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CheapShots: Bullet Club Needs To Be Disbanded



Let me start off by saying yes I was a fan of The Bullet Club, and yes I will rock my T-Shirt from time to time. But, I am a fan of what the Bullet Club once was, not what it has become. I don’t care for the “Civil War” angle that we had to endure about who is the leader. It is time for Bullet Club to take a bow and exit stage left. As Owen Hart use to say “Enough is enough and it’s time for a change.”

History Lesson

image via NJPW

The NWO was one of the greatest things that came out of wrestling in the 90s. It filled a void that we all needed in wrestling. Eventually though, the taste of the NWO grew sour, and we all tired of the saturated product that became the NWO, with too many members, members breaking off to make their own sub faction, and the group becoming baby faces.

Much like the NWO, The Bullet Club, has also run its course. At its inception it was a thing of genius, a breath of fresh air in NJPW. It was a heel stable created by Price Devitt (Finn Balor) as a group of foreigners, who set out to upset the establishment of NJPW. It worked perfectly, when Devitt left and AJ became the leader, it continued to gain momentum and headed to new heights.

State of Current Affairs

inage via NJPW

Now a day, it has become a lukewarm interpretation of the greatest that it once was. The Bullet Club has become just another of a long list of factions in NJPW. It has become a shell of what it once was and started out to be, that has many sub-factions connected to it. Do they sell merchandise? Of course, but it has become a pop culture phenomenon in the states, where they sell it at Hot Topic. And “Wrestling Fans” wear it because they think it is cool. Only having an idea of what The Bullet Club is, and throwing names around like Omega and Young Bucks because they watched them on YouTube. Much like everyone in the 90s wore an NWO and Austin 3:16 shirt, without ever truly being a fan. Many of the members have now become baby faces, the only heel being Cody. Anytime something gets so popular it begins to leave a bad taste in your mouth. With the Bullet Club growing bigger and bigger in popularity it has lost what it once was, a heel faction of foreigners, who cheat to win. Along with pissing the Japanese people off, by not playing by the rules.

Final Thoughts

The Bullet Club needs to be disbanded and put on the shelf. We don’t need a ton of subgroups outside of the main group. We don’t need nearly 15 people to be part of a faction. Factions work better when they are a small group trying to upset the establishment. If you are selling a ton of merchandise then you are defiantly not a heel faction. Let the group break up and just take the sub names of so called groups. If Omega and The Young Bucks want to be The Elite then by all means let’s call them that and not continue to ride the coat tails of a once popular faction name that stood for something completely different. Has Bullet Club been around for five years? Yes, but all I can say is the name has been around for five years, The Club has morphed and become something else entirely.

The only hope for the Bullet Club at this point if it has to endure and live on, are for Cody to take and cut its members way down, and take it back to the days of being a heel faction. If this isn’t what we get, then by all means let’s be done with it.

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