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WWE News: Madison Square Garden Management Unhappy With WWE



Fresh off the heels of the announcement that The Undertaker will be making his in-ring return to Madison Square Garden for the first time in 8 years (which you can find here), it appears as if the longstanding relationship between the company and ‘The World’s Most Famous Arena’ has left one party feeling jilted.

According to PWInsider, the Mexico-based promotion AAA has a hold on MSG for an event in September, something that WWE has first right of refusal for due to their decades-long agreement with the building, however management for the Garden is said to be unhappy with WWE and might be looking to work with other promotions.

It’s being reported that WWE’s continued use of the Barclays Center in nearby Brooklyn played a role in some ill feelings cropping up, however the supposed straw that broke that camel’s back was WWE choosing Barclays for their WrestleMania 35 week events over MSG. It’s being said that this has led the Garden’s management to be more open than ever before to hosting other wrestling companies and have even “sent out feelers” to see who would be interested. This also comes after Ring Of Honor recently teased an ‘All In 2’ event at the arena.

The WWE’s relationship with Madison Square Garden has lasted since the McMahon family has run wrestling and no other company has run the venue, while some have held shows at the MSG Theater (which is adjacent to the arena).

EA’s Take: Like the clip I play on Top Of The Morning from ‘Rick & Morty’ says, “Scientifically, traditions are an idiot thing”. We all know that MSG is WWE’s home turf and very well always will be, at least in my mind, regardless of how this plays out. I’ve definitely noticed a lack of shows at the venue the past few years however. When was the last time WWE broadcast an event from the Garden? They certainly weren’t there for RAW 25. Reportedly, the cost to produce an event from MSG is too expensive, so I think that if the Garden’s management is displeased, some of this is on them as well if the cost is too high. The real question I’d have is, what other promotions can actually fill the venue, which holds over 20,000? I think New Japan certainly could come close if they had a loaded card for a special event and a speculative All In 2 could sell out if they had big enough names. Outside of that though, who?


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