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Andrew’s MLW Battle Riot Special Ratings & Review: 7/27/2018



Well we had a new champion last week, and now we get MLW’s first 2 hour special for Battle Riot. The Battle Riot is their Royal Rumble, with the only noticeable difference of, submissions can eliminate people.

This should be fun to see how MLW handles this first 2 hour show and we’re given a surprised before any action in the ring happens. Tony Schiavone is joined by a different announcer, Matt Striker is joining Tony tonight.

So with an announce team upgrade and a big event feel, let’s see what the show gives us.


Myron Reed vs Kotto Brazil

A lot of athletic back and forth that ends in a kip up stare down. But everything continues to go one for one until Reed hits a Springboard Seated Senton for a near fall, then a Scoop Slam for another near fall. Reed keeps up the offense into the corners before Kotto counters a splash attempt and hits a Wrecking Ball Dropkick for a quick 2.

Kotto applies an arm capture crossface that Reed needs to struggle out of, but then we see a few athletic maneuvers before both men crash into each other after dual Crossbody blocks. Myron gets caught across the middle rope which allows for multiple strikes sending Reed to the outside, and Kotto hits back to back Suicide Dives, tries a third, but Reed counters, sends Brazil to the outside and lands a Flying Hip Attack,

Springboard Uppercut gives Reed a near fall, but now it’s time for Myron to put something together. Brazil gets sent into the corner, as he catches Myron’s head, drives it into the middle turnbuckle and a German Suplex gives him a 2 count. Frog Splash attempt from Kotto is almost countered, but Kotto lands on his feet and applies a Trailer Hitch submission for a near submission victory.

Reed matrixes under a Kotto back springboard attempt, hits a Cutter for 2. 450 Splash attempt from Reed, lands on Brazil”s knees for a near fall for Brazil. Inside Out Stunner gave Reed an opening but Kotto pulls a Standing Sliced Bread out of nowhere for the victory.

Winner: Brazil via Stranding Sliced Bread

Rating: *** 1/4


Kaci Lennox is interviewing MJF, *insert smarmy crap and happiness for New York since he was born there*, ya MJF, is an incomplete acronym. Maxwell “Just Freaking Awful”.

Kaci Lennox is backstage again, this time with Konnan talking about why he came out of retirement for Battle Riot.

Short trailer for LA Park coming to MLW

Kaci again (I love her), this time with Joey Ryan talking about his Middleweight title match against MJF. Adds a few funny moments about needing to cut weight so no more lollipops and no baby oil for this match.

More Kaci, this time with Team Filthy and the Battle Riot carousel pull. A little discussion about the match last week against Jimmy Havoc, but Tom Lawlor makes a funny excuse and pulls his number.


Inaugural MLW Middleweight Championship Match: MJF vs Joey Ryan

Joey does his thing, sharing the lollipop with a fan, oiling up, and then we go to commercial.

After the commercial the match starts and he immediately goes to the “touch it” spot. Full arm drag and twist from Joey, but countered by MJF, until Joey hits a kip up and does a reversal of his own. A lot of jawwing back and forth since they’re both more known for characters than ring work. MJF hits a leaping through the middle rope Arm DDT and starts driving repeated knees into the arm. From there, MJF locks in an Armbar to keep working over the arm he already damaged.

MJF keeps yelling at the crowd and working on the arm, but Joey slides through with wrist control and hits a Wristclutch Exploder Suplex. A little back and forth until Joey catches MJF with a Spinebuster and gets a 2 count.

Arm Capture Side Slam gives MJF a 2 count, as the two competitors begin trading some slaps. MJF spits on Joey, ducks under the lariat, says wait and pokes him in the eye. Both men run into each other, and MJF falls face first into Joey’s crotch. Then when they both get up, MJF tries an Inverted Atomic Drop and injures himself. Joey goes for the lollipop in the mouth spot, sticks it in MJF’s mouth, uses the referee as a shield, pokes Ryan in the eye and then hits a Package Shoulderbreaker, all while keeping the lollipop in his mouth.

Winner: MJF via Package Shoulderbreaker

Rating: **


Kaci Lennox with an in-ring interview asking MJF how he feels. He buries the crowd, but all I take from this, is I’m glad red is my favorite color anyway, cause with Kaci’s outfit, it was gonna become my favorite color regardless.

