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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WWF SummerSlam 2000

The current Hardcore Champion, Shane McMahon enters next and is running to the ring like he is being chased. There is a recap, per usual, of the events leading to this spot. Shane ambushed Steve Blackman during a match with a kendo stick and was able to secure a pin and the Hardcore Title. On a side note it is said that Shane delivered the famed “Spectacular, But safe” speech before the show that is usually done by Vince. Who better to deliver it than the Hardcore Champ. Steve Blackman is out next and is bringing a trash can and kendo stick with him. He enters the ring and Shane exits to the apron. Blackman then throws him the stick but Shane throws it right back. He eventually takes it when Blackman turns his back and tries to ambush him. This doesn’t work as Blackman is waiting and nails Shane with a punch that floors him. Shane quickly rolls from the ring, and the crowd is hot. Shane runs around the ring and through the fans as Blackman chases him. He catches him in the crowd and crushes the garbage can over Shane’s head. They continue to brawl through the fans as they make their way back to ringside. Blackman throws Shane back into the ring and joins him after he finds some lids for the garbage cans under the ring and throws them in also. He whips Shane off the ropes and takes his legs out with the lid. After he is finished with the lids, he leaves the ring to check under it for more weapons. He finds another can, Escrima Sticks and a leather strap, all of which he throws into the ring. He then places the trash can over the head of Shane and beats it with the sticks. He eventually takes Shane back to the ground with a superkick before yelling “we’re not done yet”.

Blackman removes the can and wraps the leather strap around the neck of McMahon. He then puts Shane on the top turnbuckle and yanks him back to the mat with the strap. Blackman then pulls on the strap to put Shane in a camel clutch type move using it. Prince Albert and Test run in at this point and break the hold. The pair stomp Blackman and then set a trash can up in the corner. They whip Blackman into is and Albert follows by slashing onto Blackman, who is on top of the trashcan. Next Albert lays a trashcan lid over the chest of Blackman and Test comes off the top rope with an elbow onto the lid. Blackman tries to break free as Test and Albert hold his arms so Shane can deliver his punch combo but this doesn’t work and Blackman is soon layed out with a diving street sign to the face. The trio then begin to lead Blackman down the entrance ramp and towards the exit. They attempt to push a huge speaker onto Blackman but he rolls from harms way. Blackman finally recovers after he ducks under a Kendo Stick shot from Test that connects with Albert instead. Blackman now has the stick and is beating the two with it. Shane runs away and starts to climb the scaffolding, but Blackman is right there behind him. Blackman catches up to him and starts to hit him with the Kendo Stick. This eventually leads to Shane falling from the scaffolding to the ground which was an estimated 50 feet. This was a well planned stunt that Shane had done on the day before to practice. Regardless, this is still a crazy spot and just shows that the McMahon’s really wouldn’t ask the talent to do anything they wouldn’t do. Blackman climbs about halfway back down before he leaps and drops an elbow onto Shane. This gets Blackman the three count and he is the new WWF Hardcore Champion. This match wasn’t bad but it wasn’t amazing either. The best spot is Shane’s big bump, which is must-see stuff. Match Time: 10:07

There is a quick clip of Shane being wheeled through the back on a stretcher before it cuts to Stephanie in her dressing room and she is worried about her brother. Its a this point Kurt Angle enters and offers her a hug to console her, which she accepts. Commissioner Foley walks in on them mid-embrace and tells her Shane is ok “but I think he landed on his kisser”. They leave the locker room and leave Kurt standing there looking lost.


JR introduces us to our next match between Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit and mentions he doesn’t think Shane will still be in the corner with Benoit, as was originally planned. This is a best 2/3 falls match and there is a normal video that shows the build up next. Not much happened in the story to get here other than them jumping each other and beating the hell out of each other in different places in the back. The best part of the build-up is Jericho insulting Benoit in a Dr. Seuss like fashion. This is great and you should check it out.


Y2J, Chris Jericho is out next and receives a standing ovation as he makes his way to the ring. After his celebration Chris Benoit comes down the aisle and when he hits the ring the two instantly come to blows before the bell sounds. They roll on the floor and exchange punches as the crowd chants “Y2J”. They eventually tumble over the top ropes and Benoit comes out on top after he pancakes Jericho into the ring post. Benoit returns Jericho to the ring and this leads to him attempting the Cross-Face but Jericho wiggles free. He attempts to put The Walls of Jericho on Benoit but when he cant turn him over he catapults him into the turnbuckle instead. He follows that with a German suplex but this only leads to a two count. Benoit reverses a piledriver into a shoulder breaker but his momentum is short lived as Jericho sneaks in a bulldog that allows him to go for the Lionsault. Benoit gets the knees up though and this sets up the Crippler Cross-Face. He locks it in and Jericho is soon tapping out and giving Benoit the first fall.


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Benoit wastes no time re-applying the Cross-Face, and has it locked if for sometime, before Jericho gets to the ropes. Benoit continues to work the shoulder until Y2J comes off an Irish whip and lays Benoit flat with a forearm. Benoit doesn’t let the momentum last long and is soon attempting his triple German suplex. Jericho takes the first one but manages to reverse the second attempt into The Walls of Jericho. Benoit almost makes it to the ropes before Jericho drags him back to the center. And Benoit is soon tapping out as Jericho is rewarded the second fall.


