord over, Davey Boy falls on top and gets a 2 count. Roma tags in and rushes the ring, instantly gets caught on Bulldog’s shoulder and planted with a Running Powerslam, but only gets a count of 2. The Warlord tries to come in and is stopped by the referee, Steamboat heads up top and connects with a crossbody to Roma, covers and gets the 3 count without being tagged in.
Winners: Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat, ‘The Texas Tornado’ Kerry Von Erich & The British Bulldog (Steamboat/Top Rope Crossbody)

  • EA’s Take: A bit of a continuation here from WrestleMania between The Warlord & Bulldog, again with Davey Boy coming out on top. Slick’s stable of talent had really fallen off and was mainly undercard characters by now. Power & Glory would split soon after SummerSlam, Roma skipping off to WCW and oddly enough, becoming a member of the Four Horsemen. This would leave Hercules to jump back into singles competition, but without Slick at his side. The notable part here is the return of Ricky Steamboat who was simply billed as ‘The Dragon’. He had left WCW in 1989 over a contract dispute, deciding to wrestle in Japan instead. He would return on an episode of Superstars in early March, but was treated as a new character with very little reference to his previous run in the company. The comeback wouldn’t last as he would quit the company again as we head towards Survivor Series, supposedly because he was booked to be squashed by The Undertaker and didn’t want to do it.

Backstage: Sean Mooney is in the locker room with WWF Intercontinental Champion Mr. Perfect & Coach. The champion talks about his opponent tonight Bret Hart, stating the title says champion on it and to be a champion you have to be perfect. Bret Hart may be excellent, but he’s not perfect.

Match #2 for the WWF Intercontinental Championship: Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart vs. WWF Intercontinental Champion Mr. Perfect w/Coach
Collar & elbow at the start to a stalemate, they lock-up again and Bret with a side headlock, gets pushed into the ropes and scores with a shoulder knockdown. Back into the ropes, Perfect tries a hiptoss, The Hitman blocks and hits one of his own, the champion sliding to the outside to regroup. Back in the ring now, Hart with another side headlock, gets pushed into the ropes and puts The Perfect One in a crucifix, gains a count of 2 and takes the champion to the mat with another side headlock.

Perfect grabs a handful of hair to get to his feet, tries to push the challenger away and Bret turns the favor with a handful of hair to maintain the hold. The Perfect One finally breaks free, backing Hart to the ropes to bury a knee to the midsection, shoots Hitman to the ropes and is hit with a crossbody for another 2 count. The Hitman flies to the outside off the kick-out, quickly pulls himelf to the apron and drives a shoulder to the breadbasket, sunset flips in and gets another near fall, then takes Perfect back down with a side headlock.

The champion uses the hair once again to break the hold, whips Bret to the ropes for a boot, Hitman catches the foot and takes him down with a double leg, stomping away at the chest. The Perfect One reverses a whip to the corner and slams the challenger, Bret kicks up with both feet and returns the favor, then gets caught by a Perfect kick-up. Hart trips the champion and clotheslines him over the top, Mr. Perfect collects himself and then starts to take a walk to the back. The Hitman is out after him, rips his tights and rolls the champion back in the ring, Perfect seeking refuge in the corner and the ref steps in between.

They tie-up and Hart backs the champion into the corner, the official attempts to create a break and Perfect delivers a cheap shot to take control. He sends Hitman to the outside with kicks to the ribs, Hart pulling himself to the apron, only to get dropped back down. He pulls himself up again, Perfect pushes on the ropes and the challenger is sent into the barricade at ringside. Hart pulls himself into the ring and fires away with right hands, the champion reverses a whip to the corner and charges in, Bret hopping up and over for a roll-up that gets a 2 count. The Perfect One quickly goes to the eyes to stop the momentum, shoots The Hitman hard into the turnbuckles and covers for 2.

He hits his trademark neck snap for another count of 2, Hitman reverses a whip to the ropes for a back body drop, the champion has it scouted and delivers a kick, then a dropkick and Bret falls to the outside. Mr. Perfect gives chase, scales the corner and The Hitman is up to meet him, they trade punches, the champion gets the better of it, Hart falls to the mat and Perfect uses the ropes for a 2 count. He tosses the challenger across the ring by the hair, sends him into the ropes and locks in a sleeper hold, grinding Bret down to the canvas. The Hitman fights to his feet, hits the ropes for another crucifix, Perfect blocks it and plants Hart for a near fall.

The Perfect One serves up chops in the corner, shoots the challenger sternum-first into the turnbuckles and gains another count of 2 before calling for the finish. He delivers the Perfect-Plex, but still can’t get a 3 count, Hart building momentum with right hands to the midsection. He hits an atomic drop, then an inverted atomic drop and tosses Perfect by the hair, the champion attempts to slide out under the bottom rope and crotches himself on the ring post. The Hitman with a snap suplex for a near fall, gets another off a small package, then one more after a side russian leg sweep.

He splits the champion with a backbreaker, connects with an elbow drop from the 2nd rope and still can’t put Perfect away. Hitman has words with the official, allowing the champion to score a roll-up from behind, Hart kicks out at 2 and Perfect is sent to the outside off the kick-out. Bret rolls to the floor to get him, whips The Perfect One into the ring post, back in they go and he goes to work on the knee. The challenger drags Perfect to the middle of the ring for the Sharpshooter, Coach hops up on the apron and gets a right hand for his troubles, but gives the champion the opening for a low blow. The Perfect One drops a leg on the lower abdomen, tries it again and Hart catches the foot, counters into the Sharpshooter and we have a new champion.
Winner and NEW WWF Intercontinental Champion: Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart (Sharpshooter)

  • After The Bell: The new champion tears the rest of Perfect’s ring gear away. ‘Lord’ Alfred Hayes is in the crowd with Stu & Helen Hart, Bret makes his way to them and celebrates the win with his parents.
  • EA’s Take: Fantastic match here between two of the best workers in the company. Bret finally gets his big moment as a singles competitor, thus launching himself into Superstar status with the fans. The contest almost never happened, as Perfect was severely injured back in May with the affects still showing in this match. A broken tailbone and bulging discs actually forced Perfect to retire, only coming back for this one match to put over his friend The Hitman. You could tell he was hurting too, as we didn’t see the usual high energy from the former IC Champion. As Bret’s star would continue to grow brighter and brighter, Perfect would spend the next year-plus recuperating from his injuries, taking on the role of manager for a legendary performer who would soon come into the company.

Backstage: ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is joined in the interview area by The Bushwhackers & Andre The Giant. The Bushwhackers are worked up as usual and looking for revenge on The Natural Disasters after Earthquake attacked Andre’s knee with Jimmy Hart’s megaphone. They say when they’re done with them, Andre can feed on the rest, The Giant stating now is the time for revenge.

Match #3: The Natural Disasters (Earthquake & Typhoon) w/’Mouth Of The South’ Jimmy Hart vs. The Bushwhackers (Luke & Butch) w/Andre The Giant
The Disasters go to the outside and have words with Andre, Bushwhackers come up from behind and tap them on the shoulder, then deliver eye pokes before rolling into the squared circle. The bell rings and The Disasters give chase, Bushwhackers rolling back out to enjoy a laugh with The Giant, order finally being restored with Butch & Typhoon starting off. Typhoon powers Butch into the corner off the lock-up, Butch ducks a big right and sinks his teeth into the big guy’s backside. He fires away with lefts and rights to the breadbasket, Earthquake steps in for a splash, Butch sees it coming and Typhoon gets squashed.

