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WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar Reportedly Not Confirmed For SummerSlam



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It’s no secret that members of the WWE Universe have had their fill of Brock Lesnar’s Universal Championship reign, many of whom just wanting ‘The Beast Incarnate’ to drop the title already to just about anyone. We haven’t seen Lesnar since the Greatest Royal Rumble back on April 27th and the belief has been that his next match would come at SummerSlam on August 19th.

It was then reported by The Wrestling Observer that SummerSlam would in fact be Brock’s next match (which you can read here) and likely his last as his contract will be expiring immediately after. There’s been loads of talk that Lesnar is looking to go back to the UFC, which UFC President Dana White addressed recently (check that out here).

Today, The Wrestling Observer has updated that story, reporting that Lesnar is actually not confirmed for SummerSlam or for that matter, any WWE dates at this time.

EA’s Take: I really feel like this is much ado about nothing and quite possibly one of those examples where The Observer throws a bunch of *bleep* at the wall to see what sticks. First, they report he’s definitely wrestling at SummerSlam. Now all of a sudden, they say nothing’s confirmed (which is exactly what WE said to begin with, but I digress). Well, how did you report that he’s going to be at SummerSlam to begin with when you weren’t able to confirm it? Classic Observer, which is why I can’t think of anything that they’ve reported where we didn’t post it as “Rumors”. You just can never tell with them, as I’ve said before. So let’s do the smart thing here and #UseYourHead for a moment. Do YOU honestly think that Lesnar’s not competing at SummerSlam? Unless plans changed and he’s showing up before that (which would have to be Extreme Rules in July that has also been reported to NOT be happening), I say there’s a zero percent chance he’s not at WWE’s “Summer Classic”.


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