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WCW Monday Nitro

Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WCW Nitro Episode 4

Here we are again! Another episode of WCW Nitro cued up and ready to go.

Alex Wright vs. Disco Inferno

This is Disco’s first appearance on WCW Nitro. Disco jumps Wright at the bell to gain the upper hand early. Wright hits a springboard front dropkick to the back of Disco, and Disco didn’t give Wright much room to work which made it a stiff kick. Wright sends Inferno outside and hits a tope. Disco regains control following a hot shot. Disco goes up to the top rope and Wright dropkicks him off to show the vertical jump. Disco hits a move then goes to check his hair while looking at the crowd, it’s really awful. Wright pins Disco with a backslide. The match was nice back and forth action, but never seemed to move out of 1st gear. I’m not sure if it was both being fairly new or just lack of connection in the ring, but the match was just alright.

Winner: Alex Wright via pin

Now we see a pre-taped segment backstage with Jimmy Hart and Hulk Hogan. Hogan has a neckbrace on and was doing something that was supposed to make him look like he was lifting weights to strengthen his neck. The unfortunate thing was he was just bending at the hips so there was no effect on the neck at all. Anyone who is at the level to be on WCW Nitro should have enough of an understanding of their own body to know that looks foolish. Maybe it’s just nitpicking, but little details stick out to me like that. Hulk challenges The Giant to a monster truck bout and then he’s putting his WCW Heavyweight Championship on the line after that. What’s with WCW and their champions offering up title matches? I’m all for fighting champions, but come on, why throw them around like that?


Mean Gene is in the ring and talking about last week’s confrontation between Savage and Luger. Savage is in the ring and out comes Luger. Luger challenges Savage to a match in a very long winded, unconventional way. Savage counters with simple 3 word answers that get the point across. Just goes to show the difference between these two on the mic. Luger says he’ll leave WCW if he loses their match next week. Savage accepts and we have a match for next week.

Kura Sawa vs. Sgt. Craig Pittman

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Never heard of either of these guys, so this is new to me. Sawa sends Pittman outside and pulls up the padding. He back body drops Pittman on the exposed concrete. Pittman sends Sawa out of the ring to regain control. Pittman’s offense is a lot of lunging headbutts, getting stale. Kura Sawa hits a german suplex with bridge for the victory. Pretty mundane match really.

Winner: Kura Sawa via pinfall

Mean Gene is in the ring with Arn Anderson and Flyin’ Brian Pillman. Pillman is rocking a fanny pack….man the 90’s were great. Brian Pillman was phenomenal at the intense promo delivery. Anderson talks about Ric Flair not being able to find a tag partner for an upcoming match against him and Pillman.

We see the Baywatch video again between Taskmaster and Randy Savage prior to their match.

The Taskmaster vs. Randy Savage

I’ll admit, I pop for Savage big time, he’s one of my all time favorites on the mic and in the ring. The Zodiac comes to ringside before the match and attacks Savage. Savage is rolled into the ring and The Taskmaster goes to work. Savage regains control and hits a double ax handle from the top rope. He pulls The Zodiac in the ring and Savage throws the ref which causes the disqualification. Savage slams Taskmaster on top of Zodiac and drops the elbow from the top but Taskmaster moves. Out comes The Giant who hits a big chokeslam  on Savage. Random faces come out to help and get promptly destroyed by The Giant(a couple I didn’t catch names on, Alex Wright). Luger comes out and stands over Savage before The Giant chokeslams him too. So much for Savage’s theory of Luger working for the Dungeon of Doom.

Winner: The Taskmaster via Disqualification

Meng vs Lex Luger

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Luger is down getting medical attention as Meng’s music hits and he comes running out to take advantage. Meng starts working over Luger with strikes and chokes. Meng hits a piledriver but Luger kicks out at 2. Luger starts to “hulk” up but is cut off by Meng with a gut wrench gutbuster for another near fall. Meng gets the spike and hits Luger with it get the win. The ref was distracted by Luger…I think. This match went on way too long for the heel to win over an already beat down babyface. It should have been quick and to the point unless the face was winning. Then, a drawn out match with a big comeback would have fit perfectly.

Winner: Meng by pinfall


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