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WWE News: Another NXT Superstar Released From The Company



After news came out that NXT Superstar and former Mae Young Classic competitor, Zeda, had been released from WWE (which you can check out here), there’s more today as another talent has been let go.

According to ProWrestlingSheet, Uriel Ealy, one-half of The Ealy Brothers, was released by WWE reportedly some time last week. Meanwhile, his brother and tag team partner, Gabriel, remains with the company. Recently on Instagram, Gabriel has noted that he’s currently suffering from a concussion. At this time, it’s not yet known why Uriel was given his walking papers, but not Gabriel:

EA’s Take: If this all sounds unusual, that’s because it kind of is and it’s only made more weird by the fact that they’re identical twins. My first thought immediately went to, “Well, Gabriel has a concussion so maybe WWE can’t let him go”. I know there are rules when it comes to the four major sports and releasing people when they’re injured, but I’m not sure if it goes the same for WWE. If you have a guaranteed contract, there could be some restrictions in there as well that prevents the company from letting you go when you’re on the shelf. Greg DeMarco also brought up another valid point and that’s this; what if WWE sees potential in Gabriel and NOT Uriel? It’s entirely possible, I’d personally lean more towards the concussion thing being the reason, but with little details right now, anything could be the case.


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