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Chairshot Classics: Survivor Series 2001 – Winner Take All



 William Regal (Alliance) vs Tajiri (WWF) with Torrie Wilson

 Regal gets a LOUD round of boos but doesn’t seem to care. Tajiri comes out, alone, to a loud pop, that seems to die off when people realize that Torrie isn’t with him.

Things start off with Tajiri kicking the living crap out of Regal, but Regal blocks and manages to get the advantage.

If you only know Regal as the GM of NXT, watch this match, because he was an incredible wrestler in his time. That said, this wasn’t a great match. The contrast in styles between Regal and Tajiri just didn’t quite mesh here.

Somewhere in this, Regal got a bloody nose, which put him in an even worse mood than he was before. We get a powerbomb set up that was sloppily countered by Tajiri.

This match ended oddly. It was plugging along and then Regal hit the underhook powerbomb and it was over. I wonder if it was stopped because Regal’s nose is bleeding pretty profusely.

Results: William Regal by pinfall after an underhook powerbomb. Even after the victory, Regal can’t let bygones be bygones, he hits Tajiri with another powerbomb before making his way to the back. Torrie comes running to Tajiri’s side, which brings Regal back. He grabs Torrie by the hair and gives her a sloppy powerbomb, just for the hell of it.

Comments: I couldn’t quite get into this match. It just never seemed to mesh and the ending was odd.

Next up is our first Title Unification Match: WCW US Title vs WWF Intercontinental Title. Though, unless my eyes are deceiving me, Test (who is in the Alliance) is IC champ, while WWF’s Edge is the US Champ.

We get a quick recap of the feud between Test and Edge, though since this is title for title, I’m not sure not sure it’s needed.

Backstage, Test is getting…oiled up for his match and acts like a jerk to the lady helping him. Stacey Kiebler comes up and compliments him. Test hits on her in a very self-centered way. Stacey doesn’t totally shoot him down (I would’ve, but that’s me) but wishes him luck and gives his butt a graze before leaving.

Meanwhile, Coach is interviewing Edge. Coach reminds Edge that not only is his championship on the line, but his job is too if he and WWE lose. Edge agrees that this is pretty heavy and that, on paper, things look pretty even. He and Test are tall, athletic, blond, and have odd first names. The biggest difference between them is that Test has been dumped by almost every chick (his words) on the planet. Edge says he isn’t worried about Test, he’s going to win. There’s a really bad pun about boots and it’s over.


WCW US Title/WWF Intercontinental Championship Unification Match: Edge (WWE) vs Test (Alliance)

 Test is out first to little reaction. It seems that Heyman’s mic isn’t working, thank God. Edge gets a much better reaction and Heyman’s mic is back (dammit).

We start with a collar and elbow tie up that reminds me of bulls locking horns. Neither guy is willing to give ground, but things finally start moving, but then we’re back to bulls until the fist start flying.

This match was really good but had its rough spots. Test isn’t the smoothest wrestler in the world and Edge was still a fairly young guy at this point. That said, this was a really good match and made both belts feel important.

There’s a lot of pin attempts in this match and it looked like Test could’ve won if he’d been able to fully capitalize on a missed splash by Edge.  Edge goes for a Sunset Flip powerbomb, but Test is too strong. Test goes for…something, but we never get to see what it was because Edge superkicked Test’s teeth out.

By this point, both guys are hitting haymakers and anything else they can think of to put the other guy down. Test goes for a pumphandle slam, which Edge counters into a pin attempt. Test goes for a spear and then a big boot, still can’t get three. He hits the pump handle slam but Edge still kicks out.

Test goes for a powerbomb that Edge counters with a hurricanrana and a spear, but still only gets two. Edge goes for the Edge-cution, but Test counters and goes for a Full Nelson slam, but Edge hits a Victory Roll for three. New Intercontinental Champion!

Result: Edge by pinfall after a victory roll. Test is livid, and Edge is elated. Edge is now safe from being fired, no matter who wins.

Comments: This was a really good match for both guys.

Backstage, Stephanie is pacing and looking worried. Angle appears and asks her what’s wrong. Stephanie says that after the fight Austin’s locker room and the fact that no one in the is getting along, Edge’s victory has her really worried. She talks about her and Shane’s investments in this alliance and that they could lose everything. She then comments that if this fails, she’ll have get a ‘real’ job.

Kurt tells her not to worry about it and defends Austin, but assures Stephanie that he’ll make sure Austin doesn’t screw the Alliance. This seems to reassure Stephanie and Kurt leaves.

In another part of the arena, Lita and Jeff are talking about Matt’s odd behavior lately. Matt comes out of the locker room and asks them what they’re talking about and assumes (correctly) that they’re talking about him. Lita tries to assure him that it’s nothing bad and that they’re just worried about him because of his odd behavior.

Matt takes exception to this and calls out Jeff and Lita for NOT acting strange, considering what’s on the line tonight, not just the tag titles, but their jobs if WWF doesn’t win. He then reminds Jeff and Lita that if they win their championship matches tonight, they’ll have job regardless of who wins the main event.

Jeff and Lita go along with this, and Lita seems reassured by Matt’s words. She goes to the Team WWF locker room… and bumps into Trish, who is acting a little guilty. Trish wishes Lita luck in the match and hurries away. Now Lita is visibly worried and upset.

(for the life of me, I can’t remember if they were going somewhere with Trish in this storyline. If they were, it got scrapped pretty quickly)

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