Luke comes in to lend a hand, they send Quake into the opposite corner, they shoot Typhoon into him, then use Earthquake’s head as a battering ram to take down his partner. Earthquake is dropped by a double clothesline, The Bushwhackers clearing the ring and marching around to the fans delight. Earthquake slides back in and levels Butch from behind, drives him spine-first into the turnbuckles and snapmares him over for an elbow drop. Butch avoids it, reaches for a tag, Quake prevents it by grabbing Butch’s foot and hammers the lower back with an elbow drop. Heenan leaves the announce position and heads to the back during this time, hearing that Hulk Hogan is rifling through his locker room.

Typhoon with a backbreaker off the tag, drives Butch’s back into the turnbuckles, then lifts him over his shoulder and makes a tag, Earthquake taking Butch off his hands into a bearhug. Butch breaks the hold with forearm shots, Quake cracks him with a backbreaker, Typhoon re-enters the match and gets a 2 count off of a back elbow, Luke making the save. The referee gets Luke back to the apron, Earthquake steps in for a right hand, Typhoon holding Butch up, but Butch slips away and Typhoon gets decked. Butch is able to crawl to a tag, Luke delivering forearms that stagger Typhoon, finally taking him down with a headbutt.

Earthquake tries to intervene and is cut-off by Butch, The Bushwhackers stagger Quake with the Battering Ram, then one for Typhoon. They knock Quake to the outside by whipping Typhoon into him, Luke gets a count of 2 as Earthquake hits Butch with a backbreaker on the outside. Andre has words with the ref, Quake stepping into the ring behind Luke’ s back and squashing him. Earthquake tags in now, flattens Luke with an Earthquake Splash and gets the win.
Winners: The Natural Disasters (Earthquake/Earthquake Splash)

  • After The Bell: The Disasters turn their attention to Andre and stalk him on the outside, The Legion Of Doom make their way out to step in, chasing them off with Butch.
  • EA’s Take: Per usual with a Bushwhackers match, organized chaos is the perfect term to describe the action. It’s never pretty and even with the best working opponents (which isn’t the case here), the entertainment value of the characters is relied upon for their segments. Tugboat had previously joined The Bushwhackers in a 6 Man Tag against Earthquake & The Nasty Boys, but turned on them and joined up with Quake, renaming himself Typhoon. The brief feud would end after tonight, as The Bushwhackers would again be used to elevate a new up-and-coming team while The Natural Disasters would remember LOD’s interference tonight. For Andre The Giant, this would be his final WWF PPV appearance. On January 27th, 1993 while in Paris to attend his father’s funeral, Andre would pass away from congestive heart failure. This legendary Superstar would become the first ever WWF Hall Of Fame inductee that same year, entering as the only member of his class.

Backstage: Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan leads a cameraman to Hulk Hogan’s dressing room, knocking on the door to deliver a message from the ‘real world’s champion’. Ric Flair would like to challenge Hulk for anytime and anyplace, but Heenan gets the door shut in his face.

Backstage: In the locker room is Sean Mooney with his guests ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase & ‘Sensational’ Sherri. Mooney reminds DiBiase of all the demeaning tasks he used to put Virgil through, The MDM saying the look on Virgil’s face during those jobs is nothing compared to the look he’ll have after tonight. DiBiase says they’re in a city full of gutters and Virgil can have his pick of which one he’s left in.

Match #4 for the Million Dollar Championship: Million Dollar Champion ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase w/’Sensational’ Sherri vs. Virgil
Virgil hits the ring and catches MDM jawing at the crowd on the 2nd rope, he pulls him down and we’re underway, Virgil delivering heavy rights in the corner. He sends DiBiase across and elevates him with a back body drop off the rebound, delivers multiple clotheslines and sends the champion over the top to the floor. Virgil jumps outside and drives The MDM’s head into the steps, rolls him in and drops him with lefts and rights, DiBiase flying back to the outside after an atomic drop.

The Brain returns to commentary as Virgil goes for a slingshot crossbody to the outside, MDM side-steps it, collects himself and tosses the challenger into the ring steps. Virgil’s head meets the steps once more, the champion throws him back in, sends him to the ropes and decapitates him with a clothesline. Patented fist drops from The MDM, he heads to the 2nd rope and connects with a double axe handle right between the eyes for a count of 2. DiBiase whips Virgil into the corner, hits a back body drop of his own off the rebound and gains another 2 count. Irish whip to the ropes, Virgil ducks a clothesline and uses DiBiase’s Million Dollar Dream against him, Sherri sliding into the ring and clobbers Virgil with her purse to break the hold, causing the official to call for the bell.

The referee explains that Sherri is ordered to the back and that the match will continue. WWF Officials escort The Sensational One to the locker room, both guys struggle to their feet back in the squared circle. The MDM looks to ram Virgil into the top turnbuckle, it’s blocked and the challenger introduces DiBiase’s head into it instead. Virgil with a flurry of lefts and rights, whips the champion into the corner and reigns down punches from the 2nd rope. MDM reverses a whip across, doubles Virgil back, the referee gets squashed in the corner and goes down.

DiBiase has some words for Piper at ringside, hits a vertical suplex, follows with another, then a third. The champion spikes Virgil with a piledriver and covers, but the official is still out of it. DiBiase exposes a turnbuckle and looks to bash the challenger’s head into it, Virgil turns the tables and the champion is introduced instead, both men doubling down. The ref comes to and starts the count, Virgil crawls to a cover and gets the 1-2-3.
Winner and NEW Million Dollar Champion: Virgil (Exposed Turnbuckle)

  • EA’s Take: When you add all the bells and whistles such as Sherri & Piper on the outside with the referee bump, this was a very entertaining match. Virgil’s in-ring skills are lacking and even with an opponent like DiBiase, it’s hard to put on a good match without the extras as evidence by their WrestleMania bout. By far the highlight of Virgil’s career, the feud would continue into the fall where The MDM would ultimately regain his Million Dollar title just before we get to Survivor Series.

Backstage: In the parking lot with The Mountie is ‘Mean’ Gene, with NYC Corrections Officers behind him. The Mountie promises to beat Boss Man tonight and see him off to jail for the night, berating the officers to not treat Boss Man like a New York cop, but a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Sean Mooney has Big Boss Man in the interview area, Boss Man stating The Mountie has the wrong idea. Instead of talking to NYC’s finest, he should be on his knees praying to the good lord above.

Match #5 is a Jailhouse Match – Loser Must Spend 24 Hours In Jail: The Mountie w/’Mouth Of The South’ Jimmy Hart vs. Big Boss Man
Mountie hands off his Shock Stick to Hart and here we go, has some words for Boss Man and gets layed out by a stiff right hand. The Mountie fires back with fists of his own, Boss Man sends him to the ropes and scores with a back elbow, following with a splash for a 2 count. He maintains control with headbutts, puts The Mountie over the 2nd rope throat-first, then lands on his back with a running senton. He slides to the outside and nearly gets ahold of The Mouth Of The South, turns and delivers another right to Mountie before rolling back in.

The Mountie goes to the eyes, climbs the 2nd rope and gets caught in the air, Boss Man planting him with a spinebuster, then utilizes a chinlock. Jimmy provides a distraction from the outside, Boss Man takes the bait, Mountie rolling out and pushes him into the steel steps. The Mountie tosses Big Boss Man back in, shoots him to the ropes and hits a jumping back elbow, drops fists between the eyes, then whips him hard into the corner. He slams Boss Man for a count of 2, Boss Man reverses a whip to the corner, charges in for a splash and The Mountie ducks out of the way.

He snapmares Boss Man over and drops multiple elbows for another 2, scores with a dropkick and again can only get a near fall, getting sent to the outside off the kick-out. Mountie drags Big Boss Man out and rolls inside, Boss Man rolls in and tries to build momentum with right hands, The Mountie stopping the comeback by biting the forehead. He spikes Boss Man with a piledriver, Hart grabs the referee’s attention on the apron, The Mountie gets his Shock Stick and looks to zap his opponent.

