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Alexa Bliss WWE Raw Women's Champion WrestleMania Kickoff


Alexa Bliss Still Rules

I didn’t get the memo.

At some point during the past several months, a notice was apparently issued to the Internet Wrestling Community. The subject of discussion was none other than the perennial WWE Raw Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss. Certainly a popular subject with me, as I’ve been a fan of Little Miss Bliss since her arrival on SmackDown in 2016.

Don’t yell at me, but I only watch NXT when it’s a Takeover event. I haven’t even watched the most recent one yet. Hey, I had to sleep at some point this weekend. I’ll catch Gargano vs. Ciampa & Ricochet vs. Velveteen when I got some time. That’s the great thing about being a wrestling fan in 2018, I can just do these things whenever. In any event, it’s not like Alexa Bliss was one of the most hyped NXT performers. When she got drafted to SmackDown, all the NXT fans were like “OMG HOW DARE THEY CALL HER UP INSTEAD OF BAYLEY!”

To be fair, she was most known as the valet of Blake & Murphy. We didn’t know that she would take SmackDown’s women’s division by storm & establish herself as one of the top personalities on the brand. Talking Smack became must-see WWE Network viewing in part because Alexa was usually on the show talking the pre-mentioned smack. I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that Alexa Bliss is the best female promo in WWE history. At worst she’s top 5. Her wrestling was ok. We wouldn’t rank her among the best wrestlers in the world, but it’s not like she went out there & botched it up every night.

She moved over to Raw after a year because it was time for her & Charlotte Flair to switch brands. Let’s be honest, until Ronda Rousey showed up it was pretty obvious that Alexa & Charlotte were the dominant members of the distaff roster. Charlotte ran into some problems on SmackDown, and still hasn’t really got that division under her thumb, but there’s no doubt that Alexa runs Raw. She is now a three-time Raw Women’s Champion, including a record-setting (for this title) 223 day reign that didn’t see a lot of title defenses because people were afraid to take her on. I assume that was the reason.

Alexa did eventually lose the championship to Nia Jax, who allegedly was overcoming Alexa’s bullying. I mean, Alexa did say some mean things about Nia, don’t get me wrong. But I think we would all agree that Nia’s physical actions towards Alexa were a much better example of bullying. Just not very nice stuff there. Then Nia ditched the anti-bullying gimmick to play heel against Ronda Rousey! Pretty obvious that she was milking the thing for all it was worth until she figured out nobody was buying it. That whole Be A Star speech on Backlash was Brutal with a capital B. I got nothing but love for Nia & I wish her the best of luck, but that isn’t her character.

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