Vanessa Craft now backstage with the Death Machines, but Sami Callihan sends her away and they make their picks.

Kaci Lennox with Swoggle, makes a WWE writer jab, but hey, more Kaci is a good thing.

Highlight package of the Bounty storyline, starting with Brody King, Sami’s blind side attack and Low Ki’s victory.

Vanessa Craft with Salina de la Renta and Low Ki. Vanessa looks scared as Salina announces a Black Friday Management and Promociones Dorado partnership. Low Ki with a nod to Gary Hart and original MLW. Salina ends the interview with the Iceman from Top Gun teeth chomp. 


40 Man Battle Riot Battle Royal

Out first, Pentagon Jr and second is Rey Fenix. Should be interesting with how hard they go after each other when there’s a new entrant every 60 seconds. Also should be noted that Fenix and Pentagon are currently MLW Tag Team Champions.

Fenix shrugs and offers a hand shake, Pentagon takes it and kicks him as the two trade some sexy lucha moves and locomotion cradle attempts. Stereo High Kicks send both men to the mat as the third person is Brody King. King lays in immediate chops on both and then lariats into the corner, before the Lucha Bros start working together. Nice tandem cannonball/monkey flip from Fenix and Pentagon.

4th participant is Kenny Dykstra…no Doane…Kenny Doane, the other one is a lawsuit. Spirit Squad chant kicks up before dual Superkicks knock him down, and then King and Doane start working together. Number 5, Tom Lawlor, the best thing in MLW. Lawlor immediately goes after King and sinks in the rear naked choke, and submissions do eliminate people in this match. So Brody King is the first one eliminated from the Riot. Lance Anoa’i comes in 6th but runs into Fenix after only a small glimmer of offense.

Kenny tries to eliminate Pentagon as number 7, Rey Horus comes in. Horus goes after Doane, and then Pentagon grounds him with a Hammerlock -commercial break-

After the commercial Fenix almost eliminates himself as number 8, the Taskmaster Kevin Sullivan shows up with a golden railroad spike. Lawlor catches him in the Rear Naked Choke after Sullivan knock a few people down with right hands. Fallah Bahh is number 9, the Filipino big boi, tells Rey Horus “No, No No”. Crossbody from Bahh flattens Horus. 10th entrant is Swoggle and he immediately bites Fallah”s butt and German Suplex Kenny and Fenix. Pentagon misses a kick and gets Suplexed. Lance Anoa’i ends the small Suplex City as Samu comes in at 11 headbutting everyone.

Samu goes to the corner to celebrate and Lance eliminates his dad. ACH is 12th and we just see a lot of strikes. Swoggle starts lighting up ACH before Pentagon kicks him. Konnan gets the unlucky number. Hasta la muerte despues! Rey Horus steps up as Konnan puts Horus in the Paradise lock,spins out of Lawlor’s moves and goes for the Tequila Sunrise but ACH breaks it up.

Barrington Hughes comes in and him and Fallah Bahh have a belly bump as Swoggle tries to interfere but Lawlor chokes him out with a Guillotine. Jimmy Yuta is 15, and starts putting together some offense as Hughes takes out Lance, Kenny and Konnan. Fallah Bahh, Pentagon and Fenix wipe each other out as Kotto Brazil comes in to a significantly more empty ring.

Rey Horus tries to jump on Barrington, but Hughes tosses him into the corner and splashes the soul out of him. 17th is Richard Holiday. Holiday tries to avoid Hughes but Hughes goes after him. Fred Yehi flies in to try and help out fellow Team Filthy member and he and Lawlor murder Brazil. Jason Cade shows up at 19 while Yuta is still in the ring, and the bickering continues, but they all try to gang up on Barrington. Hughes drops Horus out and everyone except Tom Lawlor spills over the top trying to eliminate the big man.

