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OWE Results & Review: 5/7/2018



So apparently the Future Stars of Wrestling Twitch channel will be showcasing Oriental Wrestling Entertainment. I wasn’t aware of this until the magical Chairshot Publisher Greg DeMarco brought it to my attention.

They even went as far as to add English commentary, though admittedly, it was comical at times. Not because it was bad, but because of the translated names or what OWE provided to them.

You can watch here:

The show opens with karate and dancing performances. We see young guys come out, do some things with the coiling dragon staff, chain whip and that’s when the Tech N9ne hits and they go into a small entertainment number. It’s different, but the crowd seems receptive and dancing or singing performances do seem to be a common place before large events in many Asian countries.

Match Card & Results

  • CIMA def. T-Hawk – *** 1/4
  • Wang Jin & Monk Zhao Yilong def. Jack Manly & Remy Marcel (Whirlwind Gentlemen) – ***
  • Clutch & Sugar (Real Money Brothers) def. Achilles Ben & Little Guan Yu – ** 1/2
  • 8 Man Tag – Damian Drake, Duan Yingnan, Spyder Warrior & Sun Chaoqun def. Duan Dihang, Mao Chengxiang, Ren Yuhang & Xiong Zhiyu – * 1/2
  • Yang Hao & Lu Ye def. Fan Qiuyang & Wulijimuren ( Mongolian Wolf Clan) w/ Wild Wolf Logan – * 1/4
  • 3 Way Tag – Floater Jingjia & ‘Scorpion 2X’ Liu Xinxi def. Rocket G Sharp / Jake Cafe & Wild Wolf Fan Logan / Mr Cool – **


So I believe this is only the second OWE event, and it’s already leaps and bounds above most newer promotions. The production level of this show is pretty huge also, a lot of laser light displays, solid sound and animation on the tron to accompany the entrances. So when it comes to how it looks, the show is visually stunning for what most of us may have expected.

As for the show on a whole, it had it’s ups and downs. They tried to run an angle that Achilles Ben and Little Guan Yu were attacked before the match as a way to protect them through the loss. From what commentary said, Ben is a heavy favorite to be their first champion, so you need to protect him a little. Ring work depended on the match, and as you can see from the ratings, matches that weren’t supported by FSW veterans, weren’t as smooth.

The main event did a lot to get over Mr Cool and Floating King as high flying, impressive young stars. Much of the transitioning seems to be rooted in Shaolin style Kung Fu. The way they flow between moves and twist during high spots were very reminiscent to a Kung Fu movie. So even if you dislike the “flippy floppy” style, this looks less like gymnastics and more like a Jet Li movie.

Depending on how often FSW works with OWE, I’ll definitely try to keep an eye out for the product. Personally ‘The Monk’ Zhao Yilong and Mr Cool impressed me the most. Should be a fun promotion.

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