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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WCW Starrcade ’89 – Future Shock

SPECIAL STIPULATION FOR TONIGHT’S ACTION: This is a tournament format. Teams and individuals earn points for each bout. Winning by pinfall earns you 20 points, winning by count out earns you 15 points, a DQ win earns you 10 points and a time limit draw gives 5 points to each side.

Match #1: NWA World Tag Team Champions The Steiner Brothers (Rick Scott) vs. Doom (#1 – Ron Simmons &#2 – Butch Reed) w/Woman and Nitron
Scott and Doom #1 get the action started. Collar and elbow tie up and Scott powers #1 to the corner. Another tie up and more power is shown from Steiner. #1 shoves Scott away and they exchange right hands. A run to the ropes and Scott delivers a powerslam. A lateral press is good for a 2 count. #1 reverses the Irish whip by Scott by getting his boot up. Scott leaps over #1 and takes him down with a Steinerline. Rick is tagged in and the crowd bark. Rick teases #2 and the crowd starts clapping for the champs. Collar and elbow tie up and #1 counters a hammerlock with a chin buster. Rick ducks a clothesline from #1 and delivers a trademark belly to belly suplex.

#2 rushes the ring but the Dog Faced Gremlin takes care of him in a hurry. Doom slows it down and #2 is legally tagged into the match. A collar and elbow is followed by a knee to the face from Doom. #2 takes Rick down with a snap mare and pounds on his head. Rick ducks #2 and leaps over his shoulders on the come back before a power slam just like his brother did. Scott is tagged back in and he holds on with a side headlock. Scott executes an atomic drop and gets a 2 count. Collar and elbow take down followed by a single leg pick up by Scott. Older brother is tagged in again and #2 gets a stomp to the midsection. Rick grabs a reverse chin lock but #2 fights him off.

Scott is tagged back in and he gets a 2 count off a backbreaker. #1 is back in the ring. Scott hits an inverted atomic drop but he misses a clothesline and tumbles outside the ring. Rick takes issue inside the ring while Scott is mugged by Nitron and #2 on the floor. Scott is rolled back into the ring and #1 lands a powerslam. He gets a 2 count before choking Steiner. #2 is legally tagged back in the ring and Scott is the victim of stomps. He’s kicked out of the ring – where he’s mugged yet again. Scott is rolled back in and Doom #2 delivers a vertical suplex. Scott gets his shoulder up at 2. Scott fires shots to the gut and almost steals a win with a surprise rolls up.

Doom is still in control and #1 is tagged back in. Doom delivers a high elevation double back body drop and there is more blatant choking. Scott is whiplashed down with a spinebuster and Doom gets a 2 and a half count. Scott is held in a reverse chin lock while Doom tries to use the ropes for leverage. Doom #1 is tagged in and they double elbow the helpless champ. Rick is very impatient and Scott is dumped to the floor while the referee is distracted. Scott reverses a vertical suplex from the apron but the referee is late for the pin. Scott reverses an attempted pile driver with a back body drop but he can’t make the tag to Rick. Scott is sent to the ropes, he leaps #1 and delivers a belly to belly suplex.

Doom #2 is tagged back in but Rick is also tagged in before he can stop Scott. Rick with a massive Steinerline and a powerslam. He pulls #1 back up and clotheslines him to the floor. #2 rushes the ring but Rick is in control. #1 comes back into the ring and receives a POTATO of a right hand! Doom continues to illegally double team Rick and the referee does little to take control. Steiner ducks a double clothesline but he is tripped by Nitron on the comeback. Rick rolls to the floor and takes care of the big man with another Steinerline.

Doom #1 gives chase and Scott rushes over before his brother is outnumbered. A brawl ensues on the floor and the referee counts. Rick has his head in the game and rolls back in the ring when he gets to 9. Doom is counted out and the champs win.
Winners: The Steiner Brothers (Count-Out/15 points)

  • EA’s Take: The biggest thing that stuck out to me was that potato delivered by Rick Steiner, “Damn!”. I felt my cheek swell up! We’ve got a pretty interesting concept tonight and I’m intrigued to see how fresh they can keep it with so many matches, all involving a lot of the same participants. As for this one, we just saw it at Halloween Havoc and this was a lot more of the same, except The Steiners get some revenge via the count-out victory.

Match #2: Sting vs. NWA United States Champion Lex Luger
The crowd is loving Sting and Luger is not pleased with his reception. Luger walks up the entryway but Sting stops him. The Stinger delivers some rights and rolls him back into the ring. A knee to the midsection and another couple rights from Sting. Luger moves as Sting attempts to splash him over the top rope but Sting holds on before hitting the floor. Sting ducks a clothesline and delivers one of his own. Sting is back in the ring with another series of clotheslines and Luger tumbles to the floor.

The referee discourages Sting from following him and Luger takes advantage. He pulls Sting to the floor and bashes his head on the apron. A kick to the midsection from Luger before restarting the referee’s count. Sting stops short of having his head hit the rail and he does it to Luger instead. Luger is clotheslined down to the ground and now It’s Sting’s turn to break the count. He rolls Luger back to the ring and lands a high cross body from the top rope. Luger kicks out at 2 and begs for mercy. Sting climbs to the 2nd rope for rights but can only get 4. Sting blocks an atomic drop and comes back with a lariat. Sting hangs onto a straight arm bar and Luger is pushed down to the mat.

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Luger jockys for position and gets to his feet. He Irish whips Luger to the corner but Sting comes back with a cross body and goes right back to work on the arm. Luger is slow to his feet and lands rights in the corner. Sting gets his knee up on Luger’s Irish whip and maintains control. Sting flies for a dropkick and can only get a 2 count. Sting goes to the top for another cross body but Luger catches him and delivers an inverted atomic drop. Luger takes advantage of the new momentum and lifts Sting for another atomic drop. Luger lifts Sting for a gut buster and sends him to the ropes for a shot to the midsection. Luger punts Sting around the ring before Sting can roll to the floor.

Sting is driven head first into the railing and the referee demands they return to the ring. Sting is rolled in while Luger paces and taunts the crowd. Luger gets up to the 2nd turnbuckle and comes down with a double axe handle. He gets a 2 count. Luger stays in control and rakes Sting’s eyes on the 3rd rope. Sting is able to fight back with some kicks before the 2 exchange right hands. Luger sends Sting for a power slam. Sting escapes an attempted torture rack but Luger keeps the offense on. Luger delivers straight rights and kicks to the mid section to no avail. Sting fights back with kicks to the gut and a straight right. Stinger works over the chest and chokes Luger.

A snap suplex from Sting gives him a 2 count. Luger rolls to the floor but Sting’s on his tail. Luger is led around the floor and sits him on the apron for more straight rights. 30 seconds remain on the time limit. The two men tumble back into the ring and Luger lands on top of him. He illegally uses the ropes for leverage and gets the pin.
Winner: Lex Luger (Crossbody/20 Points)

  • EA’s Take: The crowd wouldn’t have been happy with any Sting loss so this was a clever way for him to take one. A lot more brawling than I expected, but a sufficient match nonetheless and honestly, this felt like a big match. It’s kind of a shame that it’s being wasted as part of this tournament-style format.

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