Teddy Hart is 20, and he just does a Moonsault onto the group of people on the outside. So Teddy eliminates himself and doesn’t care. -commercial break-

Vandal Ortugun is 21, starts trading strikes with Lawlor, but this isn’t close. Armbar and Vandal taps. Mikey Mondo derps to the ring, Lawlor seems confused and insulted. Mikey keeps a whistle in his mouth to add comedic effect during the rear naked choke. FINALLY NOT A JOBBER! PCO is 23! Lawlor grabs a strike and tries a Fujiwara Armbar, into a Crossface but then transitions to ground and pound. LA Smooth at 24, another Samoan taking it to PCO. PCO levels Smooth with a Lariat and gets the 3 count. Simon Gotch trying to come in at 25 to help his teammate Tom Lawlor. The Team Filthy members gang up on PCO at 26 counts down and ends up being Homicide, Mr. 187. Homicide goes after PCO and Team Filthy just stands there and watches.

Davey Boy Jr is 27, and starts going after Gotch and Homicide. Lawlor interferes when the attention is on Gotch, but he starts taking on both Team Filthy members. Blue Meanie is the 28th guy, and does his Meanie dance in his bWo belly shirt. Meanie tries to make friends with Homicide, but Homicide kicks him and eliminates him while Team Filthy takes out PCO. Michael Patrick of the Dirty Blondes is next out, and he’ll add some size to the people in the ring, but he’s a tag team wrestler, so it’s not likely he has a shot. Big number 30 is Sami Callihan. Sami eliminates Homicide immediately  and then allies with Michael Patrick to try and take out Gotch. An elbow and Enzuigiri save Gotch -commercial break-

Three quarters of the way through the participants, we come back from commercial to see Sawyer Fulton run in at 31, which means there are 2 Death Machines and 2 member of Team Filthy. The Death Machines go after Davey Boy Jr and they struggle to take out the baby bulldog. 32, the former champion, Shane ‘Swerve’ Strickland goes right after Callihan. The last Death Machine Leon Scott comes in at 33, and they focus Strickland and Davey Boy. They finally get out Smith, as Simon Gotch and Tom Lawlor try to take it to them. Drago enters in next, as starts kicking whoever is down and bites Callihan’s foot. Leo Bryan, the other half of the Dirty Blondes is in there now as they take it to Gotch, and try weaken Team Filthy.

Even though he lost the Middleweight match, Joey Ryan manages to draw 36 and goes after Callihan. The other half of the Middleweight match MJF shows up next, and him and Ryan pick up where they left off. Team Filthy eliminates both Middleweight competitors. Jake Hager draws so late and it’s a good position for him at 38. Hager eliminates Leon Scott as the other Death Machines try to eliminate Hager. John Hennigan is the next to last entrant as he flies in on Callihan. Hennigan eliminates Michael Patrick with a little rope-a-dope.

The last man to enter is Jimmy Havoc, and he goes right after Drago and dumps him over the top even after a missed Acid Rainmaker. Swerve Stomp on Leo, as he then gets tossed out even after Havoc takes Strickland’s attention. Hennigan with a Small Package on Sawyer Fulton -commercial break-

In off the commercial Shane throws Havoc out,  Sami tries to eliminate Swerve, but he holds on and they fight on the apron. Piledriver onto the apron eliminates Swerve, Lawlor chokes out Callihan over the rope and he slinks off the apron. Hager takes out Hennigan, which leaves two Jake Hager and Tom Lawlor, number 38 versus number 5.

Driving Spinebuster from Hager on to Lawlor as he takes him to the top turnbuckle following a near fall. Lawlor applies the Triangle Choke over the top turnbuckle, Hager turns it into a Powerbomb for a 2 count. Jake keeps trying to throw out Lawlor, Lawlor slips out and tries to eliminate the bigger man. Hager fights out and Lawlor hits a desperation German Suplex. Tom Lawlor looking for a 17th wind, as the two men start striking with uppercuts and forearms. Lawlor gets the best of the exchange with some kicks and quick rabbit punches, as he then starts a succession of mid kicks followed by a running Front Kick, for only 2.

Lawlor goes for the Rear Naked Choke as Hager keeps trying to toss Lawlor but slowly starts dropping. Hager rolls through the choke and applies an Ankle Lock as Lawlor tries to find a way out of it.  Lawlor goes to the ropes for leverage but falls down, as the crowd chants “Please Don’t Tap”. Tom starts biting his hand to not tap, and walks up the ropes to try and get leverage out of the  Ankle Lock. Lawlor manages to flip Hager out of the ring and land on the apron as Jake goes crashing to the floor. Lawlor goes in at 5 and now has a title shot whenever he chooses.

