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Official Chairshot Picks: WWE Money in the Bank 2018



WWE Money In The Bank

With Money in the Bank on the horizon, and most of the predictions being close after NXT Takeover Chicago II, it seems like this will be the show to start swinging the standings. If you’re curious who was in the lead going into this weekend, click here.

Regardless, the Money in the Bank matches are always fun and a great way to make a storyline out of nothing, purely for having a briefcase. It works for some (Carmella) and others have to shave their head out of embarrassment (Corbin).

So now, let’s just see what everyone thinks is going to happen.


SmackDown Tag Team Championships: Bludgeon Brothers (c) vs Gallows & Anderson

With the Bludgeon Brothers making short work of the two most established tag teams in WWE last few years (New Day and The Usos), a new challenger had to step up. Gallows & Anderson have worldwide legitimacy, but they haven’t really been impressive in WWE. This feels more like an excuse to debut Sanity, since Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe match up size wise. Plus it has to be noted that the Bludgeons have proven to be vulnerable in singles action, so they’re not as unstoppable as they once were.

Greg: Bludgeon Bros
Andrew: Bludgeon Bros
Denise: Bludgeon Bros
Josh: Bludgeon Bros
Tiffany: Bludgeon Bros
Eric: Bludgeon Bros
Mathew: Bludgeon Bros
Rob: Bludgeon Bros
Rey Cash: Bludgeon Bros
Deeze: Bludgeon Bros
Mitchell: Bludgeon Bros
Rick: Bludgeon Bros
Francesca: Bludgeon Bros
Patrick: Bludgeon Bros
Levin: Bludgeon Bros
Issa: Bludgeon Bros
Weigell: Bludgeon Bros
Sarah: Bludgeon Bros
Scott: Bludgeon Bros
Platt: Bludgeon Bros
Lawson: Bludgeon Bros
DPP: Bludgeon Bros
Cook: Bludgeon Bros
PC: Bludgeon Bros
Big Dave: Bludgeon Bros
Jimi: Gallows & Anderson
Harry: Bludgeon Bros
Tony: Bludgeon Bros

Official Chairshot Pick: Bludgeon Bros 27-1

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Well it’s an eight person ladder match, so as we all know, most people have a chance. Lana is obviously the long shot, but arguments can be made for all of the rest. Should be interesting to see if SmackDown gets another  Women’s briefcase holder on the brand, so close to Carmella finally cashing in.

Greg: Charlotte Flair
Andrew: Natalya
Denise: Natalya
Josh: Natalya
Tiffany: Sasha Banks
Eric: Becky Lynch
Mathew: Becky Lynch
Rob: Sasha Banks
Rey Cash: Natalya
Deeze: Natalya
Mitchell: Natalya
Rick: Becky Lynch
Francesca: Becky Lynch
Patrick: Ember Moon
Levin: Becky Lynch
Issa: Sasha Banks
Weigell: Natalya
Sarah: Natalya
Scott: Sasha Banks
Platt: Alexa Bliss
Lawson: Becky Lynch
DPP: Natalya
Cook: Alexa Bliss
PC: Sasha Banks
Big Dave: Alexa Bliss
Jimi: Charlotte Flair
Harry: Natalya
Tony: Ember Moon

Official Chairshot Pick: Natalya 10 – Becky Lynch 6 –  Sasha 5 – Alexa 3 – Charlotte  2 – Ember 2

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

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