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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: Raw #6 [February 22 1993]

Welcome yet again to another Chairshot Classic as we travel through Monday Night Raw episode by episode. Some have been good, some bad. Will this weeks be good or bad? Only one way to find out: Watch it.

Raw #6 [February 22 1993]

Prior to the opening credits, Rob Bartlet welcomes us to the the show. I’m at the point where I’m trying to zone him out so I’ve not really got a note of what he said.

. Bam Bam Bigelow vs Scott Taylor

We open with the staple of 1993 wrestling that is: Enhancement Time! Better than that it’s Recogniseable Enhancement Time! Yes people, this week’s punchbag is dancing worm enthusiast come firefighter come wrestling trainer: Scotty 2 Hotty.

Like Greenberg last week with Yokozuna, Scotty thinks running at Bigelow is a good idea. It isn’t, never is. Scotty runs into Bigelow who doesn’t move, Scotty falls though. Scotty turns a Collar and Elbow into a Headlock but Bigelow pushes him off the ropes and hits Scotty with another shoulder that knocks him down again. Bigelow throws Scotty off the ropes But Scotty ducks a Clothesline and hits a Forearm to the chest that staggers Bigelow. Scotty bounces off the ropes probably for a second Forearm but is Clotheslined by Bigelow. Scotty tries to hit some punches to Bigelow’s gut but an Eye Rake stops that. Bigelow lifts Scotty for a Suplex but Scotty must have pressed L2 on his Ps4 as he slides out of it and shoots himself off the ropes. Bigelow lifts Scotty onto his shoulders but Scotty punches Bigelow in the head until Bigelow falls backwards hitting Scotty with an Electric Chair. Bigelow hits Scotty with a Headbutt before applying a Chinlock that Bigelow releases. Bigelow then hits a Double Underhook Backbreaker. Bigelow then climbs to the top turnbuckle and launches at Scotty with a Diving Headbutt before getting to his feet and dropping another Headbutt. Bigelow climbs to the top turnbuckle and launches at Scotty with a second Diving Headbutt that gets the easy three count.

Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow

We go to footage taped earlier in the week. Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan sit on director’s chairs in front of some Hulk Hogan posters in a set up similar to roughly a year ago when Hulk Hogan was contemplating leaving the WWE after Wrestlemania 8.

Hogan actually calls Vince “Mr McMahon“. Hogan says he’s excited about his future and talks about the “Tabloid Terrorism” from the “Legitimate media“. Yes this is a thinly veiled dig at the steroid scandal that will land Vince in a courtroom in the summer of ’94 and will be hinted at and mentioned until then. I have no idea what the point of this was as he’s due to be on this episode of Raw later to talk about his future.

. Brian Knobbs, Jerry Saggs & Tatanka vs Shawn Michaels, Blake Beverly & Beau Beverly

All six men brawl in the ring as the opening bell rings. Tatanka Back Drops Shawn out of the ring and into (but not through) the commentary table at ringside. It’s Blake and Knobbs in the ring. Knobbs sends Blake off the ropes and hits him with a kind of Slingblade/ faceplant hybrid. Saggs sets up Blake and Beau for The Pit Stop (a lovely move where Saggs forces Blake and Beau face first into Knobbs’ sweaty armpit). In the corner, Knobbs hits Blake with Right Hands that almost knock him out of the ring before ramming Blake’s head into the turnbuckle and Irish Whipping him. Blake avoids a charging Knobbs and he crashes into the corner. Shawn tags in and hits a boot, punches and a back Elbow. Shawn distracts the referee and Tatanka while Blake and Beau beat up Knobbs behind the referee’s back. Shawn hits Knobbs with Right Hands before whipping him off the ropes. Shawn bends too far for a Back Drop so Knobbs Faceplants Shawn into the canvas. Knobbs hits Shawn with a series of Clotheslines before tagging Tatanka. Shawn quickly scuttles to his corner where he tags Beau who gets in the ring and runs right into a Hip Toss. Beau backs into the corner where Tatanka hits a series of Irish Whips before a Chop knocks Beau down. Tatanka applies an Arm Wringer and tags Saggs. Beau is rammed shoulder first into the corner twice. A Shoulderbreaker only gets a one count when Blake breaks it up. Tatanka tags back in and he applies the Arm Wringer again before turning it into an Armbar. Beau manages to push Tatanka into his corner but Tatanka hits Right Hands to Beau, Blake and Shawn.

