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Leaping Through The Network: Hottest Matches [October 25 1990]

Fresh from minor surgery I welcome you one and all to the place where we put the ‘Flashback Friday‘ into Flashback Friday as we leap through The WWE Network in a seemingly random order show by show and pay per view by pay per view.

The last vote ended in a dead heat. Two contenders both had a score of 35%. As a result of the tie, Chairshot management had a coin toss, or a random draw or… I don’t really know what. Point is, a winner was decided.

It’s time to head down to the local video store that may have been closed since the late nineties in real life but is always open and fully stocked in our nostalgic minds. It’s time for a Home Video Classic.

Hottest Matches [October 25 1990]

We open with Sean Mooney. He has a couple of heat based puns as he tells us what is coming up on this erm…. tape.

Rick Martel vs Tito Santana

It’s odd to watch the entrances. Music plays, the wrestler walks to the ring and that’s it! No carefully choreographed routine involving lights, music and graphic walls like we have in 2018.

This was decent fare from both men . A pretty even contest which saw both men in control. In the end, a Flying Forearm by Santana knocked Martel out of the ring. With the referee distracted by Santana, Martel grabbed his Arrogance spray can and sprays it in Santana’s eyes before rolling up a temporary blinded Santana for the pin fall.

Winner: Rick Martel

Sean Mooney reminds us that Rick Martel and Tito Santana were once a championship winning tag team. He then segue into a highlight package showing past Tag Team Title changes. We see Axe and Smash of Demolition beat the team of Rick Martel & Tito Santana, Stike Force at Wrestlemania 4. We gloss over The Brain Busters winning and losing the titles but we see Andre The Giant & Haku win them from Demolition on Superstars Of Wrestling, See Demolition win them back at Wrestlemania 6 before dropping them to Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart, The Hart Foundation, at SumerSlam.

All of this leads seamlessly to a match featuring nether the Tag Team Titles nor any of the teams mentioned. Still, at least it’s a tag team match.

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Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty vs Pat Tanaka & Sato

What can be said about this? It’s a basic house show tag team match with Jannetty playing the part of ‘face in peril‘ before Shawn gets the hot tag. Only downside to this match is that it ends in a Count Out. A Count Out? Tanaka & Sato are your basic jobber tag team that have a little bit of name value. Should have ended in a pinfall here.

Winners: Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty

Up next is the Fan Request match.

Dusty Rhodes vs Greg Valentine

Not quite ‘Hottest Matches‘ more like ‘Cool Down Match’ here. Pretty slow paced, a couple of rest holds. I like both men and this was alright but nothing much happened. Finish came when Jimmy Hart tried to get into the ring. Ronnie Garvin (continuing his feud with Valentine from the last Home Video we did) comes down and pulls Jimmy Hart off the ring apron. Valentine is distracted by all of this and gets rolled up for a School Boy.

Winner: Dusty Rhodes

Profile time now. A profile on one of these home videos is a couple of matches highlighting a specific wrestler. This time it’s the turn of Jake Roberts.

Jake Roberts vs Akeem

Not a lot can be said here. Basic big man vs Face in Peril match. I’m sure WWE could have put Jake in there with someone better or picked a better Jake match for this profile feature. Jake won here by DQ when Akeem’s manager, Slick got involved in the match

Winner: Jake Roberts

In between Jake matches, the man himself introduces us to various varieties of Snake. We actually see ‘cameos‘ of Damian’s brother Lucifer and the cobra that would go on to bite Randy Savage. If you are like my mother who spent this segment covering her eyes due to her fear of snakes, AVOID this bit.

Jake Roberts vs Ted DiBiase

I want to like this one. Normally they have really good chemistry together but this felt a lot like another face in peril match while DiBiase worked on Jake’s previously injured neck. At points even the commentators sounded bored. Jake wins here by DQ again, this time Virgil interfered. For a profile segment, Jake should have won at least one of these by pinfall.

Winner: Jake Roberts

Brutus Beefcake vs Haku

This was a slightly better match. There wasn’t to much in the way of rest holds or face in peril. It was a decent 50/50 contest. It did have another bloody DQ finish! This time Bobby Heenan interfered.

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Winner: Brutus Beefcake

As if we haven’t seen enough of managers so far it’s time for a Managerial Profile. This time it’s Sensational Sherri. She screams at us about how she is involved in everything the one she manages, Randy Savage, does from arranging his flights to tasting his food to tanning his body.

This leads to a match featuring neither Savage nor Sherri.

Shawn Michaels vs Ted DiBiase

Back in the day, this was concidered an odd match to see as it features tag team specialist, Shawn Michaels in a singles match. These days it’s odd to see him have a singles match in his Rockers attire. Knowing where he goes from here, this could be looked at as a test to see if he can cut it as a solo act. This was OK. A couple of rest holds but you could argue that it’s because Shawn is more used to working tag matches when he can tag out. Just means he neeeds to work on conditioning. Sure he will. However, yet again this ends in a DQ. Difference here is it’s a Double DQ when Marty Jannetty and Virgil both get involved. Someone SHOULD have taken a pinfall here.

Winner: Double DQ

We head to the gym with Paul Roma and Hercules. I don’t quite know what to say here. I’m sure this is supposed to be a proper look at how WWE superstars train. Thing is, almost thirty years later this looks like a parody. Might be the zubaz.

Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire vs Randy Savage & Sensational Sherri

Ever watch a match at Wrestlemania with the huge crowds and all the ring entrances and the pagentry? Then they have the rematch on the April PPV and everything about it just feels smaller? That is exactly what this is. What we have is a rematch from Wrestlemania 6 but it’s at a TV taping so it just seems so small. Finish comes when Miss Elizabeth takes advantage of a distracted referee and hits Sherri with a purse (probably a loaded one) allowing Sapphire to cover Sherri for the win. I really hate it in wrestling when the ‘face‘ does ‘heel‘ tactics to win a match. Still, at least it was a pinfall and not another DQ.

Winner: Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire

Sean Mooney thaks us all for watching and plugs the next release, Hulkamania, and we are done.

Post Show: This is what it is. It’s a home video that came out. It’s not a massive PPV. It’s OK but not much higher.

Match Of The Night: Tito Santana vs Rick Martel. The rest had too many rest holds.

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MVP: Jake Roberts. Nobody really stood out. Jake had a profile and me giving him the MVP is probably more than WWE did with the matches in his profile.

Rating: 4/10

And that is me done. I changed the style a little bit, if you like or love it tweet me and let me know. Speaking of, I can be found on Twitter @Callaweasy2220 where I live tweet Raw, Smackdown, NXT and (when there is one on) PPV. If you are not doing so already keep your eyes on @theCHAIRSHOTcom. You’ll find everything you find here but sent to your twitter feed.

With that I leave you. I’m going blue and….. hang on, is that smoke coming off my time machine?

“Who is the guy with the Martini shaker Vince?”

Oh boy.


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