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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WWF Royal Rumble ’93

We’re getting ready for the next watch-along episode of 2MB Wrestling Podcast tomorrow! After last week’s successful Royal Rumble 1992 edition, how does the follow-up the next year stack up? There’s been a lot of changes in the WWF in the past 12 months, so let’s find out!

Match #1: The Beverly Brothers (Beau & Blake) vs. The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott)
Scott & Beau will get us started, Scott drops down and picks the leg, Beau quickly reaching for the ropes and the ref forcing the break. Beau regroups, collar & elbow lock-up, Scott with a wristlock, switches to a top wristlock and takes him down, Beau squirming again to the ropes and complaining of a hair pull. They tie-up again and Scott backs Beau to the corner, hip tosses him across the ring, Beau still complaining, this time about his tights being pulled. He gets some words of wisdom from Blake, Beau strikes with a boot and a right hand, taking control for the first time.

Irish whip to the ropes, Scott reverses, plants Beau with a tilt-a-whirl slam, Beau sliding under the bottom rope outside for a breather. The Beverlys convene on the floor, Beau heads back inside and tags out, Blake stepping in and he delivers a cheap shot to Rick on the apron. Scott gives him the tag, Rick shoves Beau off the apron, locks up with Blake and powers him into the corner, the official steps in to force the break and Blake scores with a kick to the ribs. He drives Rick head-first into the top turnbuckle, puts the boots to him, shoots him to the ropes and hits a powerslam.

He whips him back to the ropes, Rick ducks a clothesline, catches Blake in the air attempting a leapfrog and suplexes him to the canvas. Rick goes right to an armbar, Scott gets the tag, sends Blake to the ropes and tosses him with an overhead belly to belly suplex, then sets him for a double underhook. Beau hits the ring and levels Scott with a clothesline to prevent it, Blake with a backbreaker and he brings Beau in legally. Beau comes off the 2nd rope with a double axe to the lower back, drops an elbow and admires his work. He cracks Scott with another backbreaker for a count of 2, drags him to the corner to make a tag, Blake dropping a headbutt, then rebounds Scott off the ropes for a forearm to the spine.

Another tag and Beau fires away with fists, puts Scott in his corner, baits Rick into the ring and Blake chokes Scott with the tag rope behind the official’s back. Beau hits Scott with a butterfly suplex for 2, Blake re-enters the match, snapmares him over and slaps on a Boston crab. Scott starts to get an adrenaline rush, Beau comes in to drop an elbow on him, Blake releasing the hold and looks for a vertical suplex. Scott blocks and hits one of his own, crawls toward his brother, but Beau tags and drops a seated senton to the lower back. He shoots Scott hard into the turnbuckles, continues to punish the spine, irish whip to the ropes for a back body drop, Scott has it scouted and counters with a double underhook powerbomb.

We get tags on both sides, Rick shoots Blake to the ropes for a high back body drop, throws him across the ring with a release German suplex, then clocks Beau coming inside to try and help out. Rick props Blake on the top turnbuckle, Beau with a clubbing shot from behind, The Beverlys send him to the ropes for a double clothesline, Rick ducking it and flattening them both with clotheslines of his own. He makes a cover, but Beau is right there to break it up at 2, he sends Rick through the ropes to the outside, Scott making the tag as he falls to the floor.

Scott is in and shoves Beau to the corner for right hands from the 2nd rope, Blake comes from behind and gets Scott on his shoulders, Beau heading to the top rope for a clothesline. Scott counters just in time with a victory roll for a near fall, Rick drags Blake to the outside, Scott countering a whip to the ropes in the ring, spikes Beau with the Frankensteiner and gets the pinfall.
Winners: The Steiner Brothers (Scott/Frankensteiner)

  • EA’s Take: Great start to the night with this tag match featuring the WWF PPV debut of one of WCW’s most successful teams, The Steiners. Rick & Scott left WCW in November ’92 (Scott vacating the Television Title) and very quickly jumped to the WWF, debuting during an interview on December 21st. Their reputation had preceded them and they were very over from the minute they walked in the door, basically as the same characters they had been in WCW, but with much more emphasis on their backgrounds at the University of Michigan. The Steiners would swiftly move up the ranks of the WWF’s depleted tag division, meanwhile for The Beverlys, this would serve as their final WWF PPV appearance. Beau (Wayne Bloom) would leave the company in April, with Blake (Mike Enos) not far behind. The two would briefly reunite in WCW in 1997, but it was only as an enhancement team.

Video: The Rockers were one of the most popular teams in WWF history, thriving on tandem maneuvers between Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty. Dissension would mount between them, Shawn eventually superkicking Marty on Brutus Beefcake’s Barber Shop and driving him through the glass window. Michaels’ solo career was in full swing, but Jannetty would eventually return and unleash his anger on his former partner. Marty would swipe Shawn’s mirror away from ‘Sensational’ Sherri and look to return the favor on Michaels, but Shawn would pull Sherri right into harm’s way.

