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Press Release: New X-Pac 1,2,360 With The Young Bucks, Conrad Thompson



The Chairshot was sent along the following press release for the newest episode of X-Pac 1,2,360 with The Young Bucks and Conrad Thompson:




X-PAC 12360

Get it on YouTube: or download the podcast version on iTunes: or download the podcast version for Android:

The Young Bucks On Selling Not Just A Wrestling Show But A Party

Nick: We have such passionate fans and we wanted to give back to our fans in a way, to make something special for one night.

Matt: It’s been very strategic too, how we were going to roll out the whole plan… We knew that we couldn’t just sell a wrestling event. You have to sell more than a wrestling event, you have to sell a feeling, you have to sell a movement. To make them {Fans} feel something like ‘hey this is for you’. Because right now is the best professional wrestling that there has ever been. Everybody can work, some of the best matches you’ll ever see… You’ve got to give the people something more than that you know what I mean? And I feel like they agreed with it, they felt it. They wanted to be apart of it. This movement, this change, you know? We wanted to show them, hey this is something new, fresh, and organic. It’s an alternative and it may be only celebrated one-time so let’s party. And that’s what we’re selling we’re selling a party And everyone wants to party with us and we’re glad they’re on board.

Young Bucks On Paul Heyman’s Tweet About The Selling Out All In

Nick: Almost everyone I’ve looked up to has reached out in a way. That blows my mind because it’s so cool to see some of the guys I grew up praising, praising us now its’ so weird.

Matt: For me, I think the Heyman one was really big because it feels like what he did with ECW was kind of a revolutionary new style of wrestling and he changed the wrestling business forever you know what I mean. And for him to say that about us I feel like he’s one of the greatest promoters of all time  and that’s what we essentially are now… So just to hear from a guy who always has his finger on the pulse of what’s cool in wrestling to give it up to us like that when he didn’t have to was really really cool of him.

Young Bucks On Who They Wish Could Be At All In From WWE

Nick: Oh man that’s a hard one. I’d have to use at least a few AJ Styles and Kevin [Owens}, the first two as well as a Sami Zayn. I’d like to use a lot of the guys though.

Matt: Man, Nick kinda stole my answers but I feel like giving a team who hasn’t really got called up, haven’t really had a fair shake, I’d love to have The Revival on the show and do The Young Bucks vs The Revival. That’d be my match probably.

The Young Bucks On The Original Venue For All In

Nick: We actually had to convince Super Dragon to move Battle of Los Angeles to a different weekend because we just needed all hands on deck for the date we found.

Matt:  July 7th at the Cow Palace, I don’t know if people even realized that. But that was our building and our date and we realized, wait a minute New Japan is probably gonna be in Long Beach in early July. So we probably shouldn’t run that weekend and we changed it. And they {New Japan Pro Wrestling} ended up running the same date in the building.

Conrad Thompson Talks About Why He Removed Vince Russo From Starrcast

I didn’t run it pass anybody, I didn’t have to run it past anybody, it’s my event, Cody {Rhodes} didn’t care, he wants me to be successful. I did invite everyone who had a podcast he {Vince Russo} said ‘yes’ and he was also willing to have fun with it. I’ve always sort of just decided that I’m gonna treat people the way they treat me. And he could not have been nicer and more accomodating. He’s the nicest guy ever in real life. But I realize sometimes when he’s producing content… he’s just trying to generate heat and buzz. I get it. What I didn’t realize when I announced him, that I was gonna get this overwhelming backlash. I did expect there to be people who were really fired up about him being there. We even joked that maybe we can do a Vince Russo dunking booth where the proceeds go to charity, I thought that be hilarious….I know he had been critical of the Young Bucks and Cody and guys like that before…the backlash online was ‘no he hates gays and lesbians and said this about Jewish people!’ I never heard any of that. I didn’t know any of that. So I talked to Vince and I said, ‘Hey Man, I don’t know what to do here?…’ He said, ‘Bro, You gotta make a business decision, I don’t wanna hurt your event, take me down and we can figure out something else we can do in the future.’ And I agree.

