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Stardom Rebirth: The Stardom Draft Results & Review (4/15/2018)



Welcome to day two of the Stardom Rebirth tour as today is the day that we will reveal the draft at the end of the show to see which members will be joining/leaving their respected units and that will be decided in our three way match tonight, so let’s not waste any time and…dive right in.


Singles Match
Hanan vs. Leo Onozaki

Review: With Hanan getting a win at the previous show, she’s looking to build up some steam and this time with a singles match while Leo is looking to get a win under her belt as well, time to see who wants it more. The two here seem to be improving slightly with each show they’re used in and for Leo, I like how she does her variation of the Cutter, but seeing it back to back with no result hurts it a little for me and feels like it should be her finisher instead of just a move. Nice stuff with Hanan as she applies more of her judo into her style and is paying off well except for how she does her STO and Armbar combo, I don’t mind it, but it just looks weird how she executes it and hopefully she’ll improve it as she keeps it up. Hanan would pick up a second win with an Armbar to make Leo tap out.

Recommended: It was alright, up to you.


Six Man Tag Team Match
Kaori Yoneyama, Nao Yamaguchi & Ruaka vs. Mary Apache, Natsumi & Shiki Shibusawa

Review: Completely forgot to bring this up, but I forgot that Mary Apache was their High Speed Champion and I keep looking pass that, but figured it would be a good time to bring it up now finally. Anyway, she’s teaming up with her daughter and Shiki as it looks like it’s a tag match with one vet pairing up with two rookies in this match since we have Kaori paired with Nao and Ruaka and these two vets should be able to help them out a little. Okay, either Shiki or Nao need to either team up or have one of them change their attire since it’s almost exactly the same, one or the other. Despite that though, Shiki appears to be the better one of the group since she’s had more progress compared to the others while Ruaka still hasn’t impressed me in her matches and is normally the weak link when it comes to these tag matches. Mary Apache is also great and she normally is anyway, so not hard to say she did great in the match while Kaori did her part also. The ending of the match was just sloppy and all over the place as Shiki pinned Nao with a average Missile Dropkick.

Recommended: Skippable.


Tag Team Match
Candy Floss & Martina vs. Hana Kimura & Natsu Sumire

Review: I love me some Oedo Tai and can never go wrong with them being on my screen. In the pre-match interview, Sumire would mostly bury Martina with how drunk she is every time she performs and is looking to take care of her. Candy Floss did pretty well at the last show and let’s see who she does with them and as for Martina, I don’t know how I feel about her just yet. Well it finally happened, Sumire would actually hit someone in the ass with her flogger and of course it had to be Martina with how she was acting during the match, so I guess it fits. Candy and Hana had a small exchange after after the mind games spot I don’t know what happened since it looked like they were trying to do a rope spot and it looked very sloppy. The match was mostly comical due to how both Candy and Martina are and Martina kinda reminds me of a New York version of ODB, but not as good so far. Hana and Natsu would do their best with the match and it’s not terrible either, just not great. Hana would make Candy tap out with her Black Widow.

Recommended: Decent match, say at least one viewing if you like Oedo Tai.


Tag Team Match
Bea Priestley & Chardonnay vs. Konami & Natsuko Tora

Review: We got Bea and Chardonnay teaming up once again after being successful at the previous show as a tag team and if this keeps up, maybe they’ll be set for a Goddesses of Stardom title match down the road, but we gotta see how they do in a regular tag instead of a six man. I gotta admit that Bea is slowly doing a bit better this time around and hopefully she keeps going up from here, and her partner Chardonnay isn’t too bad herself and could be in big matches this year in Stardom. Natsuko and Konami did pretty well for teaming up too as I do like seeing Konami work and wonder if she’ll be one of the people picked in the draft tonight since you’d be crazy not to snatch her. Aside from a botched Spinebuster, the match was solid for what it was as chardonnay won with a Double Underhook Suplex on Natsuko for the pin.

Recommended: Solid match, worth a view.


