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Ja’ Von’s Impact Wrestling Live Report (6/21/18)



Quick Results:

Z & E vs LAX(Impact Tag Team Championships): AND NEW Impact World Tag Team Champions LAX via pinfall 

KM vs Scott Steiner: Scott Steiner via submission 

Madison Rayne vs Taya Valykire: Madison Rayne via pinfall

oVe vs Pentagon Jr. &Fantasma: Pentagon Jr. & Fantasma via pinfall 

Play by Play:

Tonight’s episode is in memory of Leon White aka Big Van Vader.

Impact opens with a cold opening that recapped everything that happened last week.

Impact tonight kicks off with the Tag Team Championship Match.

Z & E vs LAX(Impact Tag Team Championships):

LAX make their way to the win to challenge for the tag team titles. Z & E make their way to the ring to defend their titles. Both teams meet on the ramp and begin throw hands with each other.

Santana is in control of Andrew Everett while Ortiz throws a chair in the face of DJZ. Santana continues to throw Everett face first on the guardrail while Ortiz continues to hit DJZ with a chair. Santana brings Everret back in the ring but Andrew regains control and sends Santana to the outside followed by a dive to the outside taking him out. DJZ looked to follow up but to no avail. Both teams finally get things situated and the legal men in thering are DJZ and Santana. DJZ begins to wear down Santana with a submission but Santana fights free and DJZ tags in Andrew. Everett goes on a small tear but eventually gets grounded by LAX. Santana tags in Ortiz and they hit a suplex backbreaker combo which gets Ortiz a two count. LAX continues the double team maneuvers on Everett which leads to Santana tagging in. Santana goes on a roll which leads to a nearfall. Ortiz is tagged in a hits a northern lights suplex for a nearfall. Everrett is able to fight back and tag in DJZ. DJZ brings the fight to LAX which leads to Everrett to get back in the ring and the duo begins hitting double team maneuvers. Andrew launches off of DJZ’s shoulders hitting a sunset flip powerbomb on Santana and DJZ gets a two count. Ortiz gets back in the ring and eats a pele kick from Andrew for his troubles. DJZ Irish whips Ortiz into Everrett who hits a facebuster and DJZ goes for the cover on Sanatana for a nearfall as we go to break. Back from break Z & E are in control until they side step Everrett and LAX take out both guys which lead to Santana getting a two count on DJZ. LAX looks to stay in control but Everrett get back on the apron and tags himself in with a blind tag. They both go on the attack and Everett and DJZ hit moonsaults on Ortiz. Everett goes to the top for a tope rope move but Santana pulls DJZ out of the ring which distracts Andrew as he misses the move and LAX hits the Street Sweeper for the pinfall victory.

Winners AND NEW Impact World Tag Team Champions: LAX via pinfall 

Jimmy Jacob’s and Kongo Kong are backstage and begin to explain their actions from last week. Jacobs says that Cage walks around thinks that he always gets what he wants. Jimmy says he’s a princess and gets what he wants. He says that Cage has a vulnerability.  Jimmy also says what he wants is to show the world that the machine is no match for the monster.

Back from break and we see a video package of how KM and Fallah Bahh got together and how they came to blows like week. KM comes to the ring and says that he took Fallah Bahh under his wing. He goes on to say that he is bigger than Impact Wrestling and they should rename the company “KMpact Wrestling.”

He says that Bahh is tough headed and doesn’t listen then calls out Fallah Bahh. Fallah Bahh makes his way to the ring. Fallah reaches in his tights and grabs a note and hands it to KM. KM reads the note and it states that he isn’t going to wrestle him but a wrestler who is on standby.

KM thinks its Standby Wrestler Richard Justice but it turns out to be Scott Steiner.

KM vs Scott Steiner:

Scott Steiner makes his way to the ring.

KM gets the jump on Scott Steiner but Stiener regains control and hits a overhead belly to belly on KM. The match spills to the outside and Stiener begins to lay in the punches tr hen Irish whips him into the steel stairs. Scott brings him back in the ring and KM begs for him to stop but Stiener doesn’t fall for it and kicks him in the midsection. Scott tosses him into the corner and continues to lay in the kicks. KM gets control of the match for all of a second then while in the corner Stiener drops KM face first then locks in the Stiener Recliner for the submission victory.

Winner: Scott Steiner via submission

Back from break and we are shown a recap of what happend at the recent press conference in Toronto where they announced Austin Aries will defend the world title against Moose at Salmmiversary. Moose says he has been waiting 15 years for this opportunity and will beat Aries and become the world champion. Aries announced the merger of the grand championship and world championship. He then goes to run down his resume and says that this isn’t his second career after he failed his first.

They then play a video package hyping Slammiversary.

Eddie Edwards recently went home to find himself. We see Eddie pull up to his house and tries to get in but is locked out of the house. Eddie calla his wife but she doesn’t answer the phone.

Eddie is going berserk and knocks down the door and grabs a beer to find that the house is empty. Eddie is going frantic calling out his wife’s name but no one is home. Eddie then looks in a mirror but only sees Sami Callihan. Everything that happend in the woods begins to play in his mind over and over driving Eddie crazy as he destroys the mirror and blames everything on Sami saying “You did this. You know you did this.”

