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Chairshot Classics: WCW Nitro Episode 6



WCW Monday Nitro

Episode 6 of WCW Nitro has some matchups that I’m excited about because I haven’t seen them in WCW. Let’s see what this episode holds!

United States Heavyweight Championship match

The Shark vs Sting

The Shark….oh man….I don’t really know what else to say. He jumps Sting right away and hits a big running powerslam, standing elbow drop and leg drop for a near fall. Sting comes back with 2 stinger splashes and a cross body from the top rope for the pin. Quick match, nothing special at all which is disappointing.

Sting wins (and retains) via pin

Sabu vs Mr. JL

Mr. JL is Jerry Lynn of ECW fame, just under a mask and with a great original name. Sabu jumps JL right at the bell and quickly hits the slingshot leg drop and slingshot leg lariat. JL hits a suicide dive and Sabu quickly counters with flipping senton over the top rope. Back in the ring, JL hits a bridging german suplex for a near fall. Sabu grabbed at his shoulder and looked to be in pain. Sabu hits a split legged moonsault for a near fall. JL draped Sabu over the top turnbuckle and hits an implant DDT. Sabu tries for a top rope frankensteiner but JL stays put. JL goes for a senton but Sabu counters into a powerbomb and locks in the camel clutch for the submission victory. This is what I expected, a fun match with lots of great spots.

Sabu wins via submission(camel clutch)

Mean Gene is in the ring with Sting and Lex Luger. Randy Savage joins them, and Sting keeps them apart. Sting is trying to get Luger and Savage to see The Giant as the threat. Sting offers Savage and Luger if they both win at Halloween Havoc, they face off again. Luger balks at the idea and Sting goads him into accepting. After this, we see a Chris Benoit vignette and we’ll see him soon.

Big Bubba vs Road Warrior Hawk

Disco Inferno is at the entrance again, dancing during the other entrances. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen Hawk in a singles match, and Big Bubba jumps him early. During the match, Disco comes to the ring to dance. Hawk chases him down the ramp but gets counted out for the loss. Disappointing is an understatement….all to get Disco on TV?

Big Bubba wins via countout

Mean Gene is in the ring to bring down Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart…again. Hogan is dressed in all black(even the neck brace) with no facial hair at all, such a strange look. Hogan is berating The Giant who apparently has a restraining order against him. During the promo, we hear police sirens and go out back to see The Giant, Kevin Sullivan and The Giant in a monster truck being stopped from entering. Hogan heads out to meet them.

Ric Flair vs Arn Anderson (Steel Cage Match)

This cage is in ROUGH shape. It looks awful and rickety and is very short compared to what we’re used to. After some back and forth, Anderson hits a spinebuster for a near fall. Brian Pillman shows up and climbs the cage, only to be tossed off the top of it by Flair. Ric goes for a figure four, but Anderson hits him and gets the pin. What? Bischoff is saying there was a foreign object. On the slow motion replay, it shows some brass knuckles that caused the pin. What a lackluster match, especially for Flair.

Arn Anderson wins via pin

After the match, Flair comes to commentary and challenges both Arn and Pillman for next week’s Nitro.

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