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Stardom Dream Slam in Nagoya Results & Review (4/1/2018)



Well folks, the day has arrived for the big Dream Slam show! A fully stacked card that contains most of the Stardom titles, and more importantly, the Exploding Death Match!

Finally after all the hype that was made for it and now we’re here.


Tag Team Match
Hanan & Nao Yamaguchi vs. Leo Onozaki & Ruaka

Review: Our first match is of course out Future of Stardom tag match between our Young Lioness’ (Least I think that’s the Joshi equivalent) and these four wanna showcase for future opportunities such as a Future of Stardom Championship match. The match is just about as basic as you can get with it and under four minutes with Ruaka hitting her Fisherman Suplex Hold on Yamaguchi for the win.

Recommended: Nothing really to write home about.


IPW UK Women’s Title Match
Xia Brookside (c) vs. Konami

Review: It looks like Xia is finally gonna have her third championship defense as she looks to fight Konami to try and retain her title. IPW stands for International Pro Wrestling and the promotion takes place in the UK and is one of Stardom’s partnerships for when they need UK wrestlers, so it explains where Xia originated before saying she wanted to also join Stardom fully after fighting Io. Hope to see Konami in more singles matches because I do enjoy her work and think she can go in the ring. Xia only has about two years of experience in her belt and I gotta say that she’s not too bad either. The match is about six minutes, but it was solid enough to give us what we need despite the slow start and Xia retains her title with a Leg Roll Clutch Hold, about time I see someone get pinned by it.

Recommended: Match wasn’t bad at all, worth a look if you’re a fan of these two.


Future Of Stardom Title Match
Starlight Kid (c) vs. AZM

Review: After being crowned the first Future of Stardom Champion, Starlight Kid announced that she wanted AZM to be her first opponent for the championship on this show and AZM told her that it’ll be the day she loses the title as well. I wanna explain the rules for the championship one more time for those that missed the previous coverage. The Future of Stardom Championship is for those that are under twenty years or age and/or have under two years of wrestling experience and while AZM has four years of experience, she’s only fifteen years old meaning she can qualify for the title for another five years or so, and while someone like Shiki Shibiusawa who is twenty one years old, but has less than two years of experiences meaning she can qualify for the title as well. Anyway, enough babbling and onto the actual title match now and let’s see how these two do together for the championship. Starlight went to go for a handshake, but AZM would ignore it as the two go right at it the second that bellt rings and they didn’t disappoint aside from the couple of hiccups, but wasn’t enough to take away from the match here. You can tell how talented both of these women are and definitely are the future of the company as well as the best of that division, and should be a sign for the others to step it up like them someday. AZM had a few close calls and I honestly thought she was going to win this, but Starlight Kid would turn it around and hit her Rounding Frogsplash to retain her title in her first impressive defense. No new challengers stepped up to fight Starlight, but I have no doubt AZM will get another opportunity again.

Recommended: Really good for a solid five minute match, give it a watch.


Singles Match
Bea Priestley vs. Momo Watanabe

Review: Fresh off of her defeat to Io Shirai in the Wonder of Stardom Title Match, Bea looks to impress Stardom further and finding her place on the roster as she takes on Momo Watanabe. I heard this was part of the Queen’s Quest Singles Series Match as well was the one with AZM, HZK, and then Viper later on. I have no clue as to why they’re being called that aside from members of Queen’s Quest being in singles matches, but let’s see what happens. I gotta admit here that Bea is slowly starting to improve for me and I hope she continues to do so from here on out if she decides to stay. Momo is actually a good worker and one of the more underrated people on the roster as we see here how well she can work in singles competition. The match itself was average, but again the two did their part well and Bea would get the win with an….actual good Curb Stomp…it actually happened!

Recommended: Decent match so up to you if you wanna watch.


