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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WCW Starrcade ’89 – Future Shock

Match #10: The Great Muta w/Gary Hart vs. NWA United States Champion Lex Luger
Luger limps to the ring, apparently still effected by Ric Flair’s Figure Four. Collar and elbow tie up and they break it off in the corner. Another tie up and another quick break. A 3rd tie up and this time Luger gets a knee to the mid section and an elbow. Muta is sent for a run. Luger leapfrogs him but his leg gives out. Muta focuses his attention on the leg with some submission work. Luger rakes the eyes and breaks the hold. Muta delivers more tough kicks to Luger’s leg and they’ve now rolled out to the floor. Back in the ring, and Muta continues to put pressure on the knee. Luger able to grab the rope but Muta stays on the attack.

Luger is able to land a few kicks, but cannot lift Muta for a vertical suplex. Muta continues his work in the corner and Luger is trapped in a big disadvantage. Leg spring elbow from Muta who drags Luger to the center of the ring for more submission work. Luger pulls Muta’s hand off the ankle and rakes his eyes. He lands a few elbows but only gets a 2 count. Muta kicks him in the back of the knee which brings him right back to the mat. Luger tries to escape but Muta stays right on him with a half Boston crab. Luger won’t give up so Muta modifies the hold into a modified Indian deathlock. Back to their feet, but there are more kicks to Luger’s left leg.

Muta wraps Luger’s leg around the 2nd rope and hits it more. Luger is able to fight Muta out of the corner until he receives a spinning heel kick. Muta sends Luger to the ropes for a drop kick. They are both slow to get up and Luger nails a desperation clothesline. Muta gives chase but Luger kicks him off. They exchange rights and Luger lands a back body drop off of an Irish whip. Luger pulls Muta back up and lands a hip toss. Luger tosses Muta out of the ring but he’s quickly back with the help of Gary Hart. From the apron, Muta gets a near fall from a sunset flip.

Luger hits a powerslam as it’s announced that there’s 1 minute remaining in the match. Luger signals for the torture rack but can’t get him up. Muta blows his mist in Luger’s face the referee calls the match on a count of disqualification.
Winner: Lex Luger (Disqualification/10 points)

  • EA’s Take: A fairly boring match. They were selling Luger’s leg injury hard, so this match was 75% rest submissions which was very uncommon for a Muta match.

Match #11: The Road Warriors (Hawk & Animal) w/Paul Ellering vs. The New Wild Samoans (Samoan Savage & Fatu) w/The Big Kahuna
The Warriors will need a pinfall to win the tournament. The Samoans can win from a pin, countout or DQ. Animal starts off the action with Fatu. Quick collar and elbowlbreakup before Fatu takes some early shots. Fatu lifts Animal for a piledriver but he gets right back up. Animal delivers a clothesline and Hawk is tagged in. Fatu also makes a tag. The Savage stands up to dismiss the crowd and Hawk pulls him down from the turnbuckle. He stays on him with some rights. Savage tries to fight back but Hawk wins the battle with a back body drop.

More rights from Hawk but Savage fights it off with an atomic drop. A headbutt from Savage only appears to anger Hawk. There’s a drop kick and a 2 count from Hawk. He grabs a side headlock and tags in Animal. He hangs onto the lock. Savage is able to fight it off with some knees and a tag is made to Fatu. Animal reverses a whip to the ropes with a power slam. Animal leaps Fatu and hits a big elbow. Fatu and Animal collide awkwardly in the middle of the ring and both men are down. A tag is made first to Savage and Animal receives a superkick.

Animal’s back is raked and Savage takes him down with a snapmare. Savage holds him with a reverse chinlock and Ellering gets the crowd clapping. Savage sends him for a power slam but missed on a high risk slam. A hot tag is made to Hawk who immediately chops Savage and sends him down with a football tackle. All 4 men brawl in a confusing melee. Amid the mess, Hawk heads to the top rope and lands a flying clothesline for the pinfall victory.
Winners: The Road Warriors (Hawk/Flying Clothesline/20 Points)

  • After The Bell: The Steiners join the Road Warriors in the ring to congratulate them on the win.

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