Winner: ‘Flithy’ Tom Lawlor

Rating: ***

Post match interview with Matt Striker and Tom Lawlor, gets across that Lawlor finally gets the guarantee he deserves and the L in MLW will stand for Major LAWLOR Wrestling.


Now like I’ve gone over before, and recently in POD is War, Battle Royals, Royal Rumbles, I don’t grade highly. It’s more of an “entertaining” or “train wreck” kind of perception. Just too many moving pieces, too many obviously filler moments with jobbers and comedy that grading a Rumble the same way as a regular match really just isn’t fair.

That being said, the show was pretty damn good. I don’t care for Joey Ryan or MJF, so their shtick doesn’t add to a match for me, so even though I wasn’t a fan of it, it might resonate better with others. We do however see the right guy win the Battle Riot. Tom Lawlor really should be the face of the franchise, cause not only is he a legit fighter with his MMA background, he’s extremely charismatic and a likable tweener.

Also purely biased point here, the more Kaci Lennox is on the screen, the happier I am. So if you keep her as the main interviewer, I will have less and less to complain about. MLW put on a damn good show, check out their YouTube channel over the weekend if you didn’t see it live.

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Platt’s MLW Fusion Review & Report for 8/3/2018



Greetings and Salutations! Tonight’s Fusion opens with a recap of Sami Callahan’s brutal attack on Shane Strickland.  Sami then cuts a promo explaining that he attacked his former friend for the money (fair enough). Next, we cut to Tony Schiavone and Matt Striker previewing tonight’s festivities including the main event with Swerve seeking revenge against Callahan.  I prefer this announce team. While I’m not the biggest Striker fan, it’s nice to have a traditional play by play and color commentator.


I really dig Havoc’s character. The only issue is that Aleister Black does it better.  Typical big guy vs little guy match with Havoc trying to chop King down to size.  Ultimately, Havoc picks up the win.


Up next we’re introduced to Brian Pillman Jr. The interview is interrupted by  Kevin Sullivan, who does a outstanding job of putting Jr over.  Pillman Jr is relatively new to the industry, but obviously is the seed of wrestling royalty. The cosign from The Taskmaster doesn’t hurt, but he still has huge shoes to fill. If he’s half the performer his dad was, he’ll be money.  Even still, I’d cut the faux mullet if I was him.

We then cut to Low Ki excepting his payoff from the Shane Strickland bounty from Salina de la Renta followed by Filthy Tom Lawler celebrating is Battle Riot victory.


Both The Dirty Blondes and Team Filthy were at ringside(though it didn’t play into the finish).  A shade above a squash match, with Hager(formally Jack Swagger) looking pretty strong. The finish comes with Hager delivering a boot to the face after being spat on by Gotch.


Kacey Jordan’s interview with Aria Blake is rudely interrupted by MJF to discuss next weeks middleweight title match versus Joey Janella(MJF is awesome btw).  Next we get the MLW Heavyweight Top 10 which is as follows:

10. ACH
9. Ray Fenix
8. Teddy Hart
7. John Hennigan
6. Jake Hager
5. Sami Callahan
4. Pentagon Jr.
3. Jimmy Havoc
2. Shane Strickland
1. Tom Lawler

I really like the top 10 gimmick. It reminds me of old school WCW and it goes a long way in presenting the product as a legitimate sport.

Konnan is shown backstage having a conversation with Fenix before being interrupted by Salina de la Renta who hastily pulls him away from K-Dawg. This is followed by a hype video for the incoming LA Park and what I believe to be the official breakup of Team TBD. I hope that’s it for them. Quit teasing it and break up already!

Next we find Teddy Hart, being Teddy Hart while confronting ACH and Rich Homie Swann backstage. Hart thinks the two are laughing at him and goes all Teddy Hart on them!


Callihan is one of the best pure heels in the business bar none! Swerve did a good job of playing up the knee injury which would factor in the finish.  It was a good tv main event. Ultimately, Callihan picks up the victory in what was a surprising finish in my view.


