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WWE Money in the Bank: Timing is Everything for the Women’s Division

The Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match is the hardest to predict on the card.



Becky Lynch Charlotte Flair Money In The Bank

Eight top WWE Superstars will step into the ring at Money in the Bank to determine who gets a guaranteed opportunity at a women’s championship. Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss, Ember Moon, Natalya, Naomi and Lana will all compete for the briefcase and a shot at either the Raw or SmackDown women’s title.

But as fans speculate on who could win this match, it becomes clear that it’s anyone’s game. Each woman has a legitimate chance of pulling down the briefcase and making an impact at some point. Maybe a veteran will resume her former glory. Or maybe a rising star will realize her potential. Perhaps this one is all about timing.

WWE has done an impressive job of building up each Superstar heading into MITB on June 17. Fans must believe that everyone has a chance to win or otherwise there’s just no drama involved. The Women’s Revolution belonged to Flair, Banks and Lynch in the beginning of course. But those women are now sharing the spotlight with the next wave.

Ember Moon is a natural fit for this match. She was a hit in NXT and built a fan following that rivaled anyone on that brand. She has a unique look, she’s charismatic and she’s exciting to watch. Most importantly, she’s good in the ring. Ember combines showmanship and technical skill in a package that undoubtedly represents the future of women’s wrestling in WWE.

Lana could very well be the dark horse in this match. Her progression from Rusev’s manager and mouthpiece to in-ring competitor has been slow and steady thus far. The company could have rushed her along the way and perhaps that was the case early on. But Lana seems to finally be finding her rhythm in the ring. She could be the one to win it all.

Alexa Bliss is already a top star and she could rise up once again. Bliss is a wickedly obnoxious heel and fans have no reason to like her. But it’s hard to hate someone that so obviously enjoys her work. It’s even harder to hate her considering she’s just so good at it. Bliss’s time as a main event star is definitely not over.

Natalya is the ring general of this match. She is the one that bridged the gap from the latter days of the Ruthless Aggression Era to the modern era of WWE. If anyone deserves to be recognized with a Money in the Bank win, it’s certainly Natalya. She is a reliable star and the Raw Women’s Championship would be in good hands if she does go over on June 17.

Naomi is one of the most popular Superstars in WWE. She’s dynamic, she’s athletically gifted and she’s just fun to watch. She doesn’t really need a championship to get over. But every time she does wear a title, she accentuates it just as it accentuates her. If she takes the case at Money in the Bank, fans know she would surely deliver as only she can.

But then there’s the trio of Charlotte, Becky and Sasha. Each one is an established star and the women’s division is solid today because of their efforts. Like Naomi, none of the three really need a belt to be on top. In fact there’s every reason to believe that they’re in this match to strengthen it and provide some veteran leadership along the way.

However many have wondered why Bayley was not booked in this match. Indeed Bayley seems to be the forgotten Superstar in this equation. She and Sasha have had heat in recent months and that definitely would have carried over to MITB.

The storyline between them seems to have cooled off recently and it never really reached a boiling point the way some fans believed it would. There’s still time to revisit the angle of course and perhaps WWE has a long term plan in mind for them. But it’s curious that Bayley is not around for this. Could she interfere and cost Sasha the win?

Becky is perhaps the most technically sound of the three and the time seems to be right for her to get back on track with her main event career. But even though she’s gotten hot lately, many are wondering why she continues to be left out of the championship picture. Maybe the time is right for Becky to show off and show what she can do as the next No. 1 Contender.

Of course when it comes to top Superstars in the women’s division, Charlotte Flair is on another level. That’s due not only to what she does in the ring but also to her booking. Charlotte has been presented as the best of the best and though she has her critics like anyone else, it’s hard to argue her effort.

But when it comes to Charlotte Flair, this is not the match that fans are talking about. That match is Charlotte versus Ronda Rousey. Everyone knows it’s going to happen and the consensus opinion is it will happen at WrestleMania.

So if Charlotte goes over and becomes the new Ms. Money in the Bank, then that victory could ultimately lead her to a showdown with Rousey. Again, the timing is crucial if the storyline is to be successful. WWE still has just under a year until WrestleMania 35. Will the company hold out that long or could fans see Flair versus Rousey at SummerSlam?

The fact is the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match is anyone’s to win. This one is not easy to predict, which means it’s more exciting for the fans watching. The women continue to break ground in WWE and this match is yet another example. No matter who goes over on June 17, the fans are the ones that win and that’s the most important part.

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Could Finn Balor Actually Beat Brock Lesnar at the WWE Royal Rumble?



Finn Balor WWE

Finn Balor is on his way to the main event of The Royal Rumble on January 27. The Irish born Superstar has the chance of a lifetime against Brock Lesnar and that chance may deliver the Universal Championship. Finn has worked hard for this moment as he’s finally getting another run at the top.

That is the narrative that’s currently being written by WWE. Finn Balor’s career resurgence is a feel-good story and understandably so. It’s been nearly three years since he’s truly been in serious world title contention. He is one of the most popular Superstars on the roster and fans want to see him do well. All of this is true. But is he really going to win it all on January 27?

Balor’s rise to the top back in 2016 seemed like a perfect move. He was riding a wave of momentum from his run in NXT and he was gaining popularity with each passing week. The fans saw him as a top babyface and that’s how WWE booked him.

His debut on the main roster was met with overwhelming approval, as fans couldn’t wait to see him mix it up with Raw’s biggest names. One of those names was of course Roman Reigns, who Bálor defeated en route to beating Seth Rollins and becoming the first-ever Universal champion.