Big Boss Man avoids it and connects with an uppercut, Mountie sends him to the ropes, leapfrogs over and eats another big uppercut. The Boss Man shoots him to the ropes, plants him into the canvas with a Boss Man Slam, Mountie barely kicking out at 2. The Mountie brings Boss Man down with a leg sweep, hooks him for another piledriver, Boss Man powers to his feet and drives him to the mat with a spinebuster, makes the cover and picks up the victory.
Winner: Big Boss Man (Spinebuster)

  • After The Bell: Big Boss Man calls for the police, two officers come down to the ring and cuff The Mountie, dragging him off to the back. They pull him through the hallway and load him into a paddywagon, Boss Man slamming the doors and sending him off to the clink for the next 24 hours.
  • EA’s Take: I’d only call this match ‘decent’, a little underwhelming considering The Mountie is a good worker and for his size, Boss Man is too. This was the first time anybody had really gotten the better of The Mountie since his debut, the company really playing off the law enforcement vs. law enforcement gimmicks with this stipulation. This is the only Jailhouse Match in company history because it was the only time it really made sense for a storyline. Both guys would quickly move on to new opponents shortly after.

Backstage: Gene Okerlund is in the locker room when he’s interrupted by ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase & ‘Sensational’ Sherri. DiBiase is going off about tonight being the biggest rip-off in WWF history that shouldn’t have happened, claiming Virgil stole the title. In the interview area is new WWF Intercontinental Champion Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart alongside Sean Mooney. The Hitman talks about this being the greatest day for him, waiting a long time to show Mr. Perfect that perfection doesn’t exist. Back to Gene in the locker room with The Natural Disasters & Jimmy Hart. Typhoon warns Legion Of Doom they will chew them up and spit them out, Earthquake stating they stuck their nose in where it doesn’t belong. To the interview area again where Big Boss Man is with Sean, telling him the only bird that can’t fly is a jailbird which is what The Mountie is now. He promised everyone that he’s the law and order in the WWF and now it’s a fact. ‘Mean’ Gene heads into a private locker room to get a word with ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, but Savage is busy on the phone. Gene tries to sneak over and get a word with Elizabeth, but Macho stops him and says he can hangout with him.

On Location: The paddywagon pulls up to the correctional facility and The Mountie is dragged inside, kicking and screaming that he doesn’t belong there.

Backstage: Sean Mooney welcomes in WWF Tag Team Champions The Nasty Boys & Jimmy Hart. Jimmy is still beside himself over The Mountie, but it’s going to have to go on the backburner for now. Sags warns The Legion Of Doom that they’re on their way to Nastyville, Knobbs calling it the final ride. Gene Okerlund has The Legion Of Doomin the interview area, Animal speaking about no count-outs and no disqualifications being right up their alley. Hawk thinks The Natural Disasters bit off more than they could chew earlier, but they’ll get to them down the road. First and foremost, it’s about the championships tonight. Sean Mooney is still in the locker room, this time with Sgt. Slaughter, General Adnan & Colonel Mustafa. Mooney alludes to them being outnumbered tonight, but Slaughter thinks it’s the other way around for Ultimate Warrior & Hulk Hogan. Warrior & Hogan aren’t at 100% and things will be easier for them than they thought, promising another surprise for their match. Back to Gene in the interview area with the special ref for tonight’s main event, Sid Justice. Sid speaks about being asked over and over about where he stands tonight, but the answer is that he’s a man who stands alone. Okerlund shows some footage of earlier where Slaughter and his men tries to recruit Justice, but Sid disputes that he got stopped in the hall and hasn’t promised anything to anybody.

Match #6 is a Street Fight for the WWF Tag Team Championships: WWF Tag Team Champions The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags) w/’Mouth Of The South’ Jimmy Hart vs. The Legion Of Doom (Hawk & Animal)
The brawl is on quickly with both teams still sporting their entrance attire, LOD clears the ring and drops their pads, then heads outside. They pair-off, Animal & Knobbs on the inside, Animal delivers a kick to the midsection and plants Knobbs with a powerbomb, Sags breaking it up at 2. Hawk slides in and takes the ring with Sags, tries a kick and gets his foot caught, swings the other around and scores with an enzuigiri. He shoots him to the ropes and hits a shoukder tackle for a 2 count, Knobbs climbing in to get involved and Animal is there to drop him.

The official gets Animal back to the apron, Hawk with right hands for Knobbs, Jimmy Hart tosses in a can of spray paint to Sags and he sprays it in Hawk’s eyes behind the ref’s back. Hawk is blinded and moving around wildly, falls to the outside, Sags gives chase and decks him with a drink tray to the back. Back inside now, Knobbs tags in for a double boot to the breadbasket, he coaxes Animal into the ring and Sags chokes Hawk with the tag rope. Knobbs kicks Hawk under the bottom rope to the floor, Sags drops down and drives him head-first into the steps, tagging in and antagonizing Animal by spitting at him.

Knobbs with cheap shots to Hawk on the floor, Hawk drags himself into the ring and is driven into the top turnbuckle. Knobbs back in with rights, shoots Hawk in for a back elbow and covers for a count of 2. He brings Sags back in, frequent tags now and they work Hawk over in their corner, Sags whips Knobbs into a corner splash, Sags then drops an elbow from the top. Animal makes the save after a 2 count, Knobbs gets the tag and comes off the 2nd rope, jumping down into Hawk’s foot. He crawls and gets the tag, Animal with clotheslines for both Nasty Boys, delivers fists to Knobbs from the 2nd rope, sees Sags coming up from behind and gets him with a double axe.

He whips Knobbs to the ropes for a powerslam, Sags breaks the count after 1, Hawk hits the ring after him and gets dumped outside. The Nasty Boys with the double team on Animal now, Jimmy tosses in his helmet and Sags nails Animal in the back. Knobbs is only able to get a near fall out of it, gets sent outside off the kick-out, Hawk wrestles the helmet away from Hart and lays Knobbs out. He hops to the apron and hits Sags with it in the back of the head, LOD calls for the finish, connecting with the Doomsday Device, Animal covers and we have new champs.
Winners and NEW WWF Tag Team Champions: The Legion Of Doom (Animal/Doomsday Device)

  • EA’s Take: You almost have to put The Nasty Boys in street fight matches to explain the sloppyness of their work. A lot of stuff that didn’t make sense here such as The Nasty’s double teaming behind the official’s back. It’s a street fight, this is supposed to be no disqualifications. After disposing of Demolition, LOD was set to be the next face of the WWF’s tag team division, completing the championship trifecta with this win. The LOD would be the only team in history to hold the tag titles of the three biggest companies (WWF, NWA, AWA), solidifying themselves as arguably the greatest tag team of all-time. For The Nasty Boys, their title run was more transitional.

Match #7: Irwin R. Schyster vs. Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine
IRS with a wristlock off the tie-up, Valentine counters into one of his own, Schyster gains the ropes and they break clean. They lock-up again, The Hammer with a side headlock, IRS pushes him off to the ropes and gets knocked down by a shoulder, seeking a break in the corner. Valentine with another side headlock off the collar & elbow, gets shoved to the ropes again, The Hammer with another shoulder knockdown and Schyster complains to the official. Once again we go back to the same spot, this time IRS tries a hiptoss out of the ropes, Valentine blocks and hits one of his own, Schyster sliding to the floor to rethink his strategy.