Overall all an okay show. Not terrible, but a bit of a letdown after the hot show that was Battle Riot. It was good to see Teddy Hart and be introduced to Pillman Jr. Next weeks show should be good with Joey Janela vs MJF and  John Hennigan vs the aforementioned Hart. If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend checking out Fusion as week in and week out, it’s one of the most entertaining hours of television.

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Andrew’s MLW Fusion Ratings & Review: 7/20/2018



Well last week we had my favorite episode of MLW Fusion recently. This one however, promises to pay off some storylines so we can mostly clean the slate going into Battle Riot.

Low Ki looks to get a championship and $60,000 dollars in this episode, which would also make Salina de la Renta happy. While the other story that comes to a head is Jimmy Havoc finally getting his hands on Tom Lawlor, and if Lawlor can maintain his number 1 status in the MLW Top 10.

Time to find out what happens.

Kiki Roberts vs Kahuna Khan

The “prospects” or jobbers square off and as soon as they shake hands, the lights go red and Su Yung’s music hits. Thank God, we get Zeda Zhang and Su Yung beating the hell out of this dumb looking jobbers.

Zeda and Su make another statement, and I really enjoy the fact that they attack men, and completely destroy them. Apparently going by Kodokushi Death Squad and I’m not even mad. Death by beautiful Asian women seems good to me.

Winner: N/A
Rating: N/A


Stud Stable seen in the back, Parrow and the Dirty Blondes try to intimidate Fred Yehi until Tom Lawlor and Simon Gotch show up. They hand Yehi a Team Filthy hoodie, the guys shake on it and Gotch asks for Yehi’s mask as trade. Seems like Yehi has joined the team.

Off the commercial they show Shane Strickland showing up to the building for his match with Low Ki.

Then we get a summary preview of the Jimmy Havoc/Tom Lawlor storyline


Grudge Fight: Tom Lawlor vs Jimmy Havoc

After a little banter, Havoc clocks Lawlor with a forearm that sends him to the outside, followed by a Suicide Dive. Havoc throws a few chairs in the ring and the two men trade strikes amongst the crowd.

Havoc grabs a piece of plywood, a few more weapons and even finds a cheese grater. Lawlor gets the better of the exchange, and takes the cheese grater to Havoc’s forehead. Lawlor puts Havoc’s arm through a chair and applies a Double Wristlock, which Jimmy only breaks by clawing at Lawlor’s eyes.

Jimmy then finds a stapler and tries to use it, but Filthy Tom reverses that too. The more Havoc tries to introduce different weapons, they more they get used against him as Lawlor staples a brochure to Havoc’s head. But as they move back into the ring, Lawlor catches the grater to the balls.

After piling up a few chairs, Jimmy tries the Acid Rainmaker, but misses and Lawlor counters with a German Suplex onto the previously mentioned chairs. Filthy leads the plywood in the corner and tries to put Havoc in a position. Jimmy fights it off, gets put in a Sleeper Hold, but manages to grab the paper from earlier and give Lawlor paper cuts to break the hold.

Now since he sufficiently sliced open Tom’s hands, he gets some lemons and squirts lemon juice into the cut. Next new toy is a pizza cutter that gets used against Havoc, but all in all this match is just a collection of spots with weapons and no real flow. Both men are cut open as Lawlor hits a sideslam onto chairs, but before he can finish things Havoc hits the Acid Rainmaker out of nowhere.

The match ends abruptly and could be due to Havoc seemingly getting cut bad. The plywood was never a factor and the match was generally just spots and spectacle.

Winner: Havoc via Acid Rainmaker
Rating: ** 1/4


Coming off the commercial, Sami Callihan reveals that he’s the one that attacked Shane Strickland. He’s sick of just making friends he wants to make money and doesn’t like what Shane has become.

Kotto Brazil, Barrington Hughes and Shane Strickland are caught back stage reacting to Callihan’s reveal. Shane has an idea, and they all walk off to discuss battle plans.

Low Ki seen warming up for his match, as Salina de la Renta approaches him to remind him about the 60,000 ways she has to insure Shane loses.