Both wins were a statement by WWE. It wasn’t often that the company moved anyone ahead of Reigns, but that’s exactly what happened with Finn. Roman wasn’t going anywhere of course and Bálor was probably not taking his place. 

But WWE was giving the fans something new, something different. Balor was a breath of fresh air on a program that often grows very stale at times. However with Finn at the helm, there was little chance of that happening again.

So now that he’s finally regained momentum after three years, what are the chances that Finn Balor will once again be slowed to a dead stop? His injury the night he won the Universal title was through no fault of his own. These things happen and it could very well happen to any WWE Superstar at any time.

But there is definitely someone to blame for Finn’s booking since relinquishing the championship. WWE surely could not be expected to immediately reinsert Finn into a top spot the moment he came back from injury. But to wait this long to elevate him to the world title picture?

WWE had to change plans after Finn went down. Fans surely realize that. The company really cannot afford to sit still for anyone, especially someone that had just arrived on the main roster. But Balor’s lack of main event success in the time following his return is indeed a curiosity. 

Brock Lesnar was the top titleholder for the majority of the time after Finn returned to Raw. WWE’s plans didn’t include Balor versus Lesnar. So why not move Finn to SmackDown Live and give him a run against then-WWE champion AJ Styles?

A feud between the two could have led to a WrestleMania 35 showdown for the WWE Championship. The founder of The Bullet Club versus the man who took his place. Two veteran stars that made their names outside of WWE now waging war on the WrestleMania stage. It’s a story that really could have written itself. 

But even as fans contemplate what could have been, there’s no denying that Finn is once again in a great place in his WWE career. Maybe it did take too long for him to return to this elite level. But he’s back nonetheless and now he indeed has a chance of achieving greatness. All he has to do is get past Brock Lesnar.

Facing Lesnar right now is a somewhat odd prospect for Finn Balor. On one hand, Finn has to look good and he most likely will. The contrast between the two men is apparent and that contrast should make for an intriguing matchup.

Balor will stick and move, he will weather the storm and he will continue to come out swinging despite how long the match lasts. But what happens when crowd fatigue sets in, as is often the case, during Lesnar’s matches?

The fact is that may bode well for Finn, because once he starts his comeback, the crowd will go along for the ride. The real drama in Brock Lesnar’s matches typically does not come until the end. That’s when the real test begins, as fans hold their collective breath to see if Brock’s opponent will actually pull out the win. The problem is, that win rarely ever happens. 

But this is actually in Finn’s favor as well. Even if Finn loses to Brock, it probably won’t affect Balor that much at all. No one expects Lesnar to really ever lose and when it does happen, it’s a complete shock to the system. So, Balor would be just another star that tried and failed. How could anyone hold that against him?

However will the notion that Finn is destined to be nothing more than a top mid-card star once again become the prevailing opinion? Fans have always debated Balor’s worth and WWE’s apparent refusal to use him as a main event star. Will a loss at The Royal Rumble once again put Balor right back in the middle of that situation? 

The truth is that for fans desperately wanting to see the Universal Championship back on Raw full-time again, nothing would be sweeter than a Lesnar loss. Roman is still out action and it’s clear that Braun Strowman is not the answer to Brock. So now may be the perfect opportunity to take a different path and reinsert Finn Bálor as the new top titleholder on Monday Night Raw. WWE did it before. Whether or not it will happen again is anyone’s guess.

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WWE NXT: Whose The Babyface?



Bianca Belair Shayna Baszler WWE NXT

Bianca Belair gets her NXT Women’s Championship match with Shayna Baszler at WWE NXT Takeover: Phoenix, but Scott Mcleod wonders who the babyface is?

A few weeks ago Bianca Belair earned the right to face Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women’s Championship a week from on Saturday at  NXT Takeover: Phoenix.

While I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Belair, I don’t object to her having a title shot. Given that she has been heavily featured and as they like to say is undefeated it was only a matter of time.

The thing is I didn’t think she would be going up against Baszler for one reason: I don’t know who is supposed to be the face?

Judging by a confrontation between champion and challenger on this week’s NXT they both have their fans but their gimmicks are more effective when they are positioned as the heel. Maybe they see Belair as more of a tweener at this point

Now in this modern age of wrestling just because you position someone a certain way doesn’t guarantee the fans will react to them the way you want them to. Faces and heels aren’t what they use to be.

I think it shows how high the likes of Triple H are on Belair that she is getting this title opportunity. I don’t see her winning it here however as I think there is still time for her.

Shes approaching that point that a lot of people who have a undefeated streak get to in that people worry what they’re going to once they’ve suffered their first loss. Have her lose then spend a couple of months telling the story of her having to start from the bottom again.

If she dose lose it should be thanks to Horsewomen interference to help Shayna get the upper hand. Following this is where she has to prove shes more than a catchphrase because she can’t call herself undefeated. The fact the lose wasn’t clean always gives her a reason to challenge again.

I would have thought Shayna would have defended against either Io Shari or Dakota Kai since they’ve had their issues since War Games. As they have Kairi Sane in their corner it would even up the odds. This means Shayna doesn’t have the advantage which would make her losing believable.

You could still do that after this match with Belair at Phoenix perhaps at the Mania weekend Takeover. Coming out of that Belair having been winning enhancement matches on TV to rebuild her and telling the stoey of her wanting another shot challenges whoever took the title from Shayna.

By this point she could have even transitioned from tweener to full blown face.

Then I would by her winning the title. I think she could be a big part of the NXT Women’s Championship picture in 2019 and beyond she just needs more of a story behind her getting the title.

One think I would like to see at Takeover is Shayna to get the choke on Belair while wrapping the braid around the throat. I look that would be a good image for people to have looking back on this match

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