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RAW WARS – Episode IV – Schrödinger’s Shield



The Shield returns to WWE

The paradox of Schrödinger’s Cat has been around since 1935. Yet when Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory referenced the thought experiment, it instantly became mainstream cultural knowledge. Sheldon uses the reference to explain to Penny why her potential relationship with Leonard could be seen as both, good and bad, until the two of them look into the box. Looking back at the 4 June episode of RAW, I cannot help but notice that the WWE is selling me The Shield as Schrödinger’s Cat. So, is The Shield dead or alive?

Commentary’s Obituary

Today’s show started with Elias giving a concert, which lead to Seth interrupting him again. This in turn led to a brawl that included Jinder Mahal, until Roman ran down for the save. Corey Graves commented on this saying that Roman came to the aid of his “former Shield brother” Rollins. After Kurt Angle made the tag match official, David Otunga was hyped for “a little Shield reunion.” So, if we believed commentary, the stable must have split some time since Dean Ambrose’s injury in December 2017. The Shield is dead.

Only it isn’t. I cannot remember a single segment on RAW or the network that showed the second split. No chairshot, no friendly agreement to go separate ways, no nothing. Yes, Dean is out injured, but that does not mean that The Shield has dissolved. Yet every week, commentary acts if any Roman and Seth interaction basically tease a reunion. This is not Payback 2015, nor Survivor Series 2016.

Caring Brothers

There have been a few babyfaces in peril in recent weeks, but Roman and Seth only came out to save their brother-in-arms. The recent episode of RAW saw Roman Reigns coming to the aid of Seth Rollins, after The Architect had done the same for Roman a few weeks prior. During the match they showed some team spots, though nothing Shield specific. However, after the match, Roman checked on Seth, who remained motionless after a while after Elias had pinned him. Two weeks ago, it was Seth, who checked on Roman, even tossing his IC belt aside to do so. Roman and Seth care for each other. The Shield is alive.

Only it isn’t. When is the last time that The Hounds of Justice came through the crowd? Or did the Shield fist bump after a victorious match? When did they last wore Shield related merchandise, cut a promo in the ring together? It has been a while.

The Difference Between Cats and Dogs

Ever since Dean’s injury, the WWE has been booking The Shield in an ambivalent fashion. One can find evidence for the stable’s dissolution as easily as for its continuation. Does this mean that this is intriguing storytelling, since we don’t really know the status of The Shield? I think this booking is more frustrating than it is intriguing. The thing about Schrödinger’s Cat is that the paradox only exits, because the cat is hidden inside a box. The Hounds of Justice however, are not hidden in a box. Seth and Roman are on TV every week, there is no box where The Shield is concerned. The cat – or rather dog in this case – is out of its box. Now is the time for the WWE to call a vet and tell us the status of The Shield. Dead or alive, I will take either over the neither-nor situation the WWE currently forces on us. This indecision of the WWE is not good and bad at the same time. It is just bad.

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