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WWE News: RAW Superstar Qualifies For MITB In Main Event



Finn Balor WWE

On an evening that already saw Braun Strowman and Ember Moon qualify for their respective Money In The Bank Ladder Matches at the annual event on June 17th, the main event on RAW was a Triple Threat to fill another spot at the event.

Finn Balor, Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn went to war to secure their position at MITB, but ‘The Big Dog’ seemed to show the affects of the beating handed to him by Samoa Joe last night at Backlash. The fight would be taken to the outside under the guise of Triple Threat rules, leading to Finn taking Reigns out of the action after a Coup De Grace off of a table to the floor. Roman would recover however, getting back into the battle and getting himself to the brink of victory. Jinder Mahal would make his presence felt though, distracting Reigns, which allowed Sami to connect with a Helluva Kick. Balor would quickly seize the opening, delivering a Shotgun Dropkick to Zayn, then following with the Coup De Grace for the three count.


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