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WWE Rumors: WWE Reportedly Approaching Talents Under MLW Contract



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The wrestling business is certainly healthier than it’s been in a number of years with the rise of promotions such as MLW and New Japan becoming more popular in the western world. WWE has also continued to grow exponentially and even has big plans for the future regarding expansion across the globe (you can find that story here). There seems to be an abundance of talent from every corner of the planet and with more places to work popping up, WWE might be getting more aggressive when it comes to signing new talent.

According to The Wrestling Observer, WWE has been approaching talents that are already under contract to MLW as the company has become a “target” since getting a television deal. Additionally, it’s being said that legal papers have been sent stating after talents advised MLW of being approached. It’s also been noted that WWE was informed by talents that they were under contract already, however WWE still encouraged them to attend a tryout. It should be known that MLW talents are mostly under multi-year deals. The Observer also states that a big part of WWE “stepping their game up” was MLW’s recent signing of Maxwell Jacob Friedman, better known as MJF.

EA’s Take: Could WWE really be THIS stupid? Like most things from The Observer, I’d bet this is half-true at most. Do I think WWE contacted guys that were under contract to MLW? Probably. Do I think they’re dumb enough to continue pursuing after being informed of a pre-existing contract to another company? Absolutely not, I find that hard to swallow that such a business-wise company like WWE is going to step in that pile again. They’ve been through the ringer once before for trying to sign people already under a contract and it wasn’t even that long ago either. I’d love to know what exactly these “legal papers” are specifically as well, but of course there’s no details.


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