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WWE Rumors: More Speculation On What Led To Big Cass’ Release

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, arguably the biggest story coming out of the WWE this week is the surprising release of Big Cass, reportedly being fired by Vince McMahon after the WWE Chairman called a meeting at this week’s SmackDown Live in Toledo, Ohio. There’s been a lot of talk about what happened and why The Seven-Footer was let go, reportedly due to heavy drinking on the recent European Tour, as well as just having a bad attitude in general.

Today, The Wrestling Observer has added a lot more information to the story about why the release occurred, reiterating that there was heat on Cass after he reportedly went off-script during a segment on SmackDown Live where he delivered a beat down to a little person who was impersonating Daniel Bryan (which you can read here). It’s also being said that Big Cass had blown off a promo rehearsal with Kevin Dunn, then later went long on the promo on television. The Observer also noted that Vince McMahon reportedly “hated” the promo and actually fired a writer over it.

ProWrestlingSheet is also reporting that there was another incident on the European Tour in which Cass had accidentally locked himself in the bathroom on the Superstars’ tour bus, then destroyed it to free himself all while thinking somebody was ribbing him. This led to other Superstars not being able to use the facility and WWE was forced to cover the damages.

EA’s Take: For me, it’s really tough to tell how much of this is true and how much is “Let’s see what sticks”, especially when it comes to the bathroom incident. Anyone else remember a while back when there was an incident in which Sin Cara had reportedly been kicked off of a tour bus? We heard about that almost immediately, not weeks after the fact, so that’s why I’m a little skeptical. Does that mean it didn’t happen? Of course not, but it just makes me a little more (as they do on Impractical Jokers), “Wellll….”. I’ve got a bit of an “in” with somebody in WWE (I know what you’re thinking, “Yeah. Okay, BS”), but I can assure you it’s a good source and I haven’t heard anything about it. Again, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.


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