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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WCW Starrcade ’89 – Future Shock

Match #6: Sting vs. The Great Muta w/Gary Hart
Muta sprays his trademark mist in the air and the two men size each other up. Muta misses a karate kick, but he’s able to capture Sting in a full nelson. Sting reverses it into one of his own. They back to the corner and the ref breaks it up. Mule kick by Muta and he stays on the offense with some rights. Sting is taken down with a side headlock and Muta hangs on. Muta football tackles Sting, but Sting comes back with a monkey flip and a clothesline. Snap suplex by Sting and he gets a 2 count. Sting lifts him back up with a wrist lock. Stinger drops Muta with an atomic drop and kicks him to his knees.

Sting moves in for the Scorpion Deathlock, but Muta quickly gets over to the ropes. Muta rolls to the floor and checks in with Gary Hart. Muta is slow to come back into the ring. They reach out and Muta rakes the eyes. He does it once more as the ref backs him off in the corner. Sting is whipped for a back body drop and Muta takes him over with a snapmare. Muta drives in an elbow and flips over a bridging chicken wing submission. The fans are getting behind Sting, who is able to flip Muta and deliver straight rights. Both men are back to their feet and Muta is drive to the turnbuckle. Muta is whipped and lifted with a military press. Sting gets a 2 count before scoop slamming Muta and landing an elbow.

Another 2 count off a lateral press and Sting goes in for the reverse chin lock. Muta moves Sting to the corner to break the hold and gives a cheap shot in the form of a shoulder to the mid section. Hart coaches Muta from the outside. Big chop from Muta in the corner followed by a blatant choke. Sting is lifted for a back breaker and Muta heads to the top rope for a moonsault. Sting moves and Muta lands on his feet. Muta follows with a spinning heel kick and goes back to the top. Sting catches him with a drop kick and Muta is seated. Sting steps to the 2nd rope and executes a superplex for the win.
Winner: Sting (Superplex/20 Points)

  • EA’s Take: Building off previous matches, I really like the in ring chemistry of these two. Sting’s legendary, but I think Muta was one who really got the best out of him, even more so than Flair. I know, I know…blasphemer!

Match #7: Doom (#1 – Ron Simmons & #2 – Butch Reed) w/Woman and Nitron vs. The New Wild Samoans (The Samoan Savage & Fatu) w/The Big Kahuna
Fatu and #1 start up with a collar and elbow tie up. The referee breaks it up on the ropes. The 2 circles and tie up again. Doom #1 strengths him off. Another tie up and Doom takes control with a power slam. Doom #1 taunts Fatu and Woman cheers him on. Fatu reverses a scoop slam and turns it into a running power slam. Another collar and elbow and they exchange head butts. Both men fall to their corners and the partners tag in. The Savage and #2 exchange rights and Doom #2 lands a power slam.

The Savage is unaffected and lands a superkick. He goes to the top rope but misses a splash. Doom #2 stomps on Savage’s head and scoop slams him for a 2 count. Doom #1 is tagged in. He continues the momentum with a knee to the head. Savage fights back with rights but can’t land a back body drop. Doom #1 delivers a right on the mat and pounds on the Savage’s skull. A neckbreaker from #1 gets a 2 count from Doom. The Savage is choked out but fights back. A blind tag is made to Doom #2 but he also can’t deliver on the back body drop.

Doom #2 holds the Savage’s ankle and makes the tag to #1 who delivers an elbow and gets a 2 count. The Savage receives a big clothesline and is dumped out to the floor. His head is driven into the railing and he’s rolled back into the ring. The Savage reverses a whip to the ropes with a sunset flip but can only get 2. Doom attempts a running bulldog but the Savage shoves him off.

A tag is made to Doom #1, and they take advantage of the referees distraction for a double team. Scoop slam from Doom but the Savage reverses a football tackle attempt and Fatu is tagged back into the match. He hops the ropes and lands a flying headbutt. All 4 men are in the ring brawling. Fatu and Doom #2 collide head to head. #2 falls to the mat and The Big Kahuna pushes Fatu on top of his opponent to get the pin.
Winners: The New Wild Samoans (Fatu/Headbutt/20 Points)

  • EA’s Take:  Yup. Doom is definitely everyone’s whipping boys tonight, not a good thing for a still fairly new team. The New Wild Samoans is merely a name change for The Samoan SWAT Team and personally, I don’t think it was a good one. Samoan SWAT Team was much more creative, so a puzzling change for sure.

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