Conrad Thompson Talks About How Much He Had To Pay For The Starrcast Venue

I started doing some homework in late January as to where we might be able to host it. And I found a great friend named Scott, who does a of help behind-the-scenes with the Wrestling Observer board… in his real life he runs hotel chains. So he said this place has enough convention space… so it really pointed me in the right direction and we were able to pretty quickly make a deal and get a commitment for a venue which was a big undertaking and frankly a big risk because it was almost what I paid for my first house, as a personal guarantee to pull this convention off.

Conrad Thompson Talks About Who Couldn’t Make It to Starrcast   

I did reach out to literally…As much as I could, every major name in wrestling podcasting and asked. I asked Jim Ross and he was unavailable because that’s the kickoff of the football season and if you know Jim Ross he’s not gonna miss an opportunity to see opening day for the Oklahoma Sooners, so I get it. But I reached out anyway…I reached out to Edge but he’s gonna be filming Vikings Across the Pond so I get why he cannot make it. I also reached out to Chris Jericho and I guess Jericho has a bit of an understanding that he’s not gonna do anything wrestling related in the States unless it’s with Vince, which I totally get.

Get it all on this week’s brand new episode of AfterBuzz TV’s X-Pac 12360. Two words for you…DOWNLOAD IT!


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VIDEO: ROH The Pinnacle Features Bully Ray & Flip Gordon



Bully Ray ROH

Episode 3 of ROH The Pinnacle focuses on the Bully Ray vs. Flip Gordon “I QUIT” match at Ring of Honor’s biggest event of the year Final Battle.

Bully Ray’s role in Ring of Honor drastically shifted in 2018 after he went into the WWE Hall of Fame and the Supercard of Honor show in New Orleans, LA. Bully’s real feelings about the “young boys” of ROH came to light with Cheeseburger and Flip Gordon.

In this nearly eight month personal issue, Bully Ray has taken his feelings out physically on Flip Gordon. From their match at ROH’s Best in the World to the controversial incident on #ROH TV with the Singapore Cane… The Flip Gordon vs. Bully Ray match at Final Battle has reached a truly personal level.

ROH The Pinnacle takes you directly in the mind of Bully Ray as he tells his side of the story. The question now is which of these two men will say I QUIT.

ROH The Pinnacle is Lightning One Production, in association with Ring of Honor

#ROHFinalBattle airs LIVE THIS FRIDAY at 8e/5p on pay-per-view, FREE for #HonorClub VIP, 50% off for HonorClub Standard, and on FITE! Visit to order now!

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WWE News: Actual Reason For Finn Balor’s Recent Absences Revealed



Finn Balor
What is really going on with Finn Balor missing WWE Live Events and RAW?

If you’ve stuck with The Chairshot through the day, we’ve followed along with the status of WWE Superstar Finn Balor heading into Sunday’s TLC pay-per-view after he was sent home early from the company’s South American tour this weekend (find that story here).

Then on tonight’s episode of Monday Night RAW from San Diego, California, it was noted by the commentary team that Balor was not at the show after he suffered an injury on last week’s edition at the hands of his TLC opponent, Drew McIntyre. Now of course with any news like this that comes from the WWE under these circumstances, it must be taken with caution, as it could all be part of the current storylines.

Now that RAW has concluded, there is finally some clarification on what’s up with Finn as PWInsider reports that the leader of the Balor Club is not injured, but is in fact dealing with an illness. Thus, speculation that last week’s beat down was done as a means to write Balor off of television are false. As for Sunday’s TLC, the expectation is as Michael Cole stated tonight on RAW, that Finn will be good-to-go for the event.

Will Finn Balor be victorious at TLC or will he be Drew McIntyre’s next victim? Let us know on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

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