Back in the squared circle now, Schyster buries a knee to the ribs, sends Valentine to the ropes for a back body drop, The Hammer counters with a sunset flip for 2, slams IRS and again he heads outside. Valentine gives chase this time, tosses Schyster in, but gets caught sliding in with kicks to the breadbasket. IRS locks in an abdominal stretch, uses the ropes for more leverage, the ref finally catches it and The Hammer with a hiptoss to break the hold. He can’t capitalize and gets leveled by a flying clothesline, Schyster drops an elbow and hooks the leg for a 2 count. He looks to ground Valentine with a rear chinlock, The Hammer gets to his feet to break it, but IRS cracks him with a backbreaker and heads up top.

The Hammer is there to meet him, slams him down to the canvas, fires away with heavy shots in the corner, IRS reverses a whip across and charges in for a knee. Valentine avoids it, works to soften up the knee and slaps on the Figure Four, Schyster reaching the bottom rope to force the break. The Hammer looks to drop an elbow and misses, IRS can’t take advantage and is hit with a kneebreaker, Valentine following with a headbutt to the abdomen. He tries for the Figure Four again, Schyster grabs a handful of hair to gain a small package and steals the victory.
Winner: Irwin R. Schyster (Small Package)

  • EA’s Take: Pretty standard stuff here, nothing overly exciting. Greg Valentine continues to put over up and coming and new characters to the company, this time doing it for the returning Mike Rotunda. Returning in April of 1991 and acting as a former tax collector, IRS was the character Rotunda had been searching for to combine with his technical prowess. This third run in the WWF would end up being the longest and most successful for Rotunda.

Backstage: Gene Okerlund is standing by in the interview area with Ultimate Warrior & WWF Champion Hulk Hogan. The champion says that Madison Square Garden is the appropriate place for ‘The Match Made In Hell’, stating he’s been searching for the feeling he has since defeating The Iron Sheik in 1984. Warrior talks about the strike of a cobra not being enough to keep down him or his Warriors. Hogan thinks they’ve got the momentum, claiming that the cobra’s bite lit a fire into The Warrior’s veins.

Match #8 – Special Referee Sid Justice: Sgt. Slaughter, Colonel Mustafa & General Adnan vs. Ultimate Warrior & WWF Champion Hulk Hogan
The champion and Sarge start our main event, Slaughter has his belt in hand and Sid rips it away from him, tossing it away from the ring. We finally get going and Slaughter goes to Hogan’s eyes, hammers him in the corner, Hulk reverses a whip into the corner and scores with a right hand. He plays back and forth with Warrior on the apron, unloads on Adnan & Mustafa, then tags The Ultimate One in for a double clothesline on Sarge. The Warrior with an inverted atomic drop, Hulkster gets the tag and they connect with a double boot out of the ropes, the champion then driving Slaughter head-first into the top turnbuckle.

Mustafa is in to break Sid’s count at 2, Hulk shoots Sarge to the ropes and drvies a point of the elbow to the head before tagging out. Warrior tags in for a kick to the abdomen off the irish whip, rams Sarge into Hogan’s boot and tags back out, Hulk scoring with a double axe from the 2nd rope for another count of 2. The champion sends Slaughter to the corner and charges in with a clothesline, chokes him and Sid steps in to create the break. Hogan goes back to it and again Sid admonishes him, this time Sarge taking the opening and driving the champion into Mustafa’s boot.

He looks to hit Warrior with a cheap shot on the apron and misses, tag to Adnan and they double team Hulk, Adnan delivering overhand chops and raking the back. He works the champ over in his corner, Mustafa tags and hits a gutwrench suplex, then locks in the Camel Clutch. The Ultimate One delivers a boot to the back of the head to break it up, Sarge tags in and splits Hulk with a backbreaker for a 2 count, then chokes him in the corner. Sid asserts his authority and steps in to stop it, Slaughter sends Hogan across, doubles back and Hulkster and Justice collide, neither man budging. They exchange words and Sarge clubs Hogan from behind, Adnan comes in with eye rakes and bites the face, brings Slaughter back in and he climbs upstairs.

Warrior comes around and pushes Sarge down to the mat, Hogan crawls to his corner and gets the tag, The Ultimate One unloading with clotheslines out of the ropes and shoulder knockdowns. He hits the ropes again, Slaughter ducks down and The Warrior collides with Sid this time, they jaw back and forth, Hulk gets involved and Sarge takes control by going to the eyes. Sarge tags out, Adnan with chops in his corner, brings Mustafa in and he hooks for a vertical suplex. The Ultimate One blocks and hits one of his own, Slaughter gets a tag and delivers a cheap shot to Hulkster on the apron, Adnan coming in for a double team behind Sid’s back.

Sarge flattens The Warrior with a short-arm clothesline, shoots him into the ropes for another clothesline, Warrior ducks it and scores with one of his own. He crawls over and gets the tag to the champion, Hulk with heavy rights to Sarge, then sends him into the ropes for the big boot. Adnan & Mustafa hit the ring and are met by The Ultimate One, he clears them out and chases them both to the back with a chair in hand, leaving the ring to Hulk & Slaughter. Hogan tosses a handful of powder in Sarge’s eyes as Sid is distracted, drops the big leg and gets the 3 count.
Winners: Ultimate Warrior & Hulk Hogan (Hogan/Leg Drop)

  • After The Bell: Hulk does his usual celebrating in the ring for the crowd, calls to the back and Sid comes back out. The champion invites him into the ring and tears away his referee shirt, both of them doing The Hulkster’s signature poses for the fans.
  • EA’s Take: Lots of behind the scenes to get to regarding this match, so I won’t go into how basic and predictable this was. So Mustafa is The Iron Sheik, returning to the company after a 3 year absence during which time he worked in Japan and WCW. Sid Justice is better known as Sid Vicious, previously working for WCW and debuting in May and instantly being placed near the top of the card due to his size. Initially, it was portrayed that nobody knew Sid’s intentions in the WWF, thus putting him as special referee for this match before ultimately siding with Hulk Hogan. Sgt. Slaughter would soon realize the error of his ways, splitting from Mustafa & Adnan and pleading for his country back. Behind the scenes, a major controversy was going down between the company and Ultimate Warrior. In early July, Warrior sent a letter to Vince McMahon demanding changes to his contract and more specifically a $550,000 payment for his performance at WrestleMania. In the letter The Warrior stated he would not make any appearances including the SummerSlam main event. McMahon would give in to the demands in order to keep his advertised main event, but would would suspend The Warrior indefinitely immediately following the match. Warrior attempted to give his resignation over the incident, but the company wouldn’t accept it as he was under contract until September of 1992, leading to a long hiatus from the WWF.

Video: After weeks of coaxing and going back and forth, ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage finally built up the courage to drop to a knee and ask for Elizabeth’s hand in marriage. She’d answer with an “Ohhh Yeeeah” of her own, then a special musical tribute is played dedicated to the history between the couple.

In The Arena: It’s time for ‘The Match Made In Heaven’, ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage making his way down to start the proceedings. Elizabeth comes out to a rousing ovation. The wedding goes off without a hitch, balloons falling from the ceiling as Randy & Liz seal it with a kiss.

  • EA’s Take: The WWF’s first love story (that people really remember, sorry Uncle Elmer) closes out the night with a happy ending, the last time a WWF wedding went off without any troubles. In reality, Savage & Liz had been married for years with the company never acknowledging it until now. Oddly enough, by this time their real-life marriage was very rocky to say the least, seperating the following summer.

EA’s Finisher: My favorite SummerSlam produced by the WWF thus far and my favorite when I was a kid, I remember renting this numerous times from my local video store. Bret Hart & Mr. Perfect stole the show with arguably one of the greatest matches of all-time, while the rest of the card showcased the change that would start to takeover the company. The Warrior controversy put the WWF in a tight spot, forcing them to drop and alter angles that were already taking place such as the Warrior/Jake Roberts/Undertaker storyline. Sid seems to be someone that they could build around for the future and the company clearly noticed by putting him in a prominent role here and moving forward. Unfortunately, Sid would suffer a biceps injury that would force him to miss Survivor Series. This would lead to more storyline changes with Justice unable to return until January 1992.

