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Chairshot Classics: Raw #5 [February 15 1993]



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Welcome to the part of the week and the corner of Chairshot Classics where we are looking at Monday Night Raw week by week. Last week Brutus Beefcake returned and issued an open challenge to anyone that wants to get in the ring with him. Ted DiBiase took him up on it so….


RAW #5 [February 15 1993]

We open with Brutus Beefcake telling us he is a hundred percent healed and ready.

We then cut to Ted DiBiase who tells Beefcake that the injuries to his face will be the least of Beefcake’s problems.

Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner vs Glen Ruth & Bobby Who

Yes people, it’s Enhancement Time! I’ve previously mentioned Glen Ruth before and what he’ll go on to do. I’ve no idea WHO this Bobby lad is (disappointed it’s not an early incarnation of Bobby Roode as I have a ton of puns ready).

Commentary get the inevitable “Who’s on first base” joke out of their system prior to the opening bell. Scott turns a Collar and Elbow into an Armdrag but Glen is back on his feet first. another Collar and Elbow becomes a Headlock by Scott but Glen pushes him off the ropes before Scott knocks him down with a Shoulder Block. Scott shoots himself off the ropes and Glen attempts a Hip Toss. He can’t lift Scott who turns it into a Dragon Suplex. Rick tags in and forces Glen to his corner where he tags in Who. Who? His partner Who. Who? Screw it, Bobby! He tags Bobby. Rick hits Bobby with a knee to the gut and a Right Hand that knocks Bobby down before Rick picks him up and lobs him across the ring with an Overhead Belly To Belly Suplex and an Elbow Drop before tagging Scott back in. Scott Dropkicks Bobby before hoisting him onto his shoulders and tagging Rick who clmbs to the top rope and Elbows Bobby. For reasons unknown, Rick doesn’t go for a pinfall but a Chinlock. Rick allows Bobby to reach the ropes to break the hold. From a Collar and Elbow, Bobby hits Rick with a series of Forearms to the chest but a single Right Hand by Rick knocks him to the ground. Rick sends Bobby of the ropes and catches him with a Clothesline before tagging Scott in. Scott hits Bobby with a Double Underhook Powerbomb before lifting him for a Doomsday Bulldog. Scott covers Bobby while Rick stares at Glen.

Winners: Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner

We cut to Mean Gene with a Wrestlemania Report. In a change from hyping Wrestling hotline phone numbers, Gene gives the phone number to get Wrestlemania tickets. Gene runs down the announced matches for Wrestlemania that are Bret Hart vs Yokozuna for the WWE Title, The Undertaker vs Giant Gonzales and Crush vs Doink. On the off chance these matches have made you want to go to Wrestlemania, Gene gives the ticket phone number again.

Yokozuna vs Ross Greenberg

It’s Enhancement Time again!! I like Ross. I wish I could say he goes on to become some famous star in the future but he doesn’t. Instead he just loses to name wrestlers for the next few years. Spoilers.

Proving that enhancement know nothing about wrestling, Greenberg runs at Yokozuna. The force of Greenbergs Neck and chest smashing into Yokozuna’s arm is so powerful that it somehow knocks Greenberg down. OK, Greenberg ran right into a Clothesline. Yokozua then picks Greenberg up off the canvas and drops him back there with a Belly to Bellies Suplex. Yokozuna then hits Greenberg with a Legdrop. Yokozuna thows Greenberg into a corner where he blasts him with Palm Strikes before Irish Whipping Greenberg into the opposite corner and charging at Greenberg with an Avalanche that squishes him in the corner. A Forearm knocks him down and a Banzai Drop finishes him.

Winner: Yokozuna

As one Yokozuna match is not enough, we get highlights of a recent episode of Superstars pitting Youkozuna against Jim Duggan in what looks a very boring match. The main reason why we are seing this footage is what happened after the bell. Following a DQ for throwing an entire salt bucket in the eyes of Duggan, Yokozuna then hit him with at least two Banzai Drops crushing his chest and putting him on the injured list (that list is getting a bit busy).

Vince McMahon tells us that nobody in the upcoming Battle Royal wanted to include Giant Gonzales in the Battle Royal. To show us why, we get footage from Superstars where Gonzales beats up one familiar looking enhancement (that I’m sure we’ll see again) and two others (including one I KNOW will be back in a couple of years) run for their lives giving Gonzales a Count Out win.

We see the IcoPro ad with Bret Hart again. Same for a Slim Jim ad and one for action figures that both feature Randy Savage.

