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WWE Rumors: Possible Plan For Braun Strowman’s MITB Cash-In



Braun Strowman Get These Hands

In case you missed it, ‘The Monster Among Men’ Braun Strowman emerged victorious last night at WWE’s Money In The Bank pay-per-view, climbing the ladder in the evening’s main event to procure the Men’s Money In The Bank briefcase and earn himself an opportunity at the Universal Championship at any time over the next year. Braun’s win has been met with a little bit of criticism, but also questions on how his future cash-in could play out and who the champion may be when does decide to pull the trigger.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Strowman may be cashing in at SummerSlam on August 19th, where it’s believed that Brock Lesnar will be defending the Universal Title against his WrestleMania 34 and Greatest Royal Rumble opponent, Roman Reigns. Previously, Meltzer had reported that Lesnar was not confirmed for any WWE dates (which you can read here), including SummerSlam, however it still looks like Brock vs. Roman is still in fact the plan. At this time, nothing has been confirmed and it should be noted that this is still just speculation.

EA’s Take: Dude…Meltzer flip-flops more than some overpriced footwear from Abercrombie & Fitch. I never bought that Reigns vs. Lesnar wasn’t the plan for SummerSlam and quite frankly, Braun cashing in there makes the most sense. The crowd in Brooklyn will unquestionably be displeased with yet another clash between ‘The Beast Incarnate’ and ‘The Big Dog’. So personally, I’d love to see a scheduled cash-in like we saw with Rob Van Dam back in 2006. If you don’t remember, RVD won Money In The Bank at WrestleMania 22, then later announced he would be taking his opportunity at the ECW One Night Stand pay-per-view where he eventually defeated John Cena for his one and only WWE Championship reign. A scheduled cash-in would fit with Braun’s character much more, in my opinion. Just think about it. He’s a monster and doesn’t need to take advantage of a weakened champion. So I’d play that angle up and turn this Reigns/Lesnar SummerSlam match into a Triple Threat.


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WWE News: Shane McMahon Confirms Paige Is No Longer SmackDown General Manager



Paige is officially no longer the SmackDown General Manager!

In case you missed it, the big talk coming out of last night’s episode of Monday Night RAW was of course the appearance of Vince McMahon, along with Stephanie, Shane and Triple H, as the four announced that they would be taking control of RAW and SmackDown Live (see all things from RAW with Mitchell’s Live Report).

Of course, this left many members of the WWE Universe what this would mean for SmackDown Live General Manager Paige. It didn’t take long for us to find out as tonight’s SmackDown Live kicked off with Shane McMahon holding court in front of the entire locker room.

While commending the job that she did, Shane would confirm that Paige is no longer the General Manager. However, he would assure everybody that she wasn’t going anywhere and her role was merely changing, yet that was not revealed.

EA’s Take: I’d like to see them go the manager route with Paige, I feel like that’s what they should have done from the start. The only thing is, does WWE want to go there with someone that they aren’t willing to put in harm’s way. I highly doubt it, even the risk of being at ringside for a match doesn’t feel like something they would do with her. So honestly, unless they put her in charge of the SmackDown Women’s Division, I’m not sure what to do with her on television at this point.

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WWE News: RAW Audience Gets Big Increase, Moves Up In Top 5 (12/17/18)



How did last night’s WWE RAW ratings turn out?

If ratings is your gauge for how well WWE programming is doing then the sky certainly has been falling of late, as RAW has seen three consecutive weeks of dropping numbers heading into last night’s post-TLC edition. Following a pay-per-view and with Vince McMahon announced to appear, would this be the night the rating goes back up?

Monday’s viewership has been released and last night’s show saw a pretty dramatic rise with a 2.547, up 16.1% from last week and its best since the October 22nd episode. Here’s a look at the last four weeks of ratings for the red brand:

  • November 26th: 2.368
  • December 3rd: 2.286
  • December 10th: 2.194
  • December 17th: 2.547

In the ever important Cable Top 150 Rankings for the 18-49 demographic, numbers have also dipped just slightly over the past couple of weeks, but not nearly to the extent that the ratings have. After one week down at number five, the best hour of RAW this week at number four, while also occupying spots five and six. Here is this week’s top five:

  1. Monday Night Football – ESPN – 3.95
  2. SportsCenter (12AM) – ESPN – 1.42
  3. Monday Night Kickoff – ESPN – 1.27
  4. Monday Night RAW (8PM) – USA Network – 0.93
  5. Monday Night RAW (9PM) – USA Network – 0.87

EA’s Take: And that’s all it took, folks. I saw a lot of pissing and moaning on social media (as I always do) about The McMahon’s putting themselves front and center again. Well guess what? It worked for the time being. I’ve been saying it all along, people need to relax and just wait until after the holidays. Go back and read any of my last few reports on the ratings, it’s there, I said it. So what did The McMahon’s announce last night? Basically, they came out and said, “Relax, here’s what’s coming”. They didn’t really change anything, they merely gave you a small sniff of what their plans are for January. Will this satisfy people? Of course not, but when the build to WrestleMania begins all this will just be a speck in the rear-view and the company knows it.

Do this week’s ratings reflect how much you enjoyed RAW? Let us know on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

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