Singles Match
Hana Kimura vs. HZK

Review: Another match that’s apart of the Queen’s Quest Singles Series Match as HZK is set to take on the remaining Oedo Tai member, Hana Kimura due to Kagetsu and Sumire being in the main event, so we get see what Hana can do in singles action for those that haven’t seen her. In the pre-match interview, Hana was more focused on her make-up and asked how long we were watching and if she was kawaii (the answer is yes, next to Jiro.) and says she’ll look exactly the same when she goes back home to Tokyo. HZK was also short as she says she wants to beat her and never deal with her again once it’s done. Hana went to give the referee a lolipop before the bell rings and he just rejects it..rude. Hana was mostly just toying with HZK during the beginning of it til she had enough and started going all out on Hana, but it would be short lived with Hana getting the control and heat of the match. To me the match was great since they both worked really well together and gave us about ten minutes of intense action throughout the bout. The last two minutes of the match delivered as you saw the desperation from HZK in trying to get the win, but Hana would outsmart her with a Small Package to pick up the win, leaving HZM frustrated as she attempts to attack Hana after the match before being held back in time.

Recommended: Really good match, worth a viewing.


Six Man Tag Team Match
Faby Apache, Mary Apache & Natsumi vs. Natsuko Tora, Saki Kashima & Shiki Shibusawa

Review: We get The Apache Sisters again and this time teaming up with Mary’s daughter, Natsumi for this bout and I wanna say that both Apache Sisters have been great throughout this tour, I love their style, their matches have been fun, and I hope they do more tours in the future to help out the Stardom roster. As for Natsumi, I wish her the best of luck in her journey in Stardom as all three take on the team of Natsuko, Saki, and Shiki. Saki is another one who has been impressive upon her return to the ring and I hope she keeps up her momentum here going forward after this match. The match was entertaining as the Apache family were on point except for Natsumi since she shows that she still needs more work done, but this is why she’s in this match to learn from her family. Saki and Shiki worked slightly well as a team and it could possibly hint a future tag team together in general, but we will have to wait and see about that one. Mary Apache would get the win for her team with Diving Kneel Kick from the middle rope onto Natsuko.

Recommended: Very fun tag match


SWA Undisputed World Women’s Title Match
Viper (c) vs. Jungle Kyona

Review: We get one of our big title matches with Viper defending her SWA Undisputed World Women’s Championship against Jungle Kyona as per request from Jungle after Viper defeated Toni Storm for the championship. Jungle said it was her birthday today and she looks to win the title as her birthday present, and I also gotta give credit to Viper for doing this entire tour while still being sick during the whole thing. Jungle by herself can actually work since she’s another really good worker and the match right here showed that despite the actual jungle gimmick being a hit and miss for me, but again she’s really good at her in ring ability. We get a great match out of these two with Viper controlling most of the match with her size and power as she should and made it very believable for Kyona to be the undergo in this match and the crowd really getting behind her during the match also. Kyona would even hold Viper up for a running Liger Bomb! However, she still kicked out of it and even Scoop Slamming Viper even though it looked sloppy, she kept pulling off a lot of maneuvers for the match to try and win today, but it turned out to not be enough as Viper retained the title after hitting the Michinoku Driver II. Fantastic effort by Jungle Kyona and even got respect from Viper after the match, but not enough to win and I believe she’ll have a big win this year for sure.

Recommended: Match definitely delivered and Jungle Kyona stepped up big time right here.


World Of Stardom Title Match
Toni Storm (c) vs. Mayu Iwatani

Review: Before we talk about the match, let’s go back to a little bit of history since this isn’t the first time they fought. Toni won the 5★Star GP Tournament on September 18th to earn a title shot against the World of Stardom Champion at the time. Mayu Iwatani. The two would fight nearly a week after that tournament, however things wouldn’t go as planned as Mayu was injured around two minutes into the match and was unable to continue, leading Toni to win the match and title by default after dislocating her elbow. She would be out of action until December, but wasn’t able to get a proper rematch for her title just yet and it looked like she wanted to build up more momentum to feel ready to reclaim her spot as the new ace of Stardom after she dethroned Io last year. Even in the pre-match interview, Mayu talked about how this was even the same arena where she got injured during their title match here, so it makes sense as to them having it here so they could give the fans a proper match this time and for Toni, it’s to see if she actually earned the title or was it just a fluke for her.