Razor Ramon, Shawn Michaels, Owen Hart, Terry Taylor, Damian Demento, Mike Sharpe, Bob Backlund, Koko B Ware, El Matador, Kim Chee, The Berzerker, Typhoon, Skinner, Kamala and Tatanka [Battle Royal Match]

I love a Battle Royal. I enjoy watching Battle Royals and watching the mass of humanity and all the potential match ups. I enjoy trying to gess who wins and a lot of other things that I can’t quite put into words right now.

What I don’t like about Battle Royals is writing them for review websites. It’s a hell. Trying to write up who does what to whom when there are so many bodies in there doing mainly punches and attempted eliminations. So I’m not going to try.

I can give you some random thoughts as it progresses like:

El Matador’s black tights make him look like a heel when he isn’t.

Only ones I see wining this are either Shawn Michaels or Razor Ramon.

The rest are a motley crew of jobbers with name value and Mike Sharpe.

Owen Hart and Shawn Michaels had the first of MANY interactions. They will have a lot more of those on Raw alone.

Koko is the first man out. Not a surprise.

Vince advertising Quantum Leap airing after Raw amuses me as Quantum Leap was the reason that ‘Leaping Through The Network‘ was so named

Kamala eliminating Kim Chee after he was eliminated by Kim Chee seems a very heel thing to do, when he isn’t supposed to be a heel

From a distance, Terry Taylors hair and red ring attire make him look like Ric Flair which I’m sure is Taylor’s idea.

This Battle Royal is going way too long.

Shawn Michaels shouldn’t be able to Back Drop Typhoon as easily as he did.

It comes down to a final four of Razor Ramon, Shawn Michaels, El Matador & Tatanka. Shawn is eliminated by Matador and Tataka who Irish Whip Shawn to the point he is laying across the top turnbuckle. A kick to the chest by both men and he is eliminated. Giant Gonzales wanders to the ring. Razor rolls out of the ring to get away from him but Tatanka isn’t as lucky. Gonzales grabs Tatanka and tosses him over the top rope eliminating him. The same fate happens to Matador. Satisfied with an empty ring, Gonzales leaves. Ramon is declared the winner.

Winner: Razor Ramon

Brutus Beefcake vs Ted DiBiase

A Collar and Elbow ends in DiBiase being thrown into the turnbuckles. A second Collar and Elbow ends with a knee to Beefcake’s gut and forearms to the back and gut of Beefcake. Brutus ducks a clothesline and unloads on DiBiase with a series of Right Hands that send him rolling to the outside. Back into the ring and another Collar and Elbow becomes a Headlock by Beefcake. DiBiase breaks it by sending Beefcake off the ropes and ducking him when Beefcake comes back but Beefcake hits a Right Hand to DiBiase when he gets back to his feet sending him out of the ring again.Back in the ring again, DiBiase kicks Beefcake in the gut and tries to ram his face into the turnbuckles. Beefcake manages to block it instead ramming DiBiase’s head into the buckle and locking DiBiase in another Headlock as IRS walks to the ring. DiBiase pushes Beefcake off the ropes to break the Headlock. As he hits the rope, IRS smashes him in the back with a briefcase causing a DQ.

Winner: Brutus Beefcake

Following the bell, DiBiase and IRS stomp the fallen Beefcake. Dibiase lifts Beefcake to his feet and holds him for IRS to smash Beefcake in the face with the briefcase. Jimmy Hart tries to stop him but IRS pushes Hart out of the ring. Pow right in the kisser! With nothing to stop him, IRS smashes the case into the surgically repaired face of Beefcake and he goes down clutching his face. Jimmy Hart checks on Beefcake as DiBiase and IRS stand over him laughing. DiBiase has the case and threatens to hit Beefcake again. Once again Hart tries to stop him. Satisfied with their work, they leave as officials roll Beefcake onto a stretcher. WWE decide to show the briefcase attack in a replay, twice.

Following the ads, Vince tells us that Beefcake is up and walking but has a suspected broken nose. After Vince hypes next week’s matches including Money Inc in action (probably an enhancement match) and a six man tag match involving Shawn Michaels and Tatanka, we fade out.

Post show: Not really good. two enhancement matches, a Battle Royal filled with never-gonna-wins and a main event that felt really short but had a big post match angle. That said we’re only five shows in, WWE are still trying to find what sticks (some will tell you that in 2018 after over 1300 episodes they’re still trying to find what sticks) it’ll get better.

Match of the Night: The Battle Royal. A nightmare to write but always fun to watch.

MVP: Giant Gonzales. WWE seem to be going all out to get him over as a monster.

Rating: 5/10

And I am done for another week. I can be found on Twitter @Callaweasy2220 where I live tweet Raw, Smackdown, NXT and (when there’s one on) Pay Per View, so join me. I also talk about Batman, Dr Who and I post random pictures of what I’m reviewing.

So until next week #UseYourHead and ALWAYS have an Angle!

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