$60,000 Bounty MLW Heavyweight Championship Match: Low Ki vs Shane Strickland (c)

Low Ki mockingly starts a Swerve chant and smiles big at Strickland. After about a minute of smack talk and posturing, Low Ki slaps Swerve and Strickland returns a multitude of strikes.

Strickland catches a punch into an Arm Drag, transitioning into an Arm Breaker as he then pulls him by the suspenders and throws him in the corner. After a few more strikes from Strickland, Low Ki manages to get in a few strikes and begins working over Shane in the corner. A Scoop Slam and few strikes allow Low Ki to give a cocky cover, that only gets 1. But working over the champion with headbutts, kicks, chops and elbows continues. It’s been a solid 3 minutes of Low Ki lighting up Strickland like the dummy from 3 Ninjas.

The referee applies the standing 10 count, and Swerve gets up by 6, but Low Ki keeps the hits coming. Swerve tries to get space by dropping Low Ki onto the apron, but Low Ki ties him up with a Dragon Sleeper through the ropes, followed by a Springboard kick. Ki drops his guard for a bit as the referee gives the standing 10 count again, so Shane pops up and starts landing a barrage of strikes.

Low Ki counters some of the momentum with the roll through Double Foot Stomp into a near fall. Continuing to get a little cocky Ki grabs Strickland through the ropes, but Strickland tosses him to the outside. Handstand Headscissors Takeover from the apron to the floor from Swerve, might finally give him the first real opportunity to put in offense.

Strickland tears Low Ki’s shirt, lays in some strikes and then moves to the corner to reign down punches. Strickland executes a very nice Half and Half Release Suplex for only 2. Shane catapults Low Ki into the corner, but Ki lands on the middle turnbuckle and jumps backwards to nail Strickland with a Double Stomp for a near fall.

Rolling Cutter attempt 1 gets countered, but a different angle Rolling Cutter gets Swerve a 2 count. Shane goes to the top, attempts Swerve Stomp but misses and continues to sell his right knee. Low Ki lands a shot to the back of Shane’s head, measures the champion and ends the match with the Switchblade kick.

New champion, and $60,000 richer, Low Ki.

Winner: Low Ki via Switchblade Kick
Rating: *** 3/4



Well this saw a fairly convincing end to both of the storylines that were leading into it. Havoc got his revenge on Lawlor and regardless of if I liked the match or not, there will be people that enjoyed the spectacle. As for Low Ki versus Shane, it was hurt a bit by the fact that crowd was generally silent. Schiavone and Boccini tried to say they were just tense because of the high stakes of the match. But making less noise than a Japanese crowd really doesn’t translate well on TV. But either way, still not a bad show, it just had a different feel than all the others.

Either way, we have a new champion, an immediate feud for the former champion to give him some space to breathe and Battle Riot to look forward to next week. I believe they said a 2 Hour Special, so that’s already a positive indication for MLW that BeinSports is giving them an extra hour only 3 months into the shows run.

Always Use Your Head and visit the official Pro Wrestling Tees store for The Chairshot All t-shirt proceeds help support the advancement of your favorite hard-hitting wrestling website, The Chairshot!

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Andrew’s MLW Fusion Ratings & Review: 7/13/2018



Well it’s Friday, so that means it’s MLW Fusion! Now yes, I know I haven’t exactly been the biggest cheerleader of the TV product last couple reviews…but they can’t all be classics. I’m pretty sure this is only the 12th episode of Fusion, and they’ve done a better job at making their storylines engaging than say, ROH.

So regardless of if I like an episode or not, I’m not gonna write off a brand because a couple shows were bad. It’s wrestling, sometimes stuff happens and when you only have an hour, some shows aren’t that great. It even happens to NXT people, come on.

With all that, let’s see how this one shapes up.

Open of the show recaps that Shane Strickland was attacked earlier in the day, and was rushed to a hospital.

Parrow & The Dirty Blondes vs Rhett Giddins & Team TBD

Jimmy Yuta starts off the match against one of the dirty blondes, and after getting a small advantage, Parrow gets tagged in and we see another level of dissension between Cade and Yuta.  Yuta tags in Giddins, and we see the two bigger men trade strikes, but Parrow gets the better of the exchanges, and we see Yuta tag himself in and go running with a head of steam. Which, is ill advised as Parrow and The Dirty Blondes control Yuta in their corner for a long portion of this match. So much so, Cade gets frustrated, distracting the ref, causing the heels to get in some free offense.

