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WWE News: Highlights From Today’s NXT TakeOver Conference Call



Triple H

With NXT TakeOver: Chicago II on the horizon this Saturday at the Allstate Arena, WWE’s Triple H took part in a media conference call for the event that has just wrapped up. There were many topics discussed from TakeOver, to questions about specific Superstars, the Performance Center and more. Below are the highlights from the call:

  • Triple H starts by talking about NXT’s trip overseas, explains they’re back in the US for TakeOver and then heading back to England for the United Kingdom Championship Tournament.
  • Next set of NXT tapings at Full Sail will be June 21st.
  • There are no plans right now to expand the Performance Center, but he’s open to it.
  • He’s ready for Lars Sullivan to “knock it out of the park” at TakeOver.
  • Global localization is something that will continue and he would like to see something similar to the territory days down the road as technology gets better.
  • There was no “space” for Danny Burch previously, but Triple H kept watch of him which led to his return to NXT under contract.
  • When it comes to social media, people will make mistakes, but that’s part of what is taught at the Performance Center.
  • Triple H says that Ricochet tweaked his shoulder in Paris, but is not injured and was held off of last night’s show in Belgium as a precaution.
  • As for why the UK Championship Tournament won’t be airing live, HHH said that he was approached by Royal Albert Hall to bring NXT there and those were the only dates he could get, so he jumped on the chance and just “worked out better” for it to be taped.
  • He wants to work again with Paul Ellering provided the situation makes sense and Ellering is available.
  • The plan for the UK Division has taken longer, but has mostly stayed the same with some tweaks.
  • When asked if NXT could come to cable, HHH replied, “It depends on what comes up”.
  • Triple H said he likes to give fans something special as we’ve seen with The Revival and Tyler Breeze making surprise appearances at NXT events and would love to do more of that.

EA’s Take: I’d say this is a pretty standard conference call, we really didn’t learn a whole lot that we weren’t previously aware of. We reported earlier on the possible injury to Ricochet (which you can check out here), but I never felt that he was in jeopardy of missing TakeOver based off the information. Turns out, spot on. We also got to find out why the UK Tournament is happening on such an odd schedule, but it’s not anything that I’d deem “breaking news”. More of a pretty logical explanation. Lastly, he puts to bed the rumors of a bigger Performance Center in the works, which I also never bought. Roode was quoted as saying he had heard that, yet everyone who reported it also posted the interview in question and Roode said no such thing. So I never really knew where that came from to begin with.


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