Top Three To Watch
1 – Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect
2 – Virgil vs. Ted DiBiase
3 – Slaughter/Adnan/Mustafa vs. Ultimate Warrior & Hulk Hogan

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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WWF SummerSlam 1999



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All the Titles are on the line and we get a Main Event that features Mankind, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H. Plus one of the most controversial finishes of The Attitude Era. All this and more as brings you another edition of Chairshot Classics!

We hop into the WWE Network’s DeLorean for a Trip to August 22, 1999 and we will spend the next few hours in The Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There is 17,750 people in the building and another 600,000 tuning in on PPV. The price at the time to rent on PPV was still around 30 bucks. The WWF is on a ratings tear and is destroying the competition. The Monday Night War rating at this time are as follows; 8/02-RAW-5.9, NITRO-3.1, 8/09-RAW-6.4, NITRO-3.1, 8/16-RAW-6.6, NITRO-6.6, NITRO-3.3. These numbers are absolutely crazy and its even crazier to think what the WWE would do to have these kind of rating again. Anything can happen in the WWF so lets get this show underway for “An Out of Body Experience”!

The show opens with a vignette showing all the special guest referee matches in the career of Stone Cold thus far and tonight is no different. It leads with the WrestleMania 14 where “Iron” Mike Tyson was the ref and betrayed the trust of Shawn Michaels by counting Austin’s pin and thus giving him the strap. Next is the night of May 31, 1998 where Vince is the special ref at In Your House: Over The Edge for a match between Austin and Dude Love. Austin would use Vince’s hand to make the three count after Dude Love misses with a Chairshot and knocks McMahon out. Finally we see how Shane ‘O’ Mac fast-counted on Steve to cost him the Strap to The Undertaker on May 23, 1999 edition of RAW. This all of course builds to showing Jesse “The Body” Ventura being declared the special guest referee for tonight’s Main Event. Ventura was the newly appointed Governor of Minnesota and this is his first appearance in the WWF since 1990. He had a falling out after he filed, and won, a lawsuit against Vince McMahon in 1994 over royalty money for Coliseum Home Video’s VHS releases of previous PPVs.


We enter the pyro filed Target Center and Jim Ross introduces us to his partner-in-crime for the night, Jerry “The King” Lawler. JR then ask us if we are ready for “An Out Of Body Experience”, as this is the tag-line for the event. The signs are in full force in the audience as Jim Ross is explaining how there are six Titles on the line tonight and that Ventura plans on providing “Law and Order” in the Main Event. Some of the signs read some funny stuff like “De-Bra Debra” and “I’m as hard as a ROCK”. I don’t imagine you could get away with signs like this on todays PG product. Ross tells us that the show sold out in less than hour as the broadcast cuts to the back and Ventura, in Zebra stripes, is standing by with Triple H and Chyna. He is telling them this is his state and he is the “Law and Order” around here and that if they break any of the rules out there they will have to deal with him. Triple H tells him “I’ll break whatever rules I want” and storms out. Such a rebel that Helmsley is.


It shows us a clip of from earlier in the day and it is of Chris Jericho arriving in the arena as Howard Finkel is carrying all his bags. Jericho goes on to ask him “Do you think Jericho is here to save the WWF Herald?” and “Don’t you believe in Y2J?”. He continues to call him Harold as Howard agrees with him. Jericho is awesome hear on the mic per usual and he has said he thinks this is his first good promo leading to his debut.


Back in the arena now and the place is on their feet as Jeff Jarrett’s theme begins to play. He makes his way to the ring and is joined by Debra, and her “Puppies”. Finkel then tells us that both the European and Intercontinental Championships are on the line. When they enter the ring Jeff is yelling at Debra for posing for the camera, and we can already hear Lawler starting with the “Puppy” talk. For those that may not know this is a reference to Debra’s large breasts. Jarrett then forces Debra to go to the back and this enrages The King and the fans. The fans begin to chant “Asshole” at Double J.

When she returns through the curtain we see her talking to D-Lo Brown, Jeff’s opponent and the IC and European Champion. Debra is asking D-Lo if she can join him instead at ringside and he obliges her. When the pair enter the arena the Target Center is absolutely shaking and Jarrett is as equally pissed as the fans are excited. But no one is more excited to see the puppies return that Jerry Lawler. The crowd is continuing to go nut as D-Lo hits the corners and Debra teases the removal of her jacket, even though it couldn’t possibly show off anymore. This leads to an ambush by Jarrett before the bell sounds and the lights are fully lit again. Jarrett delivers a series of punches until Brown hits a flying forearm coming off a reversed Irish whip. Jeff jumps over D-Lo on an Irish whip attempt but Brown rewards him with a scoopslam for his efforts. Another scoopslam leads to a pop from the crowd as Jarrett rolls from the ring to recover. The ref stops Brown from going after him and Jarrett tries to use this to his advantage. This backfires though and he is soon Irish whipped into a sit-down powerslam from Brown. There’s more pop from the crowd for this but it only gets the two count. Jeff would apply a rest-hold sleeper but D-Lo counters out of it and hits a powerplex. After the maneuver he goes to the ropes to amp the crowd up with his arms out and neck bobbing like crazy. This sends the crowd into an absolute frenzy, but King would attribute this pop to the puppies.


D-Lo attempts a lariat from the second rope but Jarrett manages to reverse it into a sidewalk slam. He follows it up by dropkicking Brown and sending him between the rope to the outside. Debra helps him to his feet but Jeff Jarrett is in waiting and comes through the ropes, hitting him with a baseball slide. He then goes straight for Debra and yelling at her to remain in the corner. Jeff then uses the ring steps to his advantage before returning to the ring. Jarrett attempts to jump from the apron on Brown but he manages to move and Jarret hits the apron. D-Lo follows the reversal up by clotheslining him over the rail and into the crowd. After a few punches from Brown, Jarrett reverses a suplex attempt over the railing with a backslide. He the throws Brown into the apron. After a whip to the ring post, Debra is again attempting to help D-Lo up. This of course pisses Jeff off again, who returns Brown to the ring after yelling at her. After some back and forth, Jarrett hits a cool armbar tornado DDT off the second rope. He doesn’t go for the pin, though, and instead goes over to berate Debra. He continues to work the arm of Brown as the crowd chants “We Want Puppies”. D-Lo regains some momentum after he reverses the ten count punches in the corner by flap-jacking the face of Jarrett into the turnbuckle. D-Lo follows this up by going “DownTown” and hitting his signature sit-down powerbomb that leaves both men on the mat. Both men return to their feet and after Jarrett ducks under a clothesline he catches a tilt-a-whirl slam and the crowd is popping when D-Lo follows it up with a jumping kick to the chest of Double J. He hits the “You betta recognize” leg drop but Jarrett manages to kick out.