Yuta finally mounts a small flurry of offense, takes out the Parrow and the other member of the Dirty Blondes, and finally tags in Jason Cade.  After that, we see all 6 men in the ring, Cade tries to direct Yuta to go for some tandem moves, but the first attempt doesn’t go well and the second one gets broken up by Parrow. So miscommunication continues between Cade and Yuta.

Winner:  Parrow & Dirty Blondes
Rating: **


Off of the commercial we get another promo for Battle Riot, declaring Sawyer Fulton, Fred Yehi and Homicide into the Battle Royale.


Barrington Hughes vs Jaye Skye

Barrington runs at Skye splashing him into the corner, and then a small delay on a back body drop, and the squash is over.

Winner: Hughes via Back Body Drop
Rating: N/A (Squash)


Joey Janela w/ Aria Blake vs MJF

MJF jumps on Janela immediately, but a Thesz Press turns things around quickly. Uppercuts and stomps in the corner have Janela with the advantage, MJF powders, but Janela hits him with a Suicide Dive.  After a little time outside the ring, MJF ducks Janela back in, and Janela goes head first into the wall of the announcer’s set up. -commercial break-

Coming in off the break, Janela has the advantage again, MJF is on the outside, and Janela hits a Crossbody into the empty chairs in the audience. Then rolls MJF back in the ring, Swanton Bomb, for only 2. Janela goes back to the top rope, and MJF stumbles to his feet and crotches him. MJF then hits a Superplex for a near fall. Janela rolls to the apron, as they start exchanging strikes before MJF lands the South Hampton Plunge.

MJF uses a chair in Aria slid it in, after pointing out she did it, to distract the ref. But, it backfires on MJF after Janela hits a Superkick into the chair, into his face. Aria keeps looking back after the match implying that maybe she tried to help MJF. I guess the feud will continue.

Winner: Janela via Superkick
Rating: ** 1/2


Kaci Lennox interview MJF after the match, he cries about being cheated. Talks about Aria being with a Jersey dirtbag and needs a ‘real man’. Which prompts Janela to come back out and cause a pull apart.

Updates on Strickland, saying he’s fine and will still face Low Ki next week.

Jimmy Havoc promo about setting a place for Lawlor’s last supper, getting ready for their match next week.


‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor vs Jake Hager w/ Col. Parker

Hager pushes Lawlor into the corner and breaks clean, while both men continue to feel each other out. Hager’s power causes Lawlor to go to his corner for a second, as we then see Lawlor attempt a Flying Armbar, but Hager catches him. Rolls it into a Triangle Choke, but Hager powers out with a power bomb.

After a little bit of trading, Lawlor tries to rain fists down in the corner, but Hager grabs him and slams him down for a near fall. We see a lot of technical mat wrestling where both men go for submissions and counters. Lawlor gets the advantage there and comes out of the break with a Snapmare and sliding lariat for a near fall.
Hager goes shoulder first into the post, and sells it like he’s only got one good arm. Lawlor jumps on the opportunity as Hager tries to fight off. Lawlor goes for a high knee strike, but Hager moves out of the way and catches his foot into an Ankle Lock.

Lawlor sinks in a Rear Naked Choke shortly after the break, but then the rest of the Stud Stable come out and cause a DQ finish and big brawl between both stables.

Winner: Lawlor via DQ
Rating: ***

Kaci Lennox catches up with Lawlor after the match. Lawlor makes the “put them out to stud” joke again and then says he’ll win Battle Riot if the executives won’t give him his title shot.


Funnily enough, this was probably the best episode of MLW in a few weeks, and I can’t find any fun gifs or stills from this episode. A lot of decent to good ring work, many storylines got advanced in the ring as well as a few wrinkles. When will Team TBD implode? Is Aria crushing on MJF? Who is better than Tom Lawlor right now? That last one’s rhetorical cause the answer is no one.

So ya, even if I may have seemed to be in a general malaise with the last few episodes, especially the awful Boiler Room Brawl, this was a nice set up episode. Looking forward to next week with Low Ki vs Shane Strickland.

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