Back from break and we have oVe and the oVe cam. Sami is tried of people stickingvtheir noise in their business. Callihan says they are going to make an example of Pentagon and Fantasma.

Madison Rayne vs Taya Valykire:

“Lucha Royalty” Taya Valykire makes her way to the ring.

Madison Rayne makes her way to the ring for the match. Collar and elbow tie up with Taya getting the advantage with the go behind and slams Madison down to the mat. Rayne gains control of rhe match as she side steps Taya who went for a splash in the corner. Rayne slises betwen the legs of Taya but then gets caught by Taya who regains control of the match and brings her back down to the mat. Taya follows it up with a powerslam which gets her a two count. Taya puts Madison into the corner and kicks the inner leg of Madison. Tya then puts her on the top rope and lays in the forearms. Rayne counters with a kick and lands a missle dropckick and both ladies are down. Both ladies get up but Madison is still in control and lays in the forarmans. Taya is tocked but looks for a clothesline and Rayne ducks and hits a ripcord cutter on Taya for a nearfall. Rayne looks for a tilt a whirl headscissors but Taya stops her and gets tossed in a conrer and hits Madison with her backside followed by a meteora. Madison then fifhts back and counters into a schoolgirl for a two count and looks to follow up with the northern lights but Taya stops her and stomps her head into the mat for a two count. Madiosn fights back and hits an enzguri followed by Cross Rayne for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Madison Rayne via pinfall

After the match Madison grabs a mic and says that its always exciting to come back home to the Impact Zone. She says she didnt intend to be an in-ring competitor when she returned. She says he has been making career moments by defeating Tessa Blanchard and Taya Valykire. Madison says that Impact Management promised her that if she can beat Taya tonight that she will challenge for the Knockouts Championship.

She is dedicating the match to ger daughter and fans. After the announcement Rayne is interrupted by some domonic laughter of Su Yung.

Back in ththe clubhouse LAX and King are celebrating their tirle victory. Konan returns and he says that he needs to talk with King.

Back from break Konan says things arent making sense and asks him what’s going on. King says that he has everyone looking into it. Konan ask about Homicide and King says that Homicide is answering to him right now.  Konan suspects everyone right now and threatens King if he found out he had anything to do with his attack.

The mystery attacker name is Killer Kross and he says fear is a funny thing and that most men feared fear. Kross says that everyone is asking why but he says why not. He also says there is no continuity in this place and he did what he had to do. He wants to tear the place down and says he is the new beginning.

A vignette is played for the Desi Hit Squad saying they are coming soon.

GWN Flashbsck Moment of the Week: 

Sonjay Dutt vs Low-Ki for the X-Division Championship

oVe vs Pentagon Jr. & Fantasma:


oVe make their way to the ring accompanied by Sami Callihan. Fantasma opens out and waits for his partner on the. Pentagon and Fantasma run to the ring and get the jump on oVe. They kick them into separate corners and send Jake Christ to the floor. Dave Christ is alone in the ring with Pentagon as Pentagon hits a chop on the chest of Dave. Jake Christ comes into the ting to save his brother but gets stop in his tracks. Jake is put in the corner and eats a chop for his troubles. Pentagon goes for an irish whip but Jake Christ couters and Fantasma taga himself in while Jake Christ is out on the floor. Fantasma then hits The Arrow from the depths of Hell on Jake Christ. Pentagon then goes on the attack on Dave Christ. Fantasma brings Jake back in the ring while Pentagon is dealing with Dave. The referee is also on the outside with Pentagon and Dave which allows for Callihan to hit Fantasma in the back of the knee with his baseball bat. oVe is in control as we go to break. Backfrom break and Jake Christ is in control of Fantasma. Jake drags him to his corner and Dave tags in. Dave stays in control ofthr match and takes out Pentagon then gets a one count on Fantasma followed by wearing him down with a chinlock.  Dave then tags in Jake and they both hit kicks on Fantasma. Fantasmathen fights back and hits a tilt a whirl backwards then a headscissors for a two count. Jake Christ then fights back and gains control of the match again then tags in his brother. Dave begins to weardowns Fantasma. Dave then tags in Jake again and he locks in a leg submission on Fantasma. Jake then drops the knee of Fantasma on the mat then knocks Pentagon off the apron. Jake Christ is able to lay in a forearm but Fantasma fights fre and tags in Pentagon as Jake tags in Dave. Pentagon then hits a slingbalde on each Christ Brother. Pentagon looks to take out both Dave and Jake Christ but Jake Christ fights back and lays a superkick and roundhouse. Jake follows up with a tombstone but Pentagon fights free. The Christ brothers do get Pentagon in the corner and land a suplex into a powerbomb but in tje final stretch of the match Pentagon fights back and takes out Dave Christ and hits the Pentagon Driver on Jake for the pinfall victory.

Winners: Pentagon Jr. & Fantasma via pinfall

After the match there is a post match brawl where Sami hits Pentagon on the side of the head with his baseball bat. They then look to rip the mask off of Pentagon but Fantasma makes the save with a steel chair. oVe stand tall on the ramp to close ththe show.

Next Week:

Ja’ Von’s Thoughts: I enjoyed the show a lot we got to see tons of progression. Another championship match was made for Slammiversary. Speaking of championship matches we saw new tag champions crowned tonight. Overall this was a really good show and expect the viewership to either be up or stay steady.

My Score: 7/10




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