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WWE News: Jim Ross Talks Interesting Scene At Greatest Royal Rumble



Jim Ross

The WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble event last Friday in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia continues to be discussed by fans and wrestling personalities alike. WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently addressed something very different from his usual walk into an arena, as Good Ol’ JR joined the Kickoff show. Ross would reveal that he was led to his position for the panel by armed guards and the overall experience:

“I had never done a show where I was going through a metal detector to get to the broadcast position and be escorted to my position by men with machine guns. That was interesting.

And I’d never done that many pregame shows, to be honest with you but the half-time thing we did, intermission was for their prayer.  You know they pray 5 times a day there. Officially 5 times a day and one of those time periods fell within the show. So we stopped and Booker, The King, Byron, and I did our little thing at halftime so to speak but that was during the prayer. So it was all a unique experience to say the least.”

Quotes c/o IWNerd


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