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Chairshot Classics: Monday Night Raw #2 (1/18/93)



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Welcome everyone to the Manhattan Centre!!! Welcome to Monday Night RAW!!!!!!

It’s that time again where we travel through Monday Night Raw week by week. Last week we sat and watched the historic yet so-so first ever episode. This week, with just six days until the Royal Rumble, it’s time for

January 18 1993

Vince McMahon welcomes us to Raw. I’ve worked it out, THIS is what is missing from WWE in 2018. It’s not pyro exploding it’s someone like Vince (or in later episodes JR) screaming at us. It sort of pumps you up for the show.

Vince welcomes us to Raw and he is with Randy Savage and Rob Bartlet (noooooo). Rob Bartlet has a photo of Bobby Heenan. He says “Fight the real enemy.” as he tears it up. No idea why. In the middle of all of this, Repo Man attacks Randy Savage from behind and steals his hat before leaping over the barrier and escaping through the crowd.

Mr Perfect vs Terry Taylor

To the melodic tunes of The Red Rooster’s theme, out comes current (in 2018) NXT trainer Terry Taylor quickly folowed by his opponent Mr Perfect. Fun Fact: in the late eighties, WWE had two gimmicks and two wrestlers. They had the Mr Perfect gimmick and the Red Rooster gimmick. They had Terry Taylor and Curt Henning. WWE gave each wrestler a gimmick. Just think how different this match (and for that matter their careers) had WWE given the gimmicks the other way around. Would ‘Mr Perfect‘ Terry Talor have been a hit or miss? For that matter, how do you suppose Curt Henning would have done as the Red Rooster? Let’s make this interactive, tweet me with your opinions on that one @Callaweasy2220.

Taylor lunges at Perfect but Perfect manages to take him down with a Waistlock before rolling over Taylor to show his dominance. Taylor wins a Collar and Elbow Tie-up by pushing Perfect against the ropesbut he quickly breaks it as Randy Savage returns to commentary. Perfect catches Talor with a slap to the face. Another Collar and Elbow ends with Perfect pushing Taylor into the corner but Taylor then turns Perfect into the corner and Right Hands Perfect in the face before Chpping him twice and Irish Whipping Perfect who counters it sending Taylor into the corner. Taylor hits the corner so fast and hard that he rebounds back out of it right into a Hip Toss that Perfect follows with a Dropkick. Taylor scurries to the outside and Perfect gives chase. Taylor runs into the ring with Perfect behind him but the referee stops Perfect from following Taylor as ha bails to the outside again.

Having composed himself, Taylor is back in the ring. A Collar and Elbow is turned into a Headlock by Perfect who turns it into a takedown of sorts that gets Perfect a two count. Taylor gets back to his feet and sends Perfect off the ropes but Perfect clatters into Taylor with a Shoulder Block and a Right Hand that sends Taylor into the corner. Perfect hits a Chop and Taylor sticks his thumb in Perfect’s eye. Bobby Heenan is on the phone and he questions why Bartlet tore his picture saying that if he (Heenan) wanted the commentary job on Raw, he’d have it.

In the ring, Perfect catches Taylor with an Arm Drag that he turns into an Armbar (not to be confused with Eddie Guerrero’s former tag partner, he’s ART Barr). Taylor gets to his feet and sends Perfect off the ropes and hits him with a Hip Toss upon his return but Perfect, now on the canvas, kicks Taylor in the face wich allows Perfect time to get to his feet before hitting Taylor with a Bodyslam. Taylor, on the canvas, hits the same kick to Perfect’s face allowing him time to get to his feet where Perfect hits another Arm Drag.

Back from the ads and Perfect hits Talor with a chop in the corner but Taylor grabs Perfect by his singlet and tosses him out of the ring. Taylor rolls out of the ring and slams Perfect face first into the guard rail. Taylor drags Perfect back into the ring and hits a Jawbreaker followed by a series of kicks, a Right Hand and a Sidewalk Slam that gets a two count. Perfect fires back with some Right Hands of his own but Taylor cuts him off with another thumb to the eye and a Headbutt before taking him down with a Snapmare and wearing him down with a Chinlock. Perfect fights out of it with Axe Handles to the gut before bouncing off the ropes but Taylor catches him with a Double T Spinebuster that gets another two count and he gets another two from a Gutwrench Powerbomb. Both men exchange punches before Perfect puts Taylor’s head between his knees and jumps down (I have no idea the name of this move or how better to describe it, if you do tweet me @Callaweasy2220). Perfect catches Taylor with an Inverted Atomic Drop and a seated Throwback. Ric Flair is at ringside and his presence distracts Perfect allowing Taylor to knock Perfect out of the ring. Taylor distracts the referee allowing Flair to ram Perfect’s head into the steps and pummel Perfect with chops and punching before dumping Perfect back into the ring. Taylor picks Perfect up for a Suplex but Perfect blocks it and turns it into a Perfect Plex for the victory.