After a suplex, D-Lo Brown is pointing at the corner and calling for a LowDown which is his version of a frogsplash. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, D-Lo has one of my top five frogsplashes of all-time. Jarrett rolls out of harms way making Brown miss and this is when we see Debra get on the apron. Jarrett is attempting to hit Debra with a guitar, but the ref is dividing the two. This is when we see Mark Henry slide into the ring and take said guitar. The twist comes next when Henry, who is allied with D-Lo, turns on his friend and blasts him with the guitar. This really gets the heat turned up with the fans. Jarrett makes the cover and gets the three count and the fans are pissed. Debra then joins Jarrett in the ring and is celebrating with him as if it was all a work. Henry joins in the celebration after slapping the face of Brown. This would lead to Mark Henry’s first title when on the following night’s RAW Jarrett awards him with the European Championship for his efforts. This was a good opening match, and the crowd seemed to enjoy it as well. The swerve ending was even well enough done. It’s worth a watch in my opinion and Jarrett did a good job keeping the heat up with the crowd. Match Time: 7:28

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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WWF Royal Rumble ’94



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In the words of Borat Sagdiyev, the 2MB Wrestling Podcast watch-along episodes have been, “Great success! High five!”. So this week the Royal Rumble run continues following the 1992 and 1993 editions with the beginning to the build of WrestleMania X, the ’94 Royal Rumble! After the classic that ’92 brought us, ’93 was a real disappointment. Let’s find out how this year holds up!

Match #1: Tatanka vs. Bam Bam Bigelow w/Luna Vachon
Bam Bam looks for an ambush before the bell and Tatanka avoids it, The Native American with right hands in the corner, Bigelow returns fire, scores with a dropkick and backs him into the opposite corner. The Beast from the East whips him across and charges in, Tatanka explodes out with a clothesline that staggers the big man, hits the ropes for a shoulder block, then again for a shoulder tackle and drops Bam Bam to a knee with a dropkick. The Native American heads back into the ropes and connects with a crossbody for a count of 2, catches Bigelow with an arm drag back up and hooks in an armbar, working over the left shoulder.

Bam Bam works his way up, rakes the eyes and shoots him to the ropes for a back body drop, Tatanka has it scouted, puts on the brakes and spikes him with a jumping DDT. He looks to the corner and heads upstairs for a crossbody, The Beast from the East ducks it, recovers and puts the boots to him, whips The Native American into the corner and follows him in with a splash. Bigelow sends him back across and goes for another splash, Tatanka sticks a boot up to the chin, goes back up top for a sunset flip, can’t quite get Bam Bam over and the big man simply drops down and squashes him. The Beast from the East drops a headbutt to the lower back, picks The Native American up for a big haymaker, Tatanka blocks it and fires back with overhand chops, Bam Bam absorbing them and clocks him with an enzuigiri for a count of 2.

Irish whip to the ropes and Bigelow grabs a bearhug, Tatanka starts to fade, the official checking his arm and The Native American getting a rush of adrenaline. He breaks Bam Bam’s grip with a series of overhand chops, hits the ropes and gets flattened by a shoulder block, The Beast from the East goes into the ropes for another, goes back to the well a third time and The Native American plants him with a powerslam for a near fall. Bam Bam’s back up and misses a wild right hand, both guys hit the ropes and think crossbody, colliding in mid-air. The Native American seems to get the worst of it, Bigelow up first to drive him head-first into the top turnbuckle, but it has no affect and Tatanka starts absorbing punishment and going into his war dance.

The Beast from the East puts a stop to that with another big enzuigiri, mocks the war dance, positions him on the mat and heads up top for the Bam Bamsault, but he doesn’t find the mark. Tatanka pulls himself up, goes to the top turnbuckle as Bigelow staggers to his feet, The Native American connects with a crossbody, hooks the leg and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Tatanka (Top Rope Crossbody)

  • EA’s Take: I’d only call this a decent opener, there was not much special happening here, although it’s always impressive to see Bigelow pull off a moonsault and this was one of the cleaner attempts from him I’ve ever seen. Originally, this was supposed to be Tatanka vs. Ludvig Borga after The Helsinki Hellraiser had (kayfabe) knocked Tatanka out of action with an injury and forced him to miss Survivor Series. The feud continued, but Borga would suffer a legitimate ankle injury just five days earlier and would be forced out, cancelling this match and plans for him to meet Earthquake one-on-one at WrestleMania. Real name Tony Halme, this is the last time we’d see Borga as he left the company soon after and wouldn’t be seen in a big-time American promotion again. Unfortunately, Ludvig was another case of a man who couldn’t get past his demons, struggling with drug and alcohol issues before taking his own life at the age of 47 in 2010.

Video: We take a look at the history of The Harts after there was turmoil between Owen & Bret at Survivor Series, ‘The Rocket’ would later speak to Vince McMahon about how he’ lived in Hitman’s shadow his whole life. Owen would challenge Bret to a match so he could prove himself, The Hitman later stating that people love controversy, but he will never step into the ring against his brother under any circumstances. The two would resolve their issues to keep the family together and looked to channel their energy towards something positive, Bret claiming they are a unit now and have their sights set on The Quebecers and the Tag Titles. Owen would apologize for saying some of the things he said, but he’d like to move on and make 1994 a memorable year for himself and his brother. The 1-2-3 Kid & Marty Jannetty would go on to win the Tag Championships on an episode of RAW, however it would be short-lived as The Quebecers took the titles back one week later.

Backstage: Todd Pettengill is standing by with Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart & ‘The Rocket’ Owen Hart, Bret speaking about how confident they are and vows to give everyone a shot at the Tag Titles after they become champions tonight. Owen states this is the happiest day of his life and the opportunity he’s been waiting for, claiming he will make his brother proud and bring the belts home to their mom and dad.

Match #2 for the WWF Tag Team Championships: WWF Tag Team Champions The Quebecers (Jacques & Pierre) w/Johnny Polo vs. Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart & ‘The Rocket’ Owen Hart
Bret & Pierre to begin the action, collar & elbow tie-up sees Pierre power The Hitman away, they lock-up again with the same results, this time Bret bouncing off the ropes with a right hand. He goes back to the ropes, slips out of a slam attempt by Pierre, pushes him to the ropes for a roll-up, Pierre hanging on to toss Hitman away. Bret runs right back in and gets planted by a body slam, Pierre hits the ropes, The Hitman pops up and buries a knee to the midsection, tags out and Owen comes off the top with a clubbing shot to the back. He grabs a wristlock, Pierre counters into one of his own, The Rocket rolls through to regain the hold, but Pierre goes to the breadbasket with a kick, snapmares him over and then hits the ropes for a shoulder block.

Back into the ropes he goes, Owen leapfrogs over and hits a hip toss into a cover for a quick 2 count, locks in an armbar, Pierre grabbing the hair and he slams The Rocket to the canvas before tagging out. Jacques comes in and mockingly claps for Owen, telling him he’s better than Bret and they exchange words. Jacques rakes the eyes off the lock-up, shoots him to the ropes for a back body drop, The Rocket puts on the brakes, hits him with a snap suplex, irish whip back to the ropes and Owen scores with a dropkick now, Jacques seeking reprieve in his corner and there’s a conference with Johnny Polo. Back to the center of the ring now, Owen attempts a kick that gets caught, Jacques toys with him, The Rocket brings the other foot around for an enzuigiri and gets a near fall.

Tag to Bret, Owen planking Jacques across his knee and The Hitman drops an elbow from the 2nd rope for another count of 2, utilizes a small package, but again Jacques kicks out. Irish whip to the ropes is reversed, Jacques tries for a back body drop again, Bret countering with a sunset flip for 2, Jacques looks to make a tag, but Hitman catches him with another roll-up from behind for a near fall. Pierre comes in and clobbers Bret off the kick-out, Owen steps in and gets clocked as well, The Quebecers working The Harts over in opposite corners, attempt to whip them into one another, The Hitman dropping down and Owen goes to a schoolboy on Jacques for 2. The challengers clear the ring and the champs look to regroup, Jacques finally sliding back in and instantly getting split by an inverted atomic drop.

