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Snapped: Bayley’s Surprise Ambush Rekindles Historic Rivalry



When one thinks of Bayley, we think of the smiling, lovable, girl next door who rose to prominence on NXT just a few short years ago.  Fast forward to her time on Raw, the former Raw Women’s Champion had her share of mishaps and subsided booking.  Until recently, she had her best friend Sasha Banks by her side since her surprise debut two years ago as her mystery partner at WWE Battleground.  But on Monday, oh how the tables have turned.

After months and months of agonizing tension and slow burn, the divide between both women has been established for the main roster.  In an absolute “WOW” moment, Bayley attacked  Banks after their loss to the Riott Squad.  A new side of Bayley was introduced as she mercilessly beat and threw Banks around like a rag doll.  If anyone is familiar with their feud in NXT, there was no doubt that it would carry over onto WWE in time.  Teasing and rumors aside, it very well looks like that the time is now to revisit what is the historic Sasha Banks vs. Bayley.

The surprise factor was present on Monday, and fans reciprocated the notion.  I am willing to bet that hardly anyone suspected Bayley to be the one to ambush Banks on this past Raw.  Matter of fact, I don’t think many thought Bayley had it in her to carry out such an attack.  I immediately think of last year’s Extreme Rules where Bayley was unable to tap into that dark side, resulting in her loss to Alexa Bliss.  If we would have seen that Bayley in the Kendo Stick on a Pole match, the Goddess certainly wouldn’t be on the pedestal that she is on currently.

The change for Bayley is certainly welcomed, and it brings intrigue and interest to the revisited feud with Banks.  A heel turn was necessary for this feud to happen once more, and for Bayley to be the one to do it was a smart move.  Bayley’s character has been in purgatory for a while although there have been some glimmers of hope during the course of 2018.  Of course, Bayley’s kid-friendly reputation has defined her character, but the saying ‘the higher the risk, the greater the reward’ applies here if the story is executed correctly.

This turn of events has me excited for next week.  Both women are scheduled for “counseling”, which more than likely it will end up in pre-Fourth fireworks by the time the segment is over.  It’s intriguing that while Bayley carried out the attack, it was Banks who has been subtly egging her on over time.  Either way, whatever happens between these two women in the coming weeks will be one of the stories at the forefront of the flagship show.  Especially with Extreme Rules, then SummerSlam around the corner gives them so much opportunity to take the feud to further heights.

Another thing that I thought about is the longevity factor. Think of  Trish Stratus and Lita; their feud is no doubt one of the greatest female feuds in WWE history.  Their feud lasted during the course of six years; with both women flipping the script between babyface and heel is one of the reasons why their feud was so successful.  There are some overlying factors with Bayley and Banks, and while both feuds are historic in their own rights, there is definitely more to accomplish with this feud in 2018.  With Hell in a Cell in September – after SummerSlam – the potential of the two women battling it out inside the cell is there 100%.  I’m all over that if it comes to that point.

Sasha Banks and Bayley created history in NXT with the first Women’s Ironman match followed with main eventing the next Takeover event.  Their match at Takeover:  Brooklyn is easily one of my favorite matches of all time.  And it’s so ironic how this rekindled feud is happening close to SummerSlam time – there’s so many factors that can make this next chapter of Banks and Bayley something more special now that the feud is definitely on for the main roster.  After Monday’s ruthless attack from Bayley, it’s indeed a hot start to the summer and something more.

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