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WWE Rumors: No Way Jose Teasing A New Look



One of the newest additions to the WWE RAW roster back in April on the annually anticipated edition of RAW after WrestleMania was that of No Way Jose, the fun-loving, Superstar from NXT. Jose arrived in NXT after signing a WWE developmental deal in April 2015, starting as an enhancement talent under his real name, Levis Valenzuela. His trademark big beard and bushy hair gave him a unique look unlike anyone else, but he was missing a character.

He was repackaged as No Way Jose and vignettes for his arrival began airing in April 2016, finally making his re-debut on April 20th. Jose would go on to become one of NXT’s most popular stars, turning the crowd into a giant dance party or conga line with his Full Sail University fiestas. His arrival to RAW has been short with not much success yet, some fans wondering how far he can actually go with his look and gimmick.

Recently, Jose teased on Instagram that he could be tweaking some things, most notably that trademark hair as it looks like he’s changed things up:


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