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Chairshot Classic: NWA-TNA Episode 2: Less Talk, More Action



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Episode Two of NWA-TNA hopes to build on the foundation they laid in episode one, and after last week, hopefully have less talking. So, let’s see how well they do!

We start with a recap of last week’s action, because, what else are they going to show?

Tenay and company welcome us to the show and give us a rundown of the card: Round Robin match for the X-Division title. The Miss TNA match, that Don West is entirely too excited about. Brian Christopher with Sterling Marlin and Hervey Sadler in his corner against K-Krush, and Jarrett going up against Scott Hall, which is going to be the main event.

Jarrett’s music hits and we find out that Jarrett vs Hall is apparently happening now.

Jeff Jarrett vs Scott Hall (with Jackie Fargo and Toby Keith)

Jarrett comes out to a round of boos and calls out Scott Hall and company to do the match now. Hall, Fargo, and Keith come out to the ring to a pretty good pop. After a little bit of showboating by Hall, we’re off.

Much to my surprise, this was a really good match. Given Hall’s antics in and out of the ring, it’s easy to forget that he’s actually a very good wrestler.

We get a run in by K-Krush, for some reason, and he’s chased out by Brian Christopher, but he did help Jarrett get out of the Razor’s Edge. Unfortunately, someone didn’t tell Toby Keith that Hall’s supposed to be a babyface, because he gets into the ring and low blows Jarrett, when it looked like Jarrett was getting the upperhand and for some reason, Hall is not disqualified.

Results: Scott Hall by pinfall, despite blatant help from Toby Keith.

Thoughts: Good match ruined by a stupid finish.

We get a recap of the reveal of the ladies for the Miss TNA match.

We get what was supposed to be the actual opener: Cheex, a VERY big African-American man vs Frank Parker.

Cheex (with Brown-Eyed Girl) vs Frank Parker

Frank Parker looks like Vin Diesel and Cheex looks winded just standing in the ring.

During the match, we’re told that next week, we’re getting a special tag match: Brian Christopher and Scott Hall vs K-Krush and Jeff Jarrett. That’s certainly more interesting than the current match, which consists of Frank Parker trying to knock Cheex down, while Cheex stands there and gets sweatier and sweatier.

Finally, Cheex mounts some offense, but Parker isn’t going away. Cheex hits Parker with some hip bumps into the corner.

For someone reason, Alicia is talking to Jeremy Borash.

Back in the ring Frank Parker is trying to turn the tables on Cheex. But Cheeks squashes him, literally, and that mess is over.

Winner: Cheex by pinfall

Comments: Thank god, that’s over.

At ringside, Borash seems annoyed with Alicia and finally gives her some money. Now, some research has told me where this storyline was supposed to be going, but I can see why it ended up being scrapped. It also shows how little respect for women in sports Vince Russo has.

Next week, we’re going to have a tag team tournament for the NWA-TNA tag titles.

We get a recap of the Brian Christopher/K-Krush mess.

K-Krush vs Brian Christopher (with Sterling Marlin and Hervey Sadler)

Despite the fact that this was supposed to be the co-main event, K-Krush is out here to a mixed reaction.

Christopher and company are out to a more positive reaction. After a little too much showboating by Christopher, Krush gets the jump on him and we’re off.

Despite his antics, Christopher is a very good wrestler, I wish he’d get a different gimmick because it’s overshadowing his talent, which can also be said for K-Krush.

That said, this wasn’t a great match. Both guys are talented, but there was just something lacking. Somehow, Scott Armstrong can’t see Marlin and Sadler getting involved, which allows Christopher to get the pin.

Winner: Brian Christopher by pinfall

Afterwards, the NASCAR guys talk some smack to Krush.

Comment: Seriously, who is the babyface supposed to be here? This is the second match where the ‘babyface’ broke the rules and had outside help.

While waiting for the next match or segment to start, we’re told that The Rainbow Express, whoever that is, is going to be in tag team action, we’ll hear from Ken Shamrock, and crown the first X-Division Champion.

Up next is the Lingerie Battle Royal for the Miss TNA contract.

Miss TNA Lingerie Battle Royal

Okay, there seems to be a mix up between Borash’s notes on the entrances but they’re playing it off as Borash is distracted (and perhaps playing Pocket Pool) over the lovely ladies.

Speaking of the ladies, all them come out clad in dowdy pajamas. Mickie’s entrance shows some of her usual energy, but it’s not quite there yet.

Since this is a battle royal, I won’t try to keep up, but I don’t think anyone, including me, is expecting Charlotte vs Sasha here.

