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Former WWE Referee Tim White On Latest Prime Time With Sean Mooney



The Chairshot was sent the following clip for the newest episode of Prime Time With Sean Mooney which featured former WWE referee Tim White, discussing his involvement in the infamous Hell In A Cell Match between The Undertaker and Mankind at King Of The Ring twenty years ago today:

“I do remember this. I was having a heart attack through the whole match because when I spoke to Mick [Mankind] and Mark [Undertaker] they told me the spots I need to know, but I didn’t know they were going to do some of that stuff and then when it broke down, now I’m going, ‘Oh my god, oh my god’. Is it gonna make it to the finish or what’s going on ’cause you’re always communicating back and forth. I’ll never forget after he [Mankind] went through the top…after he [Undertaker] threw him off through the announce table, then he dropped through and he’s crawling to the corner and then Taker climbs back down and gets in the ring and he goes, ‘See if he’s breathing’. I got over to Foley and his tooth is up through his nose, he’s bleeding from his eyes, his ears and everything.”

You can check out the full clip below:

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