Bret sends him to the ropes and goes to the abdomen with a right hand, Pierre gets the tag, Hitman slings him in from the apron, tag to The Rockeet and he whips Pierre into the ropes for a clothesline and another 2 count. He plants him with a gutwrench suplex for a near fall, drops a leg for another, Owen tagging back out and The Hitman goes to a wristlock. Irish whip to the ropes is reversed, Pierre scores with a powerslam for a count of 2, brings Jacques back in, he drives Bret head-first into the top turnbuckle, baits Owen into the ring to distract the ref and Pierre chokes The Hitman in the corner with the tag rope. Jacques shoots Bret to the ropes for a kick to the ribs that gets 2, Pierre re-enters the match, the champions with a double back elbow, Pierre clubbing him down to the mat and The Quebecers with more double teaming, choking Hitman on the middle rope.

The Rocket tries to intervene and takes the official’s attention again, Pierre with a head of steam for a seated senton to Bret’s lower back, tags out and Jacques hooks the leg for another 2. He whips Hitman to the ropes for a back elbow, tag back to Pierre, he comes off the 2nd rope, but Bret sticks his boot up under the chin and crawls to a tag as Jacques re-enters. Owen with dropkicks for both of the champions, shoots Jacques to the ropes for a back body drop, whips Pierre in for an overhead belly-to-belly suplex, then clocks Jacques with a spinning heel kick. He wants to hook in the Sharpshooter, Pierre tries to make a save and The Hitman drops him with a headbutt, the referee works to get Bret back to the apron and Pierre seizes the opening to save Jacques.

Pierre heads back to his corner and gets the tag, hammers Owen with a couple of rights, tag back to Jacques and The Quebecers with a double hot shot for a near fall. Pierre re-enters and the champions attempt a double clothesline, The Rocket ducks it, takes them both out with a double dropkick, crawls to a tag and The Excellence of Execution takes on both Quebecers by himself. He whips Jacques to the ropes for a fist to the ribs, plants him with a side russian leg sweep, turns back to Pierre to crack him with a backbreaker, then rams them into each other with a double noggin knocker. He sends Pierre spilling over the top after an atomic drop, Owen holds Jacques from the apron for his brother, Bret goes to hit the ropes, but Polo’s on the apron and he separates the ropes to dump The Hitman to the floor.

Bret writhes in pain on the floor while holding his knee, Owen tries to check on him and it distracts the official, The Quebecers taking the opportunity for double team punishment to the leg. Jacques sneaks in a cheap shot with a chair behind the ref’s back, Owen’s attempts to get involved continue to do more harm than good, Jacques now using Polo’s putter for more shots to Bret’s knee. The Rocket finally sends Bret back inside to avoid a count-out, Jacques is there waiting with stomps, tag to Pierre for a wishbone and he targets the injured leg.

Jacques re-enters to keep the punishment going, slaps on a Boston crab, Owen comes in to break it up, Jacques still able to hold The Hitman down and Pierre comes off the 2nd rope with a leg drop to the back of the head. Jacques positions Bret on the mat, the champions look for the Quebecer Crash to the injured knee, The Hitman avoids it and Owen calls for the tag. The Excellence of Execution tries to lock in the Sharpshooter from the canvas instead, his knee gives out on him, the referee decides Bret can’t go on and calls for the bell.
Winners and STILL WWF Tag Team Champions: The Quebecers (Referee Stoppage)

  • After The Bell: The Hitman seems to be hurt and can’t get to his feet, Owen arguing with the official for stopping the match, then turns and asks Bret why he didn’t tag him. The Excellence of Execution uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet and The Rocket continues to argue with him, kicks Bret in the bad knee and drops him back down to a chorus of boos. Owen takes his leave as multiple referees and WWF officials check on The Hitman, Ray Rougeau coming down to the ring for an update on Bret’s condition, stating it’s uncertain now that he’ll be able to participate in the Royal Rumble.
  • EA’s Take: This was a pretty sloppy tag team match considering the guys involved like Bret, Owen and Jacques are mostly known for being good workers and are all familiar with each other. A lot of the double team stuff that was supposed to be behind the ref’s back just didn’t work for The Quebecers, timing seemed to be off every time they went for it. This made the finish of a referee stoppage look questionable after he clearly saw a foreign object get used multiple times, yet there was no DQ called. Obviously the big takeaway here is Owen’s heel turn which had been building since Survivor Series and would become the most notable time of the younger Hart’s career. In my opinion, Owen was actually better than Bret with his combination of technical ability, high flying offense and was much better at promos. This feud would be a focal point for the company through most of 1994, leading to some of the best matches of the early 90’s.
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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WWF SummerSlam 1998



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Stone Cold versus The Undertaker, The Rock and Triple H in a ladder match for the IC Title and a total of four championship matches in this Chairshot Classic.

For this edition of Chairshot Classics we keep the ball rolling with SummerSlam 98. The WWE Time Machine takes us into Madison Square Garden and the day is August 30. The WWF is finally ahead in the Monday Night Wars, out-performing Nitro on a weekly basis. The ratings for the previous month are as follows: 6/8 Monday Night Raw-4.3, Nitro-4, 6/15 RAW-4.3, Nitro-4, 6/22 RAW-4.3, Nitro-4.1, 6/29 RAW-5.4, Nitro-4.1. The Garden was jammed packed with 21,588 fans and another 700,000 watching on PPV. The 700K tuned in at home, who pay 30 bucks each, is a record that is still 2nd all time today and the most for a SummerSlam.

The opening vignette comes on the screen and shows the build up to The Undertaker/Austin feud, that also includes Kane. The video shows Austin being tormented by The Brothers of Darkness and his to Kane in a first blood match at the previous PPV, King of the Ring. Stone Cold would win the title back though on the following nights RAW. The opening ends with Vince McMahon saying “With Kane at your side, you will be the WWF Champion once again.” This wasn’t the best opener I’ve seen, but it did the job I guess. The camera enters the sold-out arena as Jim Ross welcomes us to the tenth annual SummerSlam and introduces his partner for the night, Jerry “The King” Lawler. JR tells us that four Titles will be defended tonight starting with the first match.

The challenger, Val Venis enters the arena first and is wearing his signature towel. He gets on the mic and greets the crowd with his “Hello Ladies” and proceeds to talk about the women of NYC, and getting some positive reactions. For those that don’t know Venis was a porn star themed gimmick that was pretty well received. This was definitely a Vince Russo idea. The Big Valbowski finishes with “I came, I saw and I came again.” Kicking the show off in proper Attitude Era fashion with some semen jokes, nice. The European Champion and Nation of Domination member, D-Lo Brown enters next with his neck on a swivel and talkin’ smack the whole time. I always was a fan of D-Lo and think he will be entering the Hall of Fame in the coming years. JR mentions the chest protector that D-Lo is wearing to protect an injured Pectoral Muscle. This would be the theme of the match. After some collar and elbow locks, that seem to go on forever, Brown gains the advantage when Val attempts to chop the chest of D-Lo, but encounters the chest protector. This hurts the wrist of Venis and allows Brown the edge. He works Val with various splashes protecting the chest. Venis avoids a splash in the corner and regains some steam with a Russian leg sweep. D-Lo soon leaves the ring to stop the gaining momentum of Venis.