Francine becomes a target due to her comments last week and it takes several women to strip her down, much to her chagrin. She’s so distraught that Ferrara comes over to calm her down, but things rapidly get creepy with Ferrara seeming to expect some…favors from Francine and Francine lays him out.

Results: Taylor Vaughn, but Francine is still mad, pulls on a PJ top and attacks Taylor from behind and strips her before beating her with a belt.

Comment: Uh…yeah, that happened.

Backstage, we find Goldilocks talking to Apollo, who is a big star in Puerto Rico. Apollo says that even though his entire career has been in Puerto Rico, he’s ready for tonight. Before we can find out what he’s ready for, we’re interrupted by a lady, referred to as Bobcat, who seems to think Goldilocks has a problem with her. The source of Bobcat’s discontent is that she thinks Goldilocks should be interviewing Bobcat’s, unnamed, client.

Taken aback, Goldilocks agrees to interview the guy, but Bobcat won’t shut up, implying that Goldilocks is jealous of her and that she (Bobcat) deserves some respect.

Goldilocks has had enough of this BS and tells Bobcat to take her problems to management instead of bugging her. Bobcat refuses since she claims her problem is with Goldilocks. At this point, Goldilocks ends the interview segment.

Apollo vs David Young (with Bobcat)

 So, Bobcat’s client is ID’d as David Young. Neither guy gets a big pop.

Apollo is a brick house, but a reasonably agile one. Meanwhile, Bobcat’s flirting with every male in sight, instead of paying attention to her client.

Bobcat has set her sights on Borash, who is not comfortable with this, not that Bobcat seems to care. David Young, however, does care, and isn’t happy with Bobcat’s antics, which nearly costs him the match.

This match is boring, but the real show seems to be Bobcat vs Borash’s dignity at ringside, and Bobcat seems to be winning that one.

Unfortunately, Young gets so distracted by Bobcat and Borash, that he takes too long setting up his moonsault, giving Apollo time to get out of the way and the tide has turned.

Winner: Apollo by pinfall after a TKO.

Comment: Match was BORING, but I don’t think Apollo and Young were the real focus of this segment.

Bobcat gets in the ring and acts like nothing happened, but Young isn’t happy.

We go to commercial (why is there a commercial break on a PPV?) and when we come back, Joel Gertner, of ECW fame is in the ring, and he’s just as sleazy and obnoxious as he ever was.  He also seems to think that he’s some kind of stud that the ladies can’t resist.

(Maybe the ones with no standards or self-respect.)

Back to business, Gertner points out that the Rainbow Express is gay (yes, he actually said it) and plays on the crowd’s homophobia. I’m not sure if he’s trying to get Rainbow Express over or their opponents, but the crowd is BOOING the Rainbow Express.

Oh, these guys again. Apparently, one of the guys is subbing for one of the guys from last week, who is out with a neck injury, but I’m not sure who is who in this, other than Gertner.

Rainbow Express vs The Dupps (With Fluff Dupp)

The Dupes are backstage, telling Goldilocks that they don’t want to wrestle the Rainbow Express because of their ‘alternative lifestyle’.

(Dude, one of you is sleeping with your cousin, I wouldn’t point fingers.)

Goldilocks turns around and finds NWA Vice-President Bill Behrens talking to James Storm and Chris Harris that just walked in and asking them if they would be willing to work with the Rainbow Express. The other team says sure and are sent to the ring as is.

(Okay, TNA, NOW you have my attention.)

Rainbow Express vs James Storm and Chris Harris

The future America’s Most Wanted race to the ring, still in their blue jeans and are jumped by the Rainbow Express, but Storm and Harris quickly get the upper hand.

The Express, however, aren’t going to lay down, and seemed to have fun riling up the crowd with their…unique tag in (a kiss on the hand).

Harris decides to give the Express a taste of their own medicine and fakes one of the Express members out to distract Armstrong and does a nasty looking sling blade to the other Express member.

Storm’s a little loopy and tries to tag in the other Express member before making it to his own corner and tagging in Harris.

We now have a free-for-all going, the legal Express member going for a powerslam, but Harris rolls through it for a two count.

Things get chaotic pretty quickly, but Harris gets the pin and the future tag team legends clear out.

Winner: Harris and Storm by pinfall. Storm and Harris can’t believe it and there is much celebration.

Comment: To be honest, as liberal and open-minded as I like to think I am, I can see why LGBT groups condemned the Rainbow Express. These guys were talented, but the gimmick was really awful. Though I give them props for being brave enough to do it.

Back from break, Ricky Steamboat’s back and wearing a ref’s shirt, for some reason. He asks the crowd if they’re having fun and if they show’s been great, to which the crowd gives its approval. Steamboat introduces Ken Shamrock, who gets an amazing pop.