Match #2 for the WWF Intercontinental Championship: Marty Jannetty vs. WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels
‘Sensational’ Sherri makes her way to ringside, making her return tonight after taking the mirror shot. Shawn invites her into the ring pre-match, but she’s content to stay on the floor. We’re finally underway and the two meet face-to-face in the center of the ring, pushing and shoving before Marty scores with a big right hand. Michaels quickly rolls to the outside, Jannetty’s in pursuit, chases him back in, the champion hits the ropes and Marty ducks down for a back body drop. Shawn puts on the brakes and sends the challenger in for a back body drop, Jannetty has it scouted and plants him with a facebuster, then unloads with a flurry of right hands.

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Irish whip to the corner turns Michaels inside-out, Marty splits him with an inverted atomic drop, drives in a big knee lift and Shawn goes flying over the top to the floor. He pulls himself to the apron, Jannetty flips him back in, delivers a clothesline to the back and sends the champion back out on the other side. Marty builds a head of steam and takes to the air with a suicide dive, rolls back in and climbs up top for a right hand to the outside, goes back to the well and this time Shawn catches him with a fist in the air. Shawn rolls in to break the count, comes back out and rams the challenger shoulder-first into the ring post, then again. He tosses Marty back in the ring, cracks him with a shoulder breaker, props Jannetty up in the corner and starts firing away at the left arm.

The challenger rolls to the outside to escape, Michaels follows him and charges in with a double axe from behind, then slams him on the floor and slides into the squared circle. Shawn drags Marty back in and keeps the punishment going on the shoulder joint, stomping away and driving it into the top turnbuckle. Michaels heads upstairs and delivers a double axe handle to the left shoulder, slaps on an armbar and grounds the challenger. Jannetty works to his feet and hammers away with rights, shoots Shawn into the ropes, the champion puts on the brakes and plants him with an armbreaker for a near fall, staying on the injured limb.

He goes to a wristlock, Marty answers with right hands, can’t build off it and Michaels slams him, then climbs to the 2nd rope. He comes down and the challenger sticks his boot under the chin, Shawn to his feet first, whips Marty hard into the corner and runs in, Jannetty getting a back elbow up. Michaels rushes back in, Marty side-steps and the champion drives his shoulder into the ring post, both guys doubling down. They struggle to their feet and exchange punches, Jannetty gets the better of it, hits the ropes and connects with a haymaker, Michaels grabs the tights and pulls him to the outside. The champion pulls Jannetty to the apron by the hair and attempts to suplex him back in, the challenger blocks and hits one of his own, sending Michaels crashing to the floor

Sherri comes around ringside looking concerned for Shawn, he looks to her for comfort, but she slaps him across the face instead, Jannetty then pulling him to the apron. Michaels with a wild right hand, Marty ducks it, brings him back inside with a back suplex, but only gains a count of 2. He shoots the champion hard into the corner, Shawn goes flying over the top to the outside, Marty goes after him and drives Michaels off the ring steps before rolling him back in. Shawn’s looking to escape, the challenger sends him to the ropes, Michaels ducking a right hand, but gets caught coming back through with a powerslam.

Jannetty ascends the turnbuckles to the top for the fist drop, the champion rolls out of the way, but Marty lands on his feet and spikes him with a DDT for a near fall. He shoots Shawn into the corner and follows him in, the champion hops up and over for a superkick, Marty ducks it, drops Michaels with one of his own, but only gets 2. Irish whip to the ropes for a back body drop, the champion counters with a sunset flip, Jannetty blocks it and drops down for 2, rolls through and catapults him into the top turnbuckle, gaining another near fall.

Michaels rears back for a right hand and the ref catches an elbow, the challenger ducks a punch and locks Shawn in a full nelson, then calls Sherri to get into the ring. The Sensational One obliges, takes her shoe off to clock the champion, but he avoids it and Marty gets nailed. Michaels gets in her face now and backs her into the corner berating her, turns back to the challenger and drills him with a superkick, the official comes to and the champion retains.
Winner and STILL WWF Intercontinental Champion: Shawn Michaels (Superkick)

  • After The Bell: Sherri sprints to the back and is shown on the video screen running into Gene Okerlund. Michaels watches on and makes his way to her location, gets in her face again, but here comes Jannetty and they brawl before referees break them apart.
  • EA’s Take: This was a great match here, excellent pacing and perfect use of Sherri at ringside. The formation of The Rockers years ago came after finding out they had chemistry together as opponents, now revisiting it when the two are grizzled veterans. Their rivalry was just getting started, however it would meet a roadblock when Jannetty was released from the company following this match. Rumors circulated that he had been under the influence of drugs or alcohol during this contest, so the story was dropped for a period-in-time before Jannetty would return again in May. To this day he denies that he was on anything that night and believes Michaels was the one who started the rumor.

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