Winner: Mr Perfect

There is another girl in a bikini with a board saying ‘RAW

An ad is shown with Bret Hart for IcoPro, some nutritional thing that looks suspisiously like a steroid scandal waiting to happen.

Randy Savage is advertising Slim Jim’s (an American version of Pepperami for all the brits reading). He became famous for the slogan ‘Snap into a Slim Jim‘ from these.

Vince McMahon is in the ring with WWE Champion, Bret Hart. He tells us that Razor Ramon can say and do what he wants to Bret but Razor does not need to attack his brother, Owen, or threaten his father. Bret calls Razor ‘Scum‘. Vince asks if the match will be a technical masterclass. Bret says everyone knows he is the best at technical wrestling ut at the Royal Rumble he’s going to throw the rule book out the window. Bret says that Razor will find out why Bret is the WWE Champion because this Sunday, he’ll be the toughest, the meanest and the best.

The Undertaker and Paul Bearer appear in a pre tape advertising WWE’s ‘Headlock on Hunger‘ campaign to end people dying of starvation in Somalia. Not sure these are the best two people for this campaign though.

Marty Jannetty vs Glen Ruth

Its Enhancement Talent Time! No, not Marty…. yet. Anyone recognize Marty’s opponent? Glen will go on to become Thrasher of The Headbangers. Don’t know who they are? Google them! Or wait about four years, I’ll get to them on here.

Jannetty throws his shirt out of the ring and is attacked from behind by Glen who lays into Jannetty with an Axe Handle, Right Hands and kicks. Glen Irish Whips Jannetty but his charge is met with a Back Elbow from Jannetty who follows with a second rope Facebuster. Jannetty then Irish Whips Glen and catches him with an Arm Drag. Glen is back to his feet as Shawn Michaels calls into the show. Shawn tells us that The Rockers were a sucess due to Shawn Michales being part of it. He says The Rockers were famous for Shake, Rattle and Roll and that this Sunday he will SHAKE Jannetty’s world, RATTLE Jannetty’s bones and ROLL out of the Rumble still the Intercontinental Champion.

Jannetty is back in control and he hits a Suplex before a Snapmare into another Armbar. Glen gets back to his feet and Arm Wringers Jannetty and elbows Jannetty’s arm. Jannetty rolls out of the Arm Wringer and applies one of his own before turning it into a Hammerlock that takes Glen down before he gets a two count from a Roll Up. Glen hits a couple of punches in the corner (how is enhancement getting so much offence?) but Jannetty turns it around and hits a series of punches of his own and an Irish Whip. Jannetty applies another Hammerlock but Glen pushes him against the ropes breaking the hold before whipping Jannetty off the ropes. Jannetty slides under Glen’s legs and hits a Rocker Dropper (a move that would become the Fameasser) for the three count.

Winner: Marty Jannetty

We get the same ad for the Royal Rumble that we got last week.

Vince McMahon tells us that Crush will not be at the Rumble dueto an attack by Doink. He takes us to footage from Superstars that aired over the weekend. Following a Crush match, Doink has his arm in a sling. He wants to make peace with Crush and has a flower to give him. Crush takes the flower from Doink and heads up the isle. Doink rips his own arm out of the socket. I kid. The arm in a sling is a fake arm. Doink attacks Crush from behind with it beating him repeatedly with it.

We see the Mania comercial we got last week. Probably going to get this ad for a few weeks.

For reasons unknown, Sean Mooney is STILL outside after last week. This week, however, he is with Repo Man. Repo says it was great when he attacked Randy Savage earlier in the show and sent him flying. He then tells Sean that Savage is behind on the payments for the had and that’s why he reposessed it. Repo says that Savage never paid any attention to him until now and they have a match coming up. Repo then takes Sean’s earpiece and tells Savage that what he did was just the begining.

We go to the Royal Rumble Report. Mean Gene runs through the card for the Rumble including: Bret Hart vs Razor Ramon for the WWE Title, Shawn Michaels vs Marty Jannetty for the Intercontinental Title and The Royal Rumble itself. I personally will catch everyone up next week so we are all on the same page.

Randy Savage is now outside with Sean Mooney looking for Repo Man (he really likes this hat).

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