Steamboat cites the history of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship and Shamrock’s place in it.

Shamrock takes the mic and vows to defend the belt with honor and pride.

(Okay, I forgot how boring Shamrock was on the mic.)

Back to business, Shamrock says that he appreciates all the support from his fans, and the people who don’t can kiss his ass.

We’re then interrupted by James Mitchell, who insults the crowd, and announces that he’s on a mission from God, which doesn’t go over well with the crowd, oddly enough.

He says that his agents, minions will make sure that his organization will control the NWA World Heavyweight Championship and says that since Shamrock claims to be the World’s Most Dangerous Man, he challenges Shamrock to face one of the disciples of the New Church with the belt on the line. Shamrock accepts and his opponent is revealed as Slash.

(When does the rest of Guns-n-Roses show up?)

Shamrock seems to view Slash as a joke and offers, instead, to lay the and see if ‘the freak’ can take it from him. While Shamrock is distracted by Mitchell and Slash, Axel…Oops, Malice sneaks in from behind and chokeslams Shamrock.

Steamboat tries to break it up, but he’s pretty useless and it takes all the skinny security guys TNA has to get them apart and Malice leaves.

Now it’s time for the X-Division Match.  We get a recap of the X-Division match from last week. Tenay insists that the X-Division is about extreme, no limits, wrestling, not weight classes, but that falls flat when you see that all the competitors are cruiserweights.

There seems to be some confusion with the announcers about why Styles, Low Ki, Lynn, and Psychosis are in the match, and not the Flying Elvises, who were victorious over Styles, Low Ki, and Psychosis and that the Flying Elvises are mad that they aren’t included. It’s pointed out that the brackets were already filled, but they’re trying to argue that the brackets could’ve been altered.

Round Robin Match For the X-Division Title: AJ Styles vs Low Ki vs Jerry Lynn vs Psychosis

Styles gets a nice pop. It’s odd to see him with short hair. Psychosis gets a minimal pop. Low Ki (who gives me the creeps, a little) also gets a small pop. Jerry Lynn gets a nice pop.

The rules for this match are a little tough to follow and make this more complicated than it needs to be. Apparently, everyone’s going to face each other at least twice and whoever gets the most eliminations wins…or something like that.

1st Round: Styles gets a quick victory over Psychosis and Low Ki, who seriously freaks me out and is very sloppy, before quickly being taken out by Jerry Lynn.

2nd Round: Psychosis gets the jump on Lynn, but Lynn quickly turns it around and eventually gets the pin. Low Ki tries to pick the bones but Lynn refuses to stay down and eventually gets the pin. Now it’s time for Styles vs Lynn Part 2 and Styles wants to get this done early.

Both guys are exhausted, so the moves aren’t as clean as they could be, but they are tearing the house down.

Styles nails Lynn with a Styles Clash and now we’re in sudden death because Styles and Lynn are tied at 3-1, so the match is continuing, but Ricky Steamboat is the special guest ref.

Sudden Death Match For the NWA-TNA X Division Championship: AJ Styles vs Jerry Lynn
Special Guest Referee: Ricky Steamboat

Lynn and Styles are exchanging some haymaker and are both trying to go for a quick pin to finally end this farce. Things go outside and quickly gets ugly, though Lynn seems determined to win it in the ring rather than take a countout victory.

This match was so good, I stopped taking notes, but Styles eventually gets the pinfall after a corkscrew senton, becoming the first X-Division Champion.

Result: AJ Styles by pinfall.

The pyro and confetti is going, but Steamboat is the only one still standing. Tenay says that we need to remember the name ‘AJ Styles’. Don’t worry, Professor, every wrestling fan in the world is going to know his name.

Comment: Why did they even mess with the Round Robin/Double Elimination? This should’ve been the match all along.

Overall Comments:

So, how was Episode #2 of NWA-TNA? It was actually pretty good, there were more matches and fewer backstage/in ring promo segments, which was nice.

The issue with babyfaces and heels is bothering me quite a bit. Jarrett and K-Krush were the heels, according to crowd reaction, but the babyfaces were the ones who needed outside help to win, which is not how the babyface/heel thing is supposed to work.

I still don’t like the commentary team, they need someone who can actually tell a story to head this thing and get rid of Ferrara.

Stinkers: Cheex vs Frank Parker. That was just awful.

Snoozers: Apollo vs David Young. The real match was Bobcat vs Borash outside the ring.

Match of the Night: Styles vs Lynn. That should’ve been the match for the X Division Title all along. No offense to Psychosis or Low Ki, but they weren’t needed for this match.

Final Thoughts: Overall, I liked this show, the focus on the matches instead of talking was nice. It’s still a little rough around the edges, but it was a good show overall.

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