Pretty soon, all six men are in the ring. It calms down pretty soon until all that’s left in the ring is Beau and Tatanka. A boot from Beau is caught by Tatanka who spins Beau round and chops him in the chest before going back to the Arm Bar. Tataka forces Beau into his corner where he tags Knobbs who rams Beau’s head into the turnbuckle. Back from the ads and Knobbs is punching Blake. Knobbs charges at Blake who ducks and sends Knobbs over the top rope to the outside. Blake distracts the referee while Beau throws Knobbs into the ringside steps and Shawn throws Knobbs (sort of) into the turnbuckle pole. Blake drags Knobbs into the ring and tags Shawn. He peppers Knobbs with Left Jabs but when Knobbs starts fighting back with punches of his own, Shawn cuts him off with an Eye Rake. While Shawn distracts the referee, Saggs and Tatanka (how many distracted ref spots have been in this match?) Blake holds Knobbs on the ropes allowing Beau to come crashing down on Knobbs’ back. It gets Shawn a two count. Shawn tags Beau who climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits Knobbs with a Forearm for a two count. Blake tags in and he locks Knobbs in a Bearhug. Knobbs tries to use his power to push Blake to his corner but he can’t and Blake tags Shawn.

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Shawn Irish Whips Knobbs but he avoids a charging Shawn and Shawn goes shoulder first into the ringpost. Both men reach for a tag. Shawn tags Beau who brings his weight down onto Knobbs’ back. Beau hits a Snapmare and a Fist Drop before tagging Blake. Knobbs counters a Back Drop attempt with a Boot to the face. Both men need a tag. Blake makes a tag to Shawn. Shawn sends Knobbs off the ropes but, like Blake before him, he gets a kick in the face. Shawn sends Knobbs off the ropes and both men go shoulder first into each other and they both go down. Knobbs finally tags in Tatanka who unloads on Shawn with Chops and an Irish Whip that sends Shawn laying across the turnbuckle. Tatanka kicks Shawn in the gut and Shawn lands crotch first on the top rope. Tatanka shakes the rope sending Shawn back into the ring where he Clotheslines Shawn. Tatanka sends Shawn off the ropes and hits him with a Powerslam. Blake and Beau both attempt to interfere but both get Chops. Tatanka then hits Chops to Shawn. Tatanka then leaps off the top turnbuckle nailing Shawn with a Chop to the head (does he do anything but chops?) for a two. Tatanka hts Shawn with a Samoan Drop that only gets a two count as Beau breaks it. Knobbs and Saggs are in and they remove Beau and Blake from the ring leaving just Shawn and Tatanka. Shawn lifts Tatanka for a Teardrop Suplex but Tatanka manages to turn it into a Sunset Flip and gets the three count.

Winners: Brian Knobbs, Jerry Saggs & Tatanka

The ad for Wrestlemania 9 airs again. Tickets are still available.

Sean Mooney is STILL outside (let him in, it’s been six weeks. Poor lad must be freezing) He is joined by a fans who are looking forward to the return of Hulk Hogan.

We get the Bret Hart IcoPro ad and the one for the action figures with Randy Savage.

. Crush vs Terry Taylor

Looks like Crush is back from his injuries. Taylor and Crush kick off with a pushing match (Why not? it’s working for Brock Lesnar) Taylor pushes Crush and it knocks him back a couple of steps. Crush pushes Taylor and knocks him to the canvas. When Taylor’s back on his feet, Crush grabs Taylor in a Headlock. Taylor gets to the ropes and Crush has to break. Taylor chops Crush in the chest and hits a Forearm to the chest. Taylor whips Crush off the ropes but Crush counters it. taylor ducks a Clothesline attempt but runs right into a Crush Dropkick. Crush then raises Taylor up over his head with a Gorilla Press Slam. Taylor rolls out of the ring. Crush tries to pull him back into the ring but Taylor jabs a thumb in his eye and drops Crush neck first onto the top rope. Back in the ring, Taylor tries to choke Crush on the middle rope. Taylor hits Crush with a couple of punches before applying a Chinlock. Crush uses his strength to break out of the hold but Taylor knees him in the ribs before hitting a Jawbreaker and a Neckbreaker for a two count. Taylor hits Crush with Right Hands but Crush gets his second wind and hits Taylor with Rights of his own and a Headbutt. Crush sends Taylor off the ropes and catches him with an Inverted Atomic Drop and a Clothesline. Crush sends Taylor off the ropes again but this time spins him into a Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker. Cruch grabs Taylor’s head in the Cranium Crunch, Taylor submits and this one is over.

Winner: Crush

We get a replay of the briefcase attack by Ted DiBiase and IRS on Brutus Beefcake from last week.

Vince McMahon is in the ring and he introduces Hulk Hogan. Hulk says he was watching and smiling as he watched Brutus Beefcake return to the WWE last week. Yet his smile turrned to fear when he saw IRS come to the ring. Hogan says that Brutus may have suffered a broken nose but he is otherwise fine. Hogan wants to thank God for looking over Brutus and he also thanks Jimmy Hart for preventing last week from being even worse. Hogan says he is back in the WWE.

Hogan brings out Brutus Beefcake. He says that when DiBiase was hitting him with the briefcase, he thought his career was over. Beefcake also thanks God and Jimmy Hart. Hulk Hogan then brings out his and Beefcake’s brand new manager: Jimmy Hart.

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Jimmy Hart says that he has idolised Hogan for years (which is odd as he’s managed those that have tried to END Hogan for years). Hogan names this new three man squad “The Mega Maniacs” and tells Jimmy Hart that his first job as their manager is to sign matches against Ted DiBiase and IRS in either singles OR tag team matches.

The ad for Wrestlemania 9 that aired earlier airs again, convenient. Tickets are STILL available.

. The Undertaker vs Skinner

We start the match by coming back from the ads. Skinner Clotheslines Undertaker over the top rope to the outside but Undertaker lands on his feet. An ad airs mid match for Slim Jim with Randy Savage (I kid you not, this happened) Undertaker is back in the ring and he runs into a Back Elbow from Skinner. A running Axe Handle knocks Undertaker through the ropes to the outside. Skinner dives off the apron at Undertaker and tries to choke him with a piece of rope. Vince tells us we are out of time and we will get the conclusion of this match next week (spoilers: we don’t) and we fade to black.

Winner: No Contest

Post Show: Yet another meh show. To make it slightly different this one is centered around Hulk Hogan. Nothing really happened here and now Hulk Hogan is in to become the only person in WWE to appear on TV LESS than a circa 2018 Brock Lesnar.

Match Of The Night: The Tatanka Tag Match. Best of a bad bunch.

MVP: Hulk Hogan. Such a huge star at the time and was treated as such. Funny how things change.

Rating: 4/10

With that it’s time for the usual where I plug my Twitter @Callaweasy2220. You can find me there live Tweeting Raw, Smackdown, NXT and (when there is one on) pay per view. I post random pictures of what I’m watching on there too. If you fancy popping over and talking wrestling, Batman, Dr Who or video games: feel free.

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Also while you are here on Chairshot, we have plenty of wrestling be it news, views, articles and reviews to keep you entertained. Or if you have read this and want to write one yourself, we are always looking for new contributors.

I will be back this time next week with the next exciting episode of Raw, which Vince McMahon tells me, will feature a WWE Title match. So until then #UseYourHead and ALWAYS have an Angle!


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