The match would start with a respectful handshake and the two waste no time with going back and forth with each other and around two minutes into the match, Toni would sell her elbow as if she hurt it, which concerned the ref and Mayu since it happened with roles reversed the last time they fought, but once Mayu got closer, Toni would see Mayu taking the bait as she worked on her and I’m not gonna lie, dick move, Toni, dick move. The storytelling for the match was great with Toni working on the injured arm throughout the match to try and re-injure it while Mayu putting her heart on the line in this title match to show the fans she belongs in the title picture once more. The match was fantastic as the two ladies gave us the proper rematch that the fan deserve this time and with an actual conclusion to the match. The match is nearly fourteen minutes, but as you keep watching the match, it feels a little bit longer and that’s a good thing since the match is just captivating from beginning to end with the wrestling mixed with storytelling and definitely one of my favorite matches in Stardom this year. Mayu became to close to winning the World of Stardom Championship once more, but Toni would hit the Strong Zero back to back in her third successful title defense. After the match, a newly designed World of Stardom Championship belt would be presented and before it would be handed to Toni, Mayu would find the strength to get up just so she could hand the title to Toni instead in a show of respect for defeating her and they hugged before she would collapse onto the ring. Mayu Iwatani is the rightful heir as the new ace of Stardom and I still stand by that statement, the company trusted her to lead the company to new heights with the thought of Io leaving them last year for WWE, but that didn’t happen due to her neck injury being a factor to failing her physical, that’s beside the point as Mayu has earned that spot on the top since she’s just incredible in the ring. I do believe Mayu and Toni will fight again and I can understand why she lost since story wise she has a bit of a ways to go to earn her title once more, and I think she’ll get the chance if she wins the Cinderella Tournament or this years 5★Star GP Tournament since those would be the right times to pick up the rematch and reclaim her title.

Recommended: Definitely give the match a watch, great stuff.


Current Blast Exploding Bat Death Tag Team Match
Io Shirai & Tam Nakano vs. Kagetsu & Natsu Sumire

Review: This is not only the continuation of a rivalry between Kagetsu and Io Shirai, but also the conclusion between Tam and Odeo Tai. A little more info to share about that feud is that, Tam Nakano actually used to be apart of Odeo Tai for quite a while until she lost a match that would make her leave the unit and they assaulted her after also. She was mostly teased by Sumire and this is why she wanted to have this match with her mostly and now we get to have it. With Io, if you remember that she only agreed to do this as long as she gets her one on one match with Kagetsu in a Strong Style Match, but it would have to be for her Wonder of Stardom Championship. There’s no official date for the match yet, but it’ll definitely be something worth watching, but now let’s get onto the match.

I think this might be my favorite Stardom match this year so far and we’re not halfway done with this year yet. The best part about this match is that it doesn’t fully rely on the explosions or use of weapons to make this match deliver since there’s actually more wrestling in it than the use of the weapons and we only get two explosions in this match, but to me I felt like this was all they needed because of the story and suspense they built up in the match made the two explosions worth it all. The one con in the match was Sumire in this match and I love her and all, but it shows her flaws in her wrestling ability since she is the weaker of the four and actually the weakest member in Odeo Tai and it really shows in this match for sure. Aside from all of that, all four have done well enough to deliver and mesh the two stories here. The match would go on for almost a half hour and Tam Nakano has gotten her redemption finally after hitting Sumire with the exploding bat and her Violet Shooting to end her feud with Odeo Tai.

Recommended: Great match and definitely worth a viewing by everyone.


Overall: Aside from the beginning match being flat, the rest of the card was great as every match delivered what it needed to do and the last three matches were tremendous, and I highly recommend that you check them all out as soon as you can. You can even subscribe to Stardom at and it’s well worth it if you’re into Joshi wrestling, and it’s only $6.50 a month. Give the show a watch as we now wait for the next tour which will have the draft between the top three factions, so a nice little shake-up.

Favorite Match: Io Shirai & Tam Nakano vs. Kagetu & Natsu Sumire and Toni Storm vs. Mayu Iwatani

Least Favorite Match: Hanan & Nao Yamaguchi vs. Leo Onozaki & Ruaka

Score: 8.5/10

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