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Cody Starts ‘Nightmare Family’ YouTube Channel, Premieres New ‘All Us’ Show



Earlier today, Cody took to Twitter with a tease for an announcement coming tonight that led to a lot of speculation on what said announcement could be. Most believe it would revolve around the upcoming All In show that Cody’s co-producing with The Young Bucks (and speculatively with help from Ring Of Honor), which will emanate from the Sears Centre in Chicago, Illinois on September 1st:

Yesterday, it was reported that the event would be broadcast in some capacity (which you can read here) after weeks of speculation on whether or not fans who couldn’t get a ticket could tune in. Cody has now announced the start of his own YouTube channel, ‘Nightmare Family’, also premiering the first episode of ‘All Us’, explaining some of the ins-and-outs of All In:

Among the topics discussed, Cody and The Young Bucks reaffirmed that the show will be filmed, but also addressed the possibility of current IWGP Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho appearing when answering a question on who called them after All In sold out:

Cody: “Y2J…and he’s not saying he wants to be on the show. He’s the biggest tease in the history of all teases. ‘Hey my invitation got lost in the mail, I’m Chris Jericho’, walks away. ‘Oh, you guys are doing so great’.”

Matt: “I think that’s the allure of it, I think he’s doing that purposely ’cause he wants us to like, finally hit him up and beg him almost. And I would love to have him on the show, of course I would.”

Nick: “At this point, we know he’s going to give us a fee. I don’t know if we can afford it to be honest, I’m gonna be honest. If we want to make a little bit of money.”

Cody: “Spend it now, make more later. We can pay Jericho’s price. Well, maybe.”

They would also speak on hearing from Hulk Hogan and how ‘The Hulkster’ may have hinted at wanting to be involved, the fans almost being the ones who have booked the event and much more.

EA’s Take: Another brilliant move here to get interest in themselves and All In by starting this series/channel. I wouldn’t even call myself a tremendous fan of theirs and I was sucked into it. Must watch if you’re a wrestling fan, they continue to give more teases for All In, thus setting up for an even bigger one next year with how much publicity and buzz the show’s getting. Quite frankly, I think if you’re going to tease Jericho like this, which is what I took that part as, you almost have to get him now. It appears as if Jericho’s recent comments about not wanting to work against Vince in the United States were probably just another work by one of the best ever.


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