When Brown re-enters the pair go back and fourth, mostly trading Irish whips. Val receives the first big pop when, off the ropes, he lifts D-Lo for a nice spinebuster slam. This leads to the first near fall, a two count. At this point we are shown a member of The Brood, Edge, in the crowd. They continue to trade momentum and D-Lo gets his first nice pop after an elbow drop from the second rope. This leads to another two count. The crowd really pops when Brown puts Venis in a Texas cloverleaf. It seemed to me that the hold wasn’t applied quite right and it led to it being released soon after it was locked on. Brown Val avoids a senton from the second rope. This would allow the crowd to start to rally behind Venis for a comeback and he does. Val is set to deliver the Money Shot on D-Lo, sounds bad I know, but Brown catches Venis mid-air and lands the powerbomb. This was nicely executed and the crowd popped as well. But this, too, would only garner a two count from the ref. A driving DDT follows but again only the near fall. Brown goes to the top rope but Val catches him this time and drives him to the mat with a powerslam. But yet again, another false finish that leaves the crowd bummed. Val continues to mount the offensive and after a few suplexs, D-Lo is in the middle of the ring and Venis is climbing the ropes. Val Venis attempts the Money Shot, a hybrid frogsplash, but Brown manages to raise the knees and the crowd is in disbelief. D-Lo attempts to powerbomb Val but the spot is blown and he drops Venis sloppily to the mat. He attempts it again and is successful this time with a sitting powerbomb variant. This sets up for one of my favorite versions of the frogsplash, The Lo-Down. D-Lo leaps from the top and pumps for the splash but Venis manages to roll out of harms way. This allows for Val to regain the edge and remove the chest protector from D-Lo, which he then puts on himself. The ref tries to stop him from climbing the turnbuckles and in doing so causes Val to fall on the “Big Valbowski” and this turns the heat up with the crowd. This leads to Val shoving the ref and Brown regaining the momentum and his chest protector. Before the match can continue the bell rings and Val Venis is DQed for shoving the official. D-Lo retains and Val Venis goes on to Money Shot the referee.

I don’t know if it’s because I always liked D-Lo Brown, but I really enjoyed this match and think it was a strong opening to the show. There was a good story, with the chest protector, and it even had a good finish.. The chemistry was decent and this match is definitely worth taking a look at. My only gripe would be not seeing D-Lo’s frogsplash and having to type “Money Shot.”  Match Time: 15:31

A quick clip of Michael Cole in the back is up next. He is joined by the disgruntled Mankind and talking about the hearse that was destroyed by Stone Cold on Sunday Night Heat. Mankind, sledgehammer in hand, is upset because he says he planned to put Kane in that hearse tonight, but is optimistic that he can still find some use for the sledgehammer.







We return to the arena and we see Kai-En-Tai enter. They are made up of Dick Togo, Mens Teioh, Sho Funaki, Taka Michinuko and their manager Yamaguchi-San. We see their opponents in the ring already and its because the WWE Network has edited out their entrance, as it was performed by the Insane Clown Posse. I don’t know what the reasoning is but it can’t be seen on the Network. Kai-En-Tai’s opponents are The Oddities and are made up of Giant Silva, Golga and Kurrgan. They are joined at ringside by Luna Vachon and the Insane Clown Posse or Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J. This is real life. I would usually take the time to break down some career highlights of some of these lesser known talents but this is so bad I’m not going to waste the time on such a pile of garbage.


The match is a gimmick, if you cant tell, and is not really worth the server space it will take up. Still, I will give the highlights. Kai-En-Tai all deliver frogsplashes to the downed Golga but this wouldn’t do much as he hits them all with a quadruple clothesline. The crowd eagerly awaits the hot tag that leads to everyone being in the ring. The biggest pop comes when Luna stops Yamaguchi-San from interfering by delivering a scoopslam. This finish would come after a quad-chokeslam leads to Golga covering all the members of Kai-En-Tai. This was indeed trash and the highlight would have been the ICP entrance theme but we don’t even get that pleasure on the Network. The only reason I could find for this is that the Insane Clown Posse left on bad terms after the WWE didn’t fulfill their end of the bargain due to failing to show commercials for a new ICP album during RAW. Move past this as quickly as possible. Match Time: 10:08

Jeff Jarrett would enter next and is joined by Southern Justice. Southern Justice is the re-packaged pig farming brothers, The Godwinns. You can read more on the Godwinns in my other Chairshot Classics found here. There is a special stipulation to this match, JR tells us, as it is a Hair versus Hair match. Double J is carrying his “Don’t Piss Me Off” guitar to ringside. The crowd is giving him some low heat as we see a clip, again from Heat, of Southern Justice and Jarrett shaving the head of Finkel. Jarrett advises the crowd to “Don’t Piss Him Off” and we see Sergeant Slaughter, the acting commissioner, tell Southern Justice to vacate ringside. We hear the X-Pac version of the D-X music come on and the crowd is popping as he enters with Howard Finkel at his side. The Fink is wearing a Degeneration-X shirt and a freshly shaved head. We even get some tandem “crotch chops” from the pair as pyro goes off in the ring behind them. X-Pac takes to the mic before the match calling Jeff a “Biotch” before Finkel tells him to “Suck it”. Great stuff here.

Jeff Jarrett would try to land a sneak attack but this would lead to some quick paced back and fourth. Pac would come out ahead after a spinning heal kick followed by a clothesline that sends Double J to the outside. And the crowd is popping for the highly energized X-Pac. They really start to pop after Pac jumps to the outside with a crossbody block from the second turnbuckle. Jarrett would finally mount an offensive with a pair of missle dropkicks. The second of which sends Pac over the top rope and to the outside. The fight continues to the outside and Jarrett atomic drops X-Pac into the ring post. Jarrett maintains with some whiplashing Irish whips to the turnbuckles. Pac finally slows the mounting attack with a tornado DDT of the second buckle. The “Let’s Go X-Pac” chants begin as both men are prone on the mat. The pair slow down and trade some rest-hold sleepers on each other. Jeff comes out on top by reversing the sleeper with an atomic drop onto the top rope. Pac tries to slow Jarrett with a spinning heel kick but he ducks under it and this allows him to try and apply the figure four. Pac is trying to escape but Jeff manages a few near falls in the process. He eventually gets the ropes forcing Jarrett to release the hold. He does so but is quickly pulling Pac to the middle to try and re-apply it. X-Pac manages to escape by kicking the ass of Jarrett and sending him tackling the ring post. He follows up with a back body drop that leaves both men on the mat. Pac counters a few punches that set up a Bronco Buster. He follows it up with an Irish whip to the corner but Jeff meets him there with an elbow. Jarrett attempts a crossbody from the top but Pac rolls through and gets the two count. Jarrett is on the receiving end of a sitdown powerbomb, after his hurricanrana is countered, when we hear the crowd pop again but this only manages another two count for X-Pac. Finkel is soon on the apron arguing with the ref after Jarrett countered the Bronco Buster with a low blow. This leads to a him being laid out by Jarrett and this turns the heat back on with the crowd.

Finkel’s distraction allows for X-Pac to sneak in a X-Factor but somehow Jarrett still manages to kick out. Southern Justice would re-enter ringside next and Mark Canterbury, formerly Henry Godwinn, tries to pull Double J from the ring. This distracts the ref and allows Dennis Knight, AKA Phineas, to try and land the guitar shot on X-Pac. Pac manages to duck under the shot and stunner Knight off the apron. He takes the guitar and explodes it over the head of Jarrett. He throws the remaining fragments from the ring and goes for the cover. The crowd counts along as the ref pounds the mat for a three count, and Double J is set to lose those luscious locks. Southern Justice tries to save Jarrett but The New Age Outlaws are soon out at ringside and stopping them with chairs. They would guard the ring as Droz, who lost his hair at the hands of Jarrett, and The Headbangerz enter to hold Jeff. Pac would start with some clippers but would have to resort to scissors because the clippers quit working. This was a decent match and the in-ring work of X-Pac is phenomenal. Some of the spots in this match reminded me of the style of NJPW today. I would recommend watching this one and if for no other reason than to watch J-E-double F J-A-double R-E-double-T get those blonde locks chopped. After the match we see Method Man, as JR say of the Wu-Tang Clan, in the audience. Match Time 11:10

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