Six Man Tag Team Match
Jungle Kyona, Saki Kashima & Starlight Kid vs. AZM, HZK & Momo Watanabe

Review: It looks like another Queen’s Quest vs. Stardom Army bout here tonight as it could be their last time teaming together depending on how the draft fairs up and AZM is still looking to get her hands on Starlight Kid since she really wants to get that Future of Stardom Championship and rightfully so, but she needs to beat her this time if she wants another opportunity. AZM would walk up to Starlight before the bell as they both pull on each other until HZK and Jungle pulled them off, putting the two of them in timeout. This match was a lot of fun as everyone that was paired up in this match had nice sequences with hardly any complaints from any of them, so that was nice to see since the rest of the show was lackluster so far. Momo is really an underrated talent and I do hope she gets a bigger role in the company in the future since she’s a really good worker too. All six women have done well and the last couple of minutes delivered nicely with AZM getting the win over her rival with a Lionsault and gives her a future opportunity at the Future of Stardom Championship.

Recommended: Very good match, worth watching.


Draft Decision Three Way Match
Io Shirai vs. Kagetsu vs. Mayu Iwatani

Review: Well this is it, we’re now at the main event with the draft decision match. How this match works is that you can win by either pinfall, submission, or throwing them over the top rope and if you win first, then you’re out of the match and you get to pick first for the draft as the other two will fight until there is a winner there and the loser of that match will pick last.

The three units for this one is Kagetsu from Oedo Tai, Io Shirai from Queen’s Quest, and Mayu Iwatani from Stardom Army as the big three units of the promotion and now it will be time to see what happens next. Kagetsu has claimed that the draft was her idea since she only has herself, Hana, and Sumire on her team and felt like this could shake things up within the company if things work in her favor first. Io’s goal right now is to try and secure off of her Queen’s Quest members and possibly put one new person in her unit, but it all depends on which one. Mayu just wants people on her team who will fight for justice and is confident that she’ll be the first winner to make that happen.

This match is actually pretty great since you have three of the top females in the promotion going at it and they just don’t disappoint you. Around eight minutes, Kagetsu would throw Io over the top rope and spit water in her eyes to make herself the first winner meaning she get’s to pick her team first, and now it’s up to Io and Mayu to see who goes second. I could watch these two fight and never get tired of seeing them since they got great chemistry in the ring. The two would be on the apron going back and forth until eventually, Io would pick Mayu up and throw her out, giving Io the win and the second pick while Mayu goes last. I’m glad there wasn’t a pinfall victory here since it didn’t hurt both Io and Mayu when they lost.

Recommended: Great three way match, worth watch.

– Now it is time for the Stardom draft and due to Kagetsu winning, she will go first, while Io goes second, and Mayu goes last as it will keep going til I guess they stop.

Round 1: Hana (Oedo), AZM (QQ), Starlight Kid (Stardom)
Round 2: Natsu Sumire (Oedo), Momo Watanabe (QQ), Saki Kashima (Stardom)
Round 3: HZK (Oedo), Bea Priestly (QQ), Shiki Shibusawa (Stardom)
Round 4: Nao Yamaguchi (Oedo), Chardonnay (QQ), Natsumi (Stardom)
Round 5: Martina (Oedo), Konami (QQ), Tam Nakano (Stardom)
Round 6: Oedo stops, Viper (QQ) and Io stops, Team Jungle? (Stardom)

– Most of these I am okay with, HZK being in Oedo Tai shocked me and curious to see where this will lead, everyone has made good choices and Mayu mostly focusing on the future of Stardom, but no love for Team Jungle as they were left out. Mayu said she’ll take the three of them in, but Jungle says they’re solo despite Mayu taking them anyway. Io may have lost HZK, but she gained Chardonnay, Bea, and Konami which is a fair trade.

Overall: The lower card was average while the last two matches were the only memorable ones on the show along with the draft. Excited to see what happens going forward though.

Favorite Match: Kagetsu vs. Io Shirai vs. Mayu Iwatani

Least Favorite Match: Kaori Yoneyama, Nao Yamaguchi & Ruaka vs. Mary Apache, Natsumi & Shiki Shibusawa

Score: 7/10

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