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Undisputed Era NXT WWE


Can The Undisputed Era Be The Best WWE Faction?

WWE NXT is the place to be, Triple H has a way of spotting talent and knows how to utilize that talent to it’s full potential. When Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish were signed to WWE it was a surprise. Three wrestlers who have each had their own successes in the indie scene for now a part of the one of biggest wrestling organizations.  It was an even bigger shock when they were put together to form the Undisputed Era.

Now while the name is questionable, the talent is not and with the edition of Roderick Strong after NXT Takeover: New Orleans, any wrestling fan has to consider that the Undisputed Era have the potential to be one of the greatest factions in WWE since NWO. Don’t get me wrong Evolution and The Shield are high on that list too. Yet the changing state of the different style of wrestling and what fans want to see has made this group a dominant force in NXT

Fish and O’Reilly have a history together in Ring of Honour. Where they formed reDRagon and became three time ROH tag team champions. O’Reilly even feuded with Cole for the ROH World Championship. Cole and Strong even have history in that Cole won his first ROH World Championship against Strong in 2012. 

Cole made a surprise appearance at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn and attacked former NXT champ, Drew McIntyre and the following month became the trio known as the Undisputed Era. 

The trio has had amazing single and tag team matches to say the least. NXT Warfare proved that the superstars could hang with the biggest and best when they took on Sanity and the Authors of Pain [with Strong]in a steel cage. Following NXT Warfare, Fish and O’Reilly captured their first NXT Tag Team Championships. They went on to successfully defend the championships against the likes of AoP and Black/Strong. 

Cole has had amazing single matches too. Going up against Black a number of times as well as a fatal four way match to determine the #1 Contender for the NXT Championship against Johnny Gargano, Lars Sullivan and Killian Dain.

It wasn’t until April 7, 2018 that Cole along with EC3, Ricochet, Killian Dain, Lars Sullivan and Velveteen Dream faced off in a Dave Meltzer 5 star rated ladder match for the new North American Championship at NXT Takeover: New Orleans. That same night Strong turned on Pete Dunne, his tag team partner, in the Dusty Rhodes Classic and helped the Undisputed Era to retain their tag team championships, win the tournament and Strong became the fourth of the trio. 

There’s no denying these guys are talent. They all have resumes that would fill any type of wrestling fan with joy. They are very reminiscent of the NWO. The NWO changed the way  wrestling was viewed. It become a more adult oriented environment when they took over the scene in WCW and later WWE.

The Undisputed Era has the similar kind of influence, they have really made their presence known. Whether it be through in ring action or attacking an up and comer to let their presence be known. They have made people view wrestlers differently.

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While the Undisputed Era are integrated into the the NXT programming and able to show that there is more to a wrestler in this day and age than just brute force. 

At the same time, we can tell that Roderick Strong will eventually turn on Adam Cole for the North American championship.

The one thing working against them is how they’ll be handle by Vince McMahon. None of them fall into the stereotypical views of what Vince believes is the key to a successful wrestler. Will they be split up once they make it to the main roster? Probably, Cole is being pushed as the  leader and the driving force behind the making of the fac[tps_header][/tps_header]tion seems to pushing Cole to main card, main roster success. O’Reilly and Fish will likely be pushed as a tag team in the main roster. If and when the feud between Cole and Strong unfolds. I think with the right placement, Strong has a strong standing in the mid to main roster spot.

With Triple H slowly gaining more control over main roster talent.  I believe the Undisputed Era, with the right push, as a whole, Can be one of the best stables in WWE and perhaps surpass The Shield and Evolution with the same impact that NWO had. 


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