We are tied at one fall a piece and Jericho instantly begins to attack the back of Benoit. A cool spot comes next when Jericho gets some great hang time when he hits a spinning back elbow off the top rope. Jericho covers after but only gets the two. He attempts to powerbomb Benoit but he reverses it into a back drop for a pin, but again only a two. He hits a full nelson suplex on Jericho next that gives him time to climb to the top rope. Jericho is quick to stun him and climb the ropes with him and deliver a top rope hurricanrana that leaves both men on the mat. Jericho eventually rolls over for the cover but yet again Benoit kicks out. Y2J takes him to the mat with a pair of clotheslines, but Benoit is right back up and it takes a spinning heel kick to keep him down. Jericho again tries to cover but Benoit manages to get his foot on the rope to stop the count. Jericho hits a lionsault,m but Benoit reverses the school boy pin into an inside cradle and steals the win and uses the rope for leverage to do so. This match has been the best one so far and is a must watch on this card. Take the time to enjoy these two technical wresting legends. Match Time: 13:20


We finally see The Game, Triple H, enter the arena before we cut to another clip of Kurt Angle kissing Stephanie. They are really trying to drive this point home and build to the Main Event. It is strange to me thought that this storyline doesn’t contain the main player in the match and the WWF Heavyweight Champion, The Rock.


Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler introduce the next match, the first ever Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. The Tag Team Champions, Edge and Christian will defend their gold against The Hardyz and The Dudley Boyz. The premise is that Edge and Christian are fans of using chairs, The Hardyz ladders and The Dudleyz, obviously tables. This is one of my all-time favorite rivalries and this is the start of it really picking up. The Champs, Edge and Christian, enter first and don’t receive any reaction from the fans. The Dudleyz are next out and they receive a little pop at least. But when the hometown heroes, The Hardyz, enter, the place explodes. They waste no time and run to the ring to start the fight.


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This is an absolutely chaotic match to cover as there is so much going on that you just cant cover every spot. My advice before I highlight this is just go watch it. It’s absolutely nuts and the risks these athlete take to entertain us is equally as crazy. Edge and Christian bring the chairs in the ring and the Hardyz eat them both. Edge brings a ladder in, but Bubba Ray makes him regret that decision and slams him into it as it lays against the ropes. Bubba sets the ladder up and begins to climb as the “we want tables” chants begin. The Hardyz are there to stop him and powerbomb him off the ladder. Bubba’s foot gets caught in it and this leads to the ladder falling on him. Dvon sets a ladder up next Jeff’s ladder and start to climb up next to him but Christian climbs up behind them and takes them off the ladder with a double Russian leg sweep. Christian starts to climb next but Bubba climb up with him and delivers a vicious Bubba-bomb off the top of the ladders. Edge throws Jeff off next and he lands on a pile of ladders. When he lands a ladder pops up and hits Matt it the head. This doesn’t appear to be a work either. Jeff ducks under Edge and Christian’s Con-Chair-To and they instead bang chairs together. This leads to Bubba clearing the ring with ladder clotheslines. The crowd is going crazy as the Dudleyz hit the “Wuz Up” with Dvon coming of the top of the ladder. We get a “Dvon, get the tables!” nevxt and the crowd is in a frenzy. They set one up and 3D Christian through a table. The Dudleyz then return to the outside to set up a 2×2 stack of tables outside the ring. Edge clears the ring with a chair before they can use the stack. Matt comes in and hits a Twist of Fate on Edge and then Matt and Jeff both perform leg drops off the ladder onto him. They sandwich Edge between a ladder and Matt throws Christian off the top rope onto the sandwiched Edge. These bumps are just plain crazy and I am loving every moment of it. Jeff sets Bubba on two tables outside the ring and climbs what must be a twenty five foot ladder and Swanton bombs off the top of it, but Bubba moves out of the way. This really is crazy.

Matt brings the tall ladder in the ring and he, Christian, Edge and Dvon start to ascend it. Matt comes off it by getting a reverse DDT from Christian and the other two throw each other off of it and onto the top rope. This leads to Bubba hurrying into the ring to begin climbing the ladder. Edge and Christian are quick to their feet and shove him off the top of the ladder and through the 2×2 stack of tables outside. This is just insane looking.


E and C begin to climb the ladder but this is were Lita makes her run-in and knocks the ladder over, causing the team to land on the top rope, spread eagle. And the “Tar-Heelians” are going wild as Matt Hardy start to climb the ladder. Dvon makes the save by dumping Matt off the ladder backwards and to the outside of the ring, again through two tables. Lita comes to check on him and this is when Edge spears her and she hits the back of her head on the corner of the ladder. If you’re still keeping track that’s the third time a dude assaulted a chick. Dvon and Jeff climb up next and grab the belts at the same time. Edge kicks the ladder out and this leaves both men suspended above the ring. Edge resets the ladder and after Jeff knocks Dvon down, Edge and Christian throw a ladder at him to knock him to the mat. This allows Edge and Christian to climb the ladder and retain their Tag Titles. This match is straight fire and I cant emphasize enough that you should watch it. Match Time: 14:51


There is a quick clip next with Stephanie and Triple H in the back and he is demanding an explanation for the kiss Kurt gave her. She says Kurt took advantage of her because she because she was disoriented from a head shot earlier in the night. Triple H finishes by telling her after tonight they wont have to worry about Kurt Angle anymore.


The Kat and Al Snow enter first for the first ever Stink Face match. This is real folks. The camera man does a good job capturing The Kat’s backside as she enters the ring. Her opponent Terri makes her way to the ring next, but not before stopping to strip off her dress and reveal her skimpy bathing suit. The European Champion, Perry Saturn runs out the wrap her in a towel which angers the fans. The match begins, and from a wresting standpoint its pure trash, but if you take the perspective that it is two 3/4 naked ladies rolling around the ring with each other, it is entertaining. The best part of it is the King and JR’s commentary. At one point Kat gives Terri a Bronco Buster and King responds with “I’ve been trying to get one of those for months”. The King was dating The Kat in real life at this time. The Kat eventually hits Terri with the Al Show Head and this leads to her getting the Stink Face. Match Time: 3:04

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