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Chairshot Classics: WCW Starrcade ’90 – Collision Course



Match #5 – Pat O’Connor Memorial Tag Tournament Quarterfinals: Troy Montour & Danny ‘Bull’ Johnson vs. Victor Zangiev & Salman Hashimikov
Zangiev and Johnson kick off the match. The two tie up. Arm bar by Zangief followed by a double leg pick up. Zangief utilizes a bow and arrow submission. Montour breaks up the hold. Another tie up and Zangief takes Johnson down with an arm drag. Zangief works the shoulders but Johnson reverses it. Zangief kicks out and they’re back to their feet. A waist lock turns into a belly to belly suplex but Johnson gets the shoulder up on the pin attempt. Zangief hangs on with a side head lock. Back to their feet and Zangief is sent for the ride.

Double arm chop by Johnson and Montour is tagged in. On the other side, Hashimikov also receives a tag. They lock up and it’s broken up in the corner. They circle the ring and lock up again. The ref breaks it on the ropes. A third lock up results in a belly to belly suplex and an awkward win by Hashimikov.
Winners: Victor Zangiev & Salman Hashimikov (Hashimikov/Belly To Belly Suplex)

  • EA’s Take: Utter garbage here, folks. How you can have a team representing Canada and it’s THESE TWO GUYS is beyond me, but I digress. No familiar names here kills the crowd a bit and I’m also pretty sure that nobody told the Russians that this is a work. They both wrestled like it was a shoot, nearly killing one of their opponents by dropping him on his head with a belly-to-belly.

Backstage: Tony Schiavone is standing by with NWA World Heavyweight Champion Sting. The champ says his head is clear and he’s determined to find out who the Black Scorpion is tonight.

Match #6: Michael Wallstreet w/Alexandra York vs. Terry Taylor
Taylor goes right after Wallstreet. He can’t pull off a quick sunset flip. They’re both back up and Taylor catches him in a roll up and gets a two count. Taylor quickly runs the ropes and lands a cross body. Another 2 count. Wallstreet rolls out to the floor to regroup. York checks in with Wallstreet and he slowly works his way to the ring. Collar and elbow and a side headlock by Taylor. Wallstreet muscles him down for a roll up and a two count. Taylor regains control with his head lock and they get back to their feet. They go for the ride and there is a football tackle from Taylor. Back up, Wallstreet leaps over his opponent and catches him with a clothesline.

A pin attempt earns him two. Collar and elbow and Wallstreet works him with a wristlock into an arm bar. Wallstreet uses the hair to keep him on the mat. Back to a vertical base temporarily but Wallstreet drags him down again. Taylor is finally able to fight out of it. He lands a series of strikes and hits the ropes. Wallstreet catches him and delivers a back breaker. Wallstreet kicks his opponent while he’s down. Wallstreet executes a vertical suplex but he misses the elbow. A frustrated Wallstreet gets right back up and delivers a shoulder block. Standing leg drop from Wallstreet and he gets a close two count.

Abdominal stretch by Wallstreet and he uses the ropes for leverage. The ref finally notices and he breaks it up. Taylor holds the ropes and Wallstreet misses a drop kick. Taylor goes on offense with some quick strikes and a powerful elbow. Back body drop from Taylor followed by a chin buster. Scoop slam and a knee from Taylor and he gets a two count. Wallstreet misses with a right hand and falls victim to an atomic drop followed by a belly to back suplex. Wallstreet kicks out at two. Taylor sets up for and lands a vicious elbow. He goes for the pin but Wallstreet gets his foot on the rope. Taylor checks in with the referee. He turns around, blocks Wallstreet’s punch and delivers a strike of his own. They run the ropes and Taylor receives a hot shot across the top rope. Wallstreet lifts Taylor for the Stock Market Crash and he picks up the win.
Winner: Michael Wallstreet (Stock Market Crash)

  • EA’s Take: *Whew* Thank you for waking me up with a legit match, guys! I needed that after a few of those boring or confusing tag team contests. Mike Rotunda may have spent his life on the mid-card, but for all of his good work and sacrifice, I truly believe he deserves a hall of fame ring someday. If that day comes, I’m sure he’ll enter as ‘I.R.S.’. First came Michael Wallstreet though, as they repackaged the struggling ‘Captain’ and put him with another familiar face, Terri Runnels. Of course, she’s not yet a Runnels by this point, but portrays Alexandra York and utilizing the new